Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Etched in Bone By Adrian Phoenix

By Adrian Phoenix
Book #4 The Maker’s Song
Received from publisher for review

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published February 22nd 2011 by Pocket
ISBN1439137307 (ISBN13: 9781439137307)


More beautiful and powerful than any creature the world has ever seen, Dante Baptiste has become the supreme target of the three worlds that spawned him. The mortal agents of the Shadow Branch have tried to control his mind through psychological torture. The vampire elders who guide nightkind society have plotted to use him in their bloodthirsty bid for power. And the Fallen have waited for millennia for Dante to claim his birthright as their Maker. But Dante belongs to no one—except the woman he loves. . . .

Determined to face the Fallen and the world on his own terms, Dante hopes to piece together his shattered past and claim his future, with FBI agent Heather Wallace at his side. But in Heather’s human family awaits an unexpected enemy. One who could rip Heather from Dante’s heart and fill the holes with bullets. One who could force Dante to choose his darkest destiny—as the Great Destroyer. . . .

My thoughts:

Etched in Bone is a dark and gritty urban fantasy, full of action, suspense, danger, sarcastic humor and steamy sex. 

This is a series where you have to read the entire series in order to understand the story-arc and not be confused. Every book starts off where the previous ended, so it is one continuous story. Etched in Bone picks right up where Beneath the Skin ended…

Heather has gone AWOL from the FBI and is a wanted woman. The government has spread a lie to the media that she is mentally unstable and she is being hunted so that the government can examine her to see what changes Dante made when saving her life. The whole government side of the plot really makes you think, could this be happening in real life? It's very realistic and sucks you right in.

Dante, half True Blood vampire and half Fallen Angel, I love and you immediately become emotionally attached to him. Being a rare true blood and the only Maker, he is being pulled from all directions, everyone wanting a piece of him. He also has a tortured past, part of a joint FBI and SB project, that he can’t remember to contend with that causes immense pain, seizures and puts everyone around him in danger. He struggles with the then and now, the past and present and sometimes get's lost.

Heather and Dante together is amazing; their characters are dynamic, relationship believable and their bond beautiful. Heather is very patient and understanding with Dante, she looks at everything from his perspective and is his anchor. She is what brings him back to the present when he experiences his episodes and you can tell that the deeply love and care for one another. 
I enjoyed all the side characters as well; Lucien, Von and more. Each are all detailed and well developed.

There was a lot of recounting, however. Most of it was internal dialogue but I felt there was more then necessary and I skimmed over these parts while reading. There were a lot of POV changes as well and I loved the core circle of characters but when it came to outside characters I found myself skimming again.
Phoenix has a great writing style, there was just too much going on for one book that only spans a handful of days, for me at least. Though my skimming didn't take away from the plots entertainment. This is one of those series that will keep you up all night reading. Good dialogue and relationships between characters though and it was fast paced with very complex world building. There is also a handy glossary at the front.

Etched in Bone starts out with Heather’s father paying her a surprise visit with nefarious plans and the rest of the book back tracks to the few days leading up to that and then the book ends in the present. The cliffhangers at the end of each book in this series kill me (evil, evil author), but this was a great read from an awesome series and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Will Dante and Heather make it out alive? Will Dante be able to keep his sanity? Will he end up the great Destroyer? I must know! The 5th book, On Midnight Wings, will be released in December 2011. 

4: Loved it! 


  1. Wow, u read this super fast!! I also had issues with all the inner-dialogue..i wish Heather and Dante got more screen time;(


  2. Me too. Like I said, I kinda skimmed over the other agents POV's but I understand how it was needed to tie the little sub-plots into the main plot. Still, I would of loved more Dante and Heather. And the ending, ag! Evil I tell ya'


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