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#Review: Harvest Moon by Lisa Kessler - 4 Wine Glasses

26182765Title: Harvest Moon (Moon #4)
Series: The Moon Series
Author: Lisa Kessler
Format: Kindle
Published: September 28, 2015
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley and Entangled
Rating:  4 Wine Glasses

Some wolves were never meant for a mate...

Dr. Jason Ayers unleashes all of his rage and his frustration through fists and brute force in an underground boxing ring. The werewolf may be the pack's doctor, but he can't even heal his coma-stricken father after the Nero Organization's attack stopped his heart. And as his Pack brothers settle down around him, he still refuses to believe in the fairy tale notion that every wolf has a true mate...

In hiding and on the run, nurse Kilani Akamu is a loose end that Nero is desperate to tie up. She can't afford to be attracted to a doctor-especially one as unexpectedly hot and complex as Jason. Yet the sexual sparks arcing between them are undeniable...and Kilani's precognitive senses warn her that temptation is inevitable.

All it takes is one touch to send Jason's wolf howling. But even if he could protect her from Nero, he can't protect her from himself...

Linda's Thoughts:
He rested his head on top of mine and whispered, "I'm warning you now. I'm a horrible patient."
I smiled in spite of myself and pulled back. "Of course you are. That's why you're a doctor."

HARVEST MOON by Lisa Kessler is a sexy, suspenseful, action-packed addition to her mesmerizing Moon series featuring a pack of wolves near Reno, Nevada. If you follow my reviews, you know that Lisa is a must-read author for me. I've read every book she's ever published and inhaled every one of them. HARVEST MOON is the story of Dr. Jason Ayers, the wolf pack's doctor, and Kilani Adamu, a nurse. It's told in their two POVs, alternating between each.

First of all, even though HARVEST MOON is the fourth book in Lisa's Moon series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone, if that is your preference. That said, I believe that your enjoyment of the story and the series would be exponentially increased if the series were read in order.

I confess that I started HARVEST MOON with some trepidation as the hero, Jason, was not one of my favorite characters in the series. Lisa had almost done too good of job villainizing him in the previous book and I would go so far as to say I wasn't convinced he deserved his own HEA. LOL! I should know better as I'd said something similar about Sasha, too, and Lisa changed my mind about her. I am very happy to report that Lisa did another fantastic job as she successfully changed my mind about Jason too. He's now fully redeemed in my eyes. If you were like me and leery of reading Jason's story, don't be. Jason certainly fits the bill as a tortured hero. Suffice it to say you need to read this book to discover the demons he's been lambasted with.

This is the first book I've ever read that highlighted boxing. I've never been a fan of the sport of boxing, but Lisa writes those scenes very well and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Since Jason moonlights as a boxer as a coping mechanism against the rage that engulfs him, you can expect some heart-stopping epic fight scenes within these pages. You won't be disappointed, whether you're a boxing fan or not.

Kilani was a wonderful heroine for Jason. She had moved to be near the pack to escape Nero as he's tagged her as a loose end that needs to be terminated. She's not a whimpy wall-flower, though, and is not afraid to stand up for herself. She's a very caring person and I love her spirit.

Supporting characters included Kilani's grandmother and  returning favorite pack characters from the previous books. It's always a treat to catch up with the pack. :-)

This tale takes place in two locales: Nevada and exotic Hawaii! Ooh la la!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the captivating mythological elements which played prominently in the tale.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from HARVEST MOON:

"You are one hell of a kisser."
A sexy, crooked smile curved on his lips. "You inspire me."

"You're playing dirty," she whispered.
"Did you want me any other way?"

One of my favorite scenes - and I had many - was when Kilani and Jason danced on the beach in Hawaii. I can still hear and feel the surf from this scene when I close my eyes. It was sweet, steamy, and magical. Following please find a very short, swoon worthy snippet from that scene.

Jason lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His forehead rested against mine. "I've never liked dancing." He started to sway with the music and the tide, turning us slowly. "But maybe I just never had the right partner."

Never fear that Lisa didn't include some humor; There's plenty of it interspersed in the story along with divulging some startling news which greatly affects the pack - news that fans will most definitely not want to miss!

I highly recommend Lisa's Moon Series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances - especially those involving wolf shifters. I can't wait for the next installment in this series, ICE MOON. ICE MOON is scheduled to be released this November and will be the story of Jared Ayers, Jason's twin.

Suggested Reading Order:
Book 1 - Moonlight (Lana & Adam)
Book 2 - Hunter's Moon (Aren & Sasha)
Book 3 - Blood Moon (Gareth & Nadya)
Book 4 - Harvest Moon (Jason & Kilani)
Book 5 - Ice Moon (Jared & Taryn)
Book 6 - Blue Moon (Coming in 2016)

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Harvest Moon!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book... Ice Moon in November!!! :D

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