Tuesday, September 29, 2015

5 Year #Blogiversary - Top 5 Reasons We LOVE Being Book Bloggers! (#eBook #Giveaway)

The lovely header above says it all. Five years of savoring books sip by sip. I am so thankful Crystal let me join Reading Between the Wines because, as you all know, finding someone who loves books, wants to talk about books, and uses book character references in conversation is a wonderful thing. 

Oh, and she loves wine. *lifts glass* Cheers, Crystal!

Besides having fun with Crystal and sharing bookish love and wine there are tons of other reasons we love being book bloggers. So for our dear readers today we are going to list our top 5 reasons we love doing what we do! 

And if you stick around to the end we have some prizes! 

5. ARCS! We get to read those gotta-have-it-now-been-waiting-for-this-for-months books everyone is dying to get their hands on. 

4. Reading is kinda our job. How cool is that?! We just get paid in books, to keep reading books and give our thoughts on said books, that we would probably be reading anyways! It's a win-win! 

3. There is a whole community of books worms out there! Did you ever feel like Belle before the book blogging world took the internet by storm? Nose always stuck in a book and people looking at you funny, always commenting on how much time you spend in a world of make believe? Well, your not alone! Isn't that a wonderful feeling? 

2. Crystal and I can drop names like Vishous or Curran in conversation and the other knows exactly what we are talking about, have a reference point, and have to wipe drool from our faces (our husbands will never understand).
*Vishous. Crystal leSigh*

1. We get to attend conferences as book bloggers and meet the authors we absolutely adore!!


We are giving away some of our favorite books today! One reader each will receive an amazon ebook of:
  • Eve of Darkness by Sylvia Day
  • Book of Choice from Erin McCarthy
  • Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
  • Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews
To enter, just show us some love by leaving a comment and then filling out the rafflecopter below. Good luck! 

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  1. Congratulations!! Loved the pictures you shared. And I totally agree. Reading is a passion and its so fun to share that passion with others.

  2. Congratulations!! I'm a reader and I depend on book blogs for finding authors that are new to me and finding out what books are and aren't worth the time. Thanks for the chance!

  3. I'm a reader. I love reading reviews. I love giveaways! I love that book blogs let me know when my favorite authors have new books coming out.

  4. congrats..i love finding new books and authors on blogs

  5. Congrats! Thanks for such a fun post! I'm a reader and I love book blogs b/c I get to "meet" new authors and books :) thanks for sharing!

  6. I love to read book blogs. I have found a lot of amazing authors that way.

  7. Congrats! Isn't it great to do something you love so much? I love to read and get so excited when I win an ARC of something I have been dying to read!

  8. I love book blogs for the reviews, author interviews, and contests.

  9. I'm a reader,a book addict :D
    I love reviews,author intereviews,promo about books :)
    Thanks for the another great giveaway!


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