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#Review: My Highland Bride by Maeve Greyson - 3 Wine Glasses

23636546Title: My Highland Bride
Series: Highland Hearts #2
Author: Maeve Greyson
Format: ebook, 298 pages
Published: August 25th 2015 by Loveswept
ISBN: 0553395084
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N 
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Perfect for fans of the Highlander novels of Karen Marie Moning and Janet Chapman, Southern sass meets Highland heat in Maeve Greyson’s scintillating new Highland Hearts romance.

With bedroom eyes and racetrack curves, Kenna Sinclair seems like just another pretty Kentucky girl. But she can also read minds, erase memories, and jump through time—a skill set that comes in handy when her matchmaking granny sends her back to thirteenth-century Scotland on the pretext of visiting her older sister. When she encounters the clan’s womanizing man-at-arms, Kenna instantly knows the gorgeous Highlander has only one thing on his mind. She vows to steer clear of him, but after a single electrifying touch, she finds that playing hard to get won’t be quite so easy.

Bewitched by the first lass who could ever resist him, Colum Garrison will do anything to prove his devotion, even ask for Kenna’s hand in marriage—and swear off his chosen form of recreation until their wedding night. It’s a burden for a man of his thunderous appetite, but the sinful temptation is not his alone: Colum’s fetching bride-to-be is practically trembling with anticipation for a moment that can’t come soon enough. When she’s willing, Colum will be ready and waiting—with a love that lasts a lifetime.

Linda's Thoughts:
"Do you have any idea how rare a twenty-three-year-old virgin is where I come from?"

MY HIGHLAND BRIDE by Maeve Greyson is a Scottish romance with a time travel element. It is the second installment in the author's Highland Hearts series. You can find my review of MY HIGHLAND LOVER, the first book in the series, which featured the story of Trulie Sinclair and Highlander Chieftain Gray MacKenna. This time around, our matchmaking Granny Sinclair has picked a thirteenth century mate for her second born grand-daughter. MY HIGHLAND BRIDE is the story of Trulie's younger sister, Kenna Sinclair, and Colum Garrison, best friend to Gray. The story is set mostly in the Scottish Highlands in the thirteenth century, though some of it occurs in Kentucky in the twenty-first century.

This story was a bit slow for me at first. Then... just when it picked up the pace, and I was totally engrossed, something happened that I didn't care for. I put the book aside until I'd calmed down enough to finish it and finish it I did. It ended well, thank goodness. So, no worries about that. Overall, it was an enjoyable romance, but not one of my favorites. I really don't care for one of the characters and that character is going to be the hero in the next book. I sure hope Maeve can turn around my opinion of him.

I liked both the hero and the heroine, though I wanted to strangle muscle-man Colum too many times to count. I mean... how stupid can one man be? All of the serious angst in this story could have been avoided if he'd just stepped up to the plate - like he should have! I blame his stubbornness on the Viking ancestry he seems to have. I will also comment that I was amazed to see how fast Colum changed from being a womanizer to being totally captivated by Kenna once he met her.

Ms. firebrand Kenna is less than thrilled when she receives Granny's summons. But... when she takes one look at Colum, the chemistry clicks immediately for her, too. Now, if she could only get him to the altar...

Mother Sinclair, Trulie and Gray figure prominently in this story and it was great catching up with Trulie and her growing family. I love that their new addition has an owl as her totem! And my favorite canine character from the previous book, Karma, is totally enamored with the baby too! Eliza, a witch, figures in this story too. I hope we see more of her in future installments!

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

"Have ye e'er seen such a lovely set o' bosoms?"

"What's the matter, Colum? Are you tired of all the currently available pieces in this keep? What happened? Did you run out of new ones? Well, I've got news for you, buddy. This piece isn't up for grabs by just anyone who comes along. The only man good enough to get between my legs is gonna be the man I decide to call husband!"

She wouldn't let him pop her cherry, but he could damn sure heat up her pie. The mere thought of a little blanket bingo made Kenna squirm in the saddle.

I admit that I do love my Highlanders! Overall, there were more parts of this story that I loved, than parts that turned me off. If you enjoy Scottish historical romances with an original time traveling component, peppered with witty humor, and populated with sexy Highlanders, you should check out her Highland Hearts series. I'll be picking up the next book in this series, MY TEMPTING HIGHLANDER, to see if she succeeds in changing my mind about that book's hero! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she does!

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