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Guest Post: Mencheres & Kira by crazy4vampires587

Hi all, we have a special post to end your Valentines Day evening with, a guest post about Mencheres and Kira!

Hi everybody!! This is crazy4vampires587 here to talk about (or "fan-girl" if you will) about my absolute favorite couple in the Night Huntress World, Mencheres & Kira! I am so excited to be able to be apart of the count down and even more excited to talk about these particular characters! Let's get started!

7 reasons why I love this couple!!!!!

1. He's got a tattoo on his back!! Technically a shenu, or a cartouche, but still! '"This is an interesting tattoo. What is it?"   "A shenu," he replied, rolling over on his side to face her. "The modern word is a cartouche."   She still traced the tattoo even though she wouldn't be able to see it anymore. "What does it say?"   "It's my birth name, Menkaure, in Ancient Egyptian writing."' - and then you go on to find out more intriguing details about him and his past that you will have to read the book to find out what they are!

2. He is just down right hilarious!! They are so compatible with each other because they can both loosen up and have a good time with each other! 'Mencheres felt his mouth twitch. She was daring him to tell her to leave with the implications that it would set back her admirable progress. He was curious to see where she intended to take this. "Please. Do Stay." He settled himself back against the large tub, lacing his fingers behind his head. Kira's gaze lingered over his chest before it flicked lower to the bathwater, paused, and then a slight grin broke out across her face. "Bubbles. On a scale of one to ten, a bubble bath has to rank at zero as far as things I'd expect an older-than-dirt, bad-ass vampire to indulge in. The only thing that would surprise me more was if you pulled out rubber ducky."   He fought another, stronger twitch of his lips. "Bath toys are reserved only for the oldest, most lethal vampires. I have a full century to age and another thousand men to kill before I reach that hallowed landmark." Kira laughed, a feminine, throaty sound that made things tighten in him, reminding Mencheres of why he'd tried not to linger in her presence the past few days.'  - Aawww!!! Aren't they just adorable! They are so cute together!! ^_^

3. This is earlier in the book, when they are having a conversation by the pool (with him naked in the pool) and they get distracted by one another. *snicker*snicker* 'Mencheres's gaze lingered on her chest until Kira crossed her arms over it with obvious annoyance. She gave him a pointed look as his gaze traveled up to meet hers. He glanced away, almost chuckling at this unexpected absurdity from him. How many centuries had it been since he'd been caught ogling a woman's breasts? A woman's clothed breasts, no less. His co-ruler, Bones, would fracture a rib laughing if he knew.   "Some things must never change," Kira muttered under her breath.   Mencheres found himself smiling. "It appears they do not."...[they talk more & then when she starts to say something he doesn't want over heard, he jumps out of the pool to silence her]...Her heartbeat had accelerated the moment he leapt from the water, and it stayed elevated when she looked away from his face at the rest of his body. Then she gasped. Her warm breath vibrated against the finger he still held to her lips. Kira gasped again as her gaze dragged from his shoulders to his feet, then became fixated at the point between his legs. Abruptly, Mencheres's dark mood over her nearly spilling his secret changed to amusement when Kira didn't seem to be able to tear her eyes away....[changes POV]...,Kira was surprised to see that he was hairless everywhere, even between his thighs...Kira's eyes fastened there, widening. Oh. My. If the vampire hadn't still had a finger to her lips, she would have licked them in reflex.   "Some things must never change," a deep voice noted, as his finger left her lips to raise her chin.' - hahaha!!!! I LOVE them!!! ^_^

4. He is a big man *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*and even in the throes of passion he's considerate of that and other details. '"Take me. Don't wait," she got out in a ragged voice once he freed her lips to trail his devastating mouth down her neck. His fingers found her depths in the next moment, making her cry out at the sizzle of sensation. He stroked her fare more slowly than she did him, her faster rhythm wringing deep, throaty groans our of Mencheres that spiked her lust.   "You are not ready. I would hurt you, he rasped." - haha!!! I know I'm a tad bit evil, but you will just have to read in order to know what the rest of the scene entails!

5. In this scene they are hiding under water and they have to stay there for 2 hours. So what better way to spend that time than in each others' arms. (contains a **spoiler** if you can catch it. it's in the subtext) '...Yet her instincts said Mencheres was meant to be hers. Kira found herself smiling at the thought. Mencheres, hers. She reached through the water separating them, stroking his face, feeling the spark of his power against her skin. Mine. It felt right. It felt more right than anything had before, in fact. He pulled her into his arms, emotions too strong for her to name brushing against her subconscious. Suddenly, the thought of two hours in the ocean like this wasn't unpleasant. Not if she could hold him and feel everything he hadn't allowed himself to tell her yet.' - Aaahhh!! I'm so jealous!! I SO wish I could be Kira and that (JF's) Mencheres actually existed!!!    

6. (****spoiler****) Mencheres can physically touch (or caress) or pick up things with his power. He uses that to his advantage in any and all romantic moments! 'His mouth teased her skin while more ripples traveled over her body. She let out a short moan. She knew it was his power caressing her with a thousand invisible strokes, some shockingly intimate.' - I'm a tease I know! But I seriously LOVE them and I hope you do too!!

7. (****spoiler****)  In this scene they are meeting up with a Law Guardian, Veritas, to request her help in taking out the villain in the story, Radjedef and this scene demonstrates their devotion to each other, because both of them are willing to risk their lives in order to ensure the safety of the other. 'Veritas's gaze still pinned hers. "Are you willing to swear by your blood that he is innocent? To forfeit your own life if he is found guilty of committing even one of these acts?"   "Yes," Kira said,...[skip dialog]...Mencheres gave Kira such a tormented look that fear slid up her spine. He wouldn't confess to something he hadn't done, would he? Of course not. He'd be condemning himself to death just on the mere chance that the other Guardians would rule against him..."Don't," she gasped, clutching his arms. "I know you think you're going to die anyway, but your visions are wrong, Mencheres! They're stalled and twisted from guilt you felt over things that weren't your fault. This is not the only way you can save me. Come on, if Veritas didn't in some way suspect more was going on, she wouldn't have shown up here. You didn't do any of this! Don't you dare say you did!" Tears spilled out of her eyes, and her grip tightened until Kira heard bones snap in his arms, but fear made her unable to let up. Mencheres was about to slip away from her forever, she could feel it. "Don't trust what those damned visions say," she whispered. "Trust me. We can beat Radje another way, I know it. Let me prove it to you." His eyes, so dark and fathomless, stared into hers. Very gently, he captured her hands and pulled them off his arms with a flex of his power. Then he brought Them to his lips. "I love you," he breathed against her skin.' - So sweet!!! Read to find out more! ^_^

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed all that I had to say, and I hope that I garnered Mencheres & Kira some new fans today! Have a happy Valentines Day (or for singles like me, happy SAD Day!! ^_^)!!! Let me know what some of your favorite things are about Mencheres & Kira and EKOD!!! Jeaniene Frost really outdid herself with this one! It is truly and by far my favorite!!! XD 

This girl LOVES Mencheres and Kira, believe me, she could of went on and on! LoL If you would like to check out her full post it is on her blog HERE. Thank you crazy4vampires587 for stopping by and sharing your love with us! 
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  1. I also like Mencheres + Kira. There's just something about those sexy master vampires like Bones and Mencheres!


  2. great post! i'm always interested on finding out more about mencheres and kira.

  3. Yes I do indeed love them to death! I would kill to be Kira! haha!! ^_^


  4. I basically like all the couples in the Night Huntress world - Mencheres & Kira included! - they all just go together and with the way Jeaniene writes them, you can't help but root for them too.

    By the way, love the way you tease, lol! If i didn't already have the book, I would be tempted to check it out right away :)


  5. Love revisiting the Night Huntress World! What a great way to get ready for This Side of the Grave!


  6. Yeah, Mencheres and Kira is an awsome couple together, I like them as well. And that sixth point... well, I would have added this on the toplist, too :P
    And I agree with you, crazy4vampires587, Jeaniene Frost really outdid herself - but then she always does :)
    Thanks for the post and happy Valentine's day, you too!

    INT reader -

  7. I love them as a couple. It is nice to see him get over Petra and find love even when he felt lost without his visions.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  8. Awesome post! Now you have me itching to go back and re-read Mencheres' book... Or at least certain scenes *wink*

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  9. great post!! i really enjoyed reading mencheres and kira's story.


  10. I liked Mencheres and Kira way more than I thought I would! How could I not after reading it? and I am in the US

  11. Oh god .. now i had to read this book like now !!! good review ! (int)

  12. Oh i cannot wait to meet Kira and Merchenes. Great post! I love when readers are really into the characters like this :)

  13. I haven't read about Merchenes and Kira yet! I can't wait!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  14. I cant wait!!! INT (Denmark)

  15. I can't read this post! Their book is in my TBR pile! USA

  16. I just found this post - LOVED IT! I too am a huge Mencheres & Kira fan! EKOD was one of my all time fave books, altho TSOTG is certainly giving it a run for its money. I was thrilled when JF gave him his own book and really excited to find him such a big part of the TSOTG!

    Thanks for putting this post together. It's always nice to meet other Mencheres & Kira fans!


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