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The Beefcakes & Babes of Night Huntress – Part I

*Some character info is not complete but I didn't want to add spoilers for those who haven’t read the entire series.*

Catherine Kathleen Crawfield

A.K.A. Cat, Red Reaper, Kitten
Other aliases: Cat Raven, Cathy
D.O.B. May 9, 1985
Mother: (Human) Justina Crawfield
Father: (Vampire) - Unknown
Hometown: Licking Falls, Ohio
Appearance: Crimson hair, gray eyes and pale skinned with a light vampire glow
Abilities: Night vision, strength, speed and hearing are better then human but at par with a new vampire, vampire green eyes with high emotions, able to decipher ‘other’ from human
Personality: Night owl, sarcastic, short-tempered, loyal, a trained fighter
Favorite drink: Gin & Tonic
Nervous tell: Stutters
History: Born premature by four months yet fully developed. A vampire, Cat’s father, attacked her mother so she was raised to think all vampires were evil demons. Experienced an unpleasant first sexual experience with boyfriend Danny Milton and was reluctant to date again until meeting Bones.  She made her first vampire kill at sixteen after her boyfriend, Danny, broke up with her. She then would spend the weekends prowling bars & clubs hunting vampire until being captured by Bones who then proposed that they work together. Cat attended community college at Ohio State University for a short time.
Quote: "Once you go dead, no one's better in bed!" ~OFitG, "Gin. No glass, just the bottle..." ~OFitG, "Where are you, bloodsuckers? Here, fangy, fangy, fangy..." ~OFitG

Crispin Phillip Arthur Russell III

A.K.A. Bones
After being transformed Bones awoke in a burial ground surround by bones; “…from bones I rose and Bones I became…” – HttG
D.O.B. November 20, 1766
Transformed: Age 24
Mother: (Human) Penelope Russell
Father: (Human) Unknown
Hometown: London, England
Appearance: About 6’ 2’’, natural hair color is brown but often dyes it light blonde, dark brown eyes that can appear black, pronounced cheekbones and chiseled features, flawless crystal skin.
Abilities: Master Vampire
Personality: British accent, wicked sense of humor, very sexual, regularly wears black pants.
Favorite drink: Whiskey
History: Mother, Penelope, was a whore and had him at the age of fifteen. He was raised at the whorehouse and earned money by begging and thieving. At seventeen, his mother died of syphilis at 33. Bones then made a deal with the mistress of the house to serve highborn women. After being caught picking a pocket he was sent to the penal colonies in South Wales and made friends with Timothy, Charles and Ian. Ian escaped but returned a year later as a vampire, rescued his friends and then changed over an unwilling Crispin. Timothy and Charles were changed over by other vampires. He stayed with the natives for about 20 years, and then returned to England. He is now a bounty hunter/hit man, earning a very good living. Before Cat Bones got around quite a bit so there are a few ex-girl friends out there. ;)
Quote: "Love to do it in a truck." ~HttG, ..."I only thought I was living before I met you. You'll love me until you die? That's not nearly long enough..." ~HttG, "Lucifer's bouncing ball's, Kitten, not again!" ~HttG, (Gads, theres so many!) "You're my Red Reaper and I've missed you terribly." ~HttG

Justina Crawfield

Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes and is attractive.
Age: Late 40’s
Not much is known about Justina.
She gave birth to Cat at a young age and she lived with her parents in a farmhouse on a cherry orchard. She had a strict upbringing and her parents are religious, because of Cat’s father she believes all vampire are evil demons and has raised Cat to believe this as well. Living in a small town she was pretty much ostracized for being a single unwed mother. She fears that being a half vampire Cat will one day turn evil and keeps a close eye on her. She is very controlling and has no issues with giving Cat guilt trips; though she does love her daughter she definitely has her own, different, way of showing it. She encourages Cat to slay vampires without fear of the danger Cat may get into while doing this, just as long as one more of those evil creatures are no longer in this world.
Quote: "Harmless?! We aren't talking about a dog that may or may not bite! We are talking about a murderer..." ~OFitG

Baron Charles De Mortimer

A.K.A. Spade
Abilities: Master Vampire, Flying
Appearance: Tall, about 6’ 4’’, long black spiky hair and tiger colored eyes, lean and attractive.
Transformed: Age 30
Age: 257 (FDoC)
Father: Earl of Ashcroft
Hometown: Durham, England
Bones best friend Spade is a centuries-old vampire who’d been a South Wales prisoner in the 1700′s along with Bones, Ian and Timothy. The overseer used to call the former Baron by his assigned tool, a spade. He’d kept the name so he wouldn’t forget his previous helplessness. We first meet him in OFitG when Cat tackles him in Bones cave. He has an English accent. 
French deserters murdered his human fiancé and since then he has remained unattached to humans due to their ‘fragile’ nature.  
Quotes: "… That curls my stones in my sack." ~AGE

*Some information for this post was found at, the rest was found by reading the Night Huntress novels. =) If there are any errors in this post it is entirely my fault so please let me know and I will correct them, this post is not from the author herself.
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