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Romance on the Riviera with Pamela Clare (Interview/Giveaway)

Welcome to the blog Pamela, and what great timing that you are here to help us celebrate Cinco de Mayo! So everyone grab a margarita, get comfortable, and see if we can take a peek into the mind of Pamela Clare.
Thanks for having me here today! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Break out the margaritas! (I love margaritas!)
Your I-team series starts out with a reporter and a senator, two occupations that usually are like oil and water. Have you known any reporters or peers that fell for someone that could affect their professional career? Or did your journalism experience give you enough to draw from and imagine it?
Or maybe I experienced it myself? 
Being an ethical journalist — an increasingly rare breed of journalist — means always being very careful about relationships with anyone who might fall into the sphere of your professional life. It can be very difficult to walk that line when you find yourself drawn to someone who ought to be the object of dispassionate, objective observation.
There are scenes in that book — the bar scene at the beginning is one of them; yes, I sometimes talk like after three margs — that are straight out of my own life. But that’s all I’ll say about that.
Sounds like you need a few more margaritas, then the stories will flow. Hehehe
Your amazing imagination aside, you seem to be an adventure loving person (see the great white water rafting picture of Pamela on her website). Have you ever been to Mexico? Taken a zip line ride through the forest? Hacked (hiked) your way through the dense humid jungle? 

I have been to Mexico — twice. I love the ocean and the beaches. No zip lines and no jungles. I have done a lot of mountain climbing. I come from a climbing family and pretty much grew up outdoors in the mountains. Unfortunately, I fell 40 feet while climbing back in 1994, and that had a huge impact on my life. I got a free chopper ride to the trauma center, but it would have been much better not to have fallen. 
I do love to raft. I love hiking. I re-climbed the mountain where I fell, and I’ve been known to hit the rock wall at the climbing gym on the odd occasion.
Breaking Point is the fifth book in your I-team series and has your hero and heroine (another journalist with a spine of steel) making their way through desert to reach safety. Seems like it would be hard to hide from trouble in the desert. Did you ever get stuck trying to figure out the logistics of escaping through this landscape?
When people think “desert,” they often think of the Sahara — and endless expanse of sand dunes or a wasteland. But the Sonoran is a really vibrant ecosystem with lots of plant and animal life all adapted to desert live. It’s not a sparse landscape at all. 
Writing that portion of the story was a lot of fun because I got to learn about new plants and animals and how the ecosystem works. I watched videos of illegal desert crossings there, as well, to get an idea of how to do it. I did a ton of research, actually, including using Google to plot out their route from Mexico into the United States and to safety. So I quite literally looked at the land there to help them find their way back.
Your I-team series has a great following. Do you plan on keeping it going? Is there a magic number you will try reach? We will just hope that it’s not five to go along with the Mexican setting in Breaking Point which matches Cinco de Mayo. 

Thanks so much! I’m delighted that so many readers have fallen in love with the series and the characters. Yes, I am going to continue it for three more books. Joaquin gets a book. Holly’s book is last. And the next book is going to revolve around a heroin we haven’t met yet, the reporter who replaces Natalie. Her name is Laura. After three books, I will probably end the series and pick up something new.
The next book, which doesn’t have a title yet, will be out in March 2013. In the meantime, I’m finishing an I-Team After Hours novella, the first in a series of novellas involving I-Team characters. This one is titled SKIN DEEP, and it tells the story of Megan, Marc’s younger sister from UNLAWFUL CONTACT. She gets her own happily ever after here, and she really deserves one after all she went through. There’s are excerpts on my blog — just search for SKIN DEEP. I love the cover of the story and am working to finish it this weekend.
This year for Cinco de Mayo I think I have found the perfect plan. Pick up a copy of Breaking Point, to set the setting and take me deep into Mexico. And then mix a pitcher of some tarantula margarita, I will need plenty because I don’t plan on getting off the couch until the book is done.  Do you have any fun crazy plans for this famous day in May? 
I don’t. That sounds great, though. I do love margaritas! I will be finishing SKIN DEEP and working in my garden.
Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with us Pamela! What a great way to start the summer! You can fin out more about Pamela and her I-Team series at
Thank you for having me! I really appreciate it!

Pamela has had too many margaritas and decided to offer up a goodie to one of our followers! She is giving away one copy of Breaking Point to one reader, open world-wide! To enter leave a comment for Pamela about your Cinco de Mayo plans, or just gushing about her I-Team series then fill out the Rafflecopter below. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck! 

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  1. No big plans for us. We'll be doing a soccer game, then a birthday parts, and opening the pool in between all of that. I'm sure we'll manage to squeeze in some Mexican food and margaritas though :)

  2. Class most of the day but on the way home I plan on picking up some evening fare for the hubby and I ;)

  3. No big plans yet. Just having some Mexican food and margaritas, and hopefully reading.

  4. Unfortunately I have no plans..I have my exams going on so got to study..:(
    But thanks for the giveaway!

  5. No big plans. Not a tradition here in Canada... but I can go for it...

  6. I'm going to be writing. Big surprise there. Maybe Mexican food for dinner?

  7. wonder what is Cinco de Mayo because we dont celebrate this event in our country :)

  8. My Cinco de Mayo plans are to look at some property hubs wants that has a lake and then go out for Thai :). We're strange. We had Mexican last night.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. No big plan. And i wonder what is Cince De Mayo, first time i hear it^^
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. No plans for me. I'll be reading. It's already too hot & humid here in SC to spend any amount of time outside. I love Pamela's books. If you haven't read any, do it now! You won't be disappointed! Don't enter me in the contest. I have all of her books already.

  11. I can't wait for the release of Skin Deep. I'm craving a mango margarita.

  12. I haven't read of the cinco the mayo either so i would love so explanation.

    thanks you a lot for this international giveaway, i have this book on y wish list and i still hope to get it so thanks you for this great opportunity

    all the best

  13. I'm watching the Kentucky Derby, but no big plans.

  14. Thanks for commenting everyone! We just broke out the chips, dips and beverages here and will be making some chicken in a bit. :)
    For those of you who were asking Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating Mexico's victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, it's often mistaken for Mexico's Independence day which is actually Sept. 16th. Americans celebrate it to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War as well. And of course we have lots of themed parties and drinking. lol

  15. No plans mom and I stayed home and watched tv.

  16. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read this series. It sounds very good.

  17. The only plans I have are to read a romance suspense. This book sounds great, it is already on my TBR list. Happy Cinco de Mayo and have fun writing. At least you aren't cooking. YAY!

  18. Just chores for us!

    I enjoyed the interview and could well imagine the desert backdrop for Breaking Point because I have visited and camped in the California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah deserts. Made me dry and thirsty just remembering. ;)

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  19. Our Cinco de Mayo plans consist of an early Mothers day celebration since I will out of town during that day. Plus it was a nice surprise.

    I've not read any of Pamela's stories but I would definitely like to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Hi
    I did't really have any Cinco de Mayo plans, although I live in Puebla, Mexico, were the famous fight took place.
    There was a parade, but I decided not to go because I know it would have been very crowded there.
    I'm instead at home, preparing to celebrate my birthday, which is on Monday.

  21. No Cinco de Mayo plans. Wanted to go eat at a fantastic restaurant, but had too many errands to run and then had to go to work.
    Love the covers of Pamela's books. Very yummy looking.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, because, well I'm Australian and it's not.
    And I haven't read any of Pamela Clare's books, but I've heard they are SO good. So I really want to read one!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  23. I don't have any plans for Cinco de Mayo. We don't celebrate this here in Australia.

  24. The only thing we did for cinco de mayo today was we went out for mexican food.

  25. No special plans today. Did some shopping and cleaned the house.

  26. I had no plans for Cino de Mayo, but have been reading all day. I must say that the I-Team series is one of the best series I have read in a long time. Each book just gets better than the last one, and flies. It's a series you just can't put down.


  27. I really had no plans for Cino de Mayo. But we wound up going to dinner because my birthday was on the 2nd. So me and my sibling went for dinner.


  28. Margaritas are always a part of cinco de mayo. The best part!

  29. Thanks for such a fun post and giveaway! I had to work for just a few hours then me and my dear BF went to a small party w/ friends. Drank margaritas and just enjoyed each other's company :)

  30. I ate some mexican cuisine and drank a few margaritas and had a tequila shot.

  31. Going to fried's party to eat some mexican food and have some margaritas and tequila.

  32. I don't have any special plans for the day, just driving home from vacation. Thanks for the chance to win.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  33. Just dropped by to gush, lol. I've read the entire series and each one is so good. Hot heroes, tough heroines, lots of action and adventure and of course, very sexy times. What I admire the most about these books is that each one deals with serious issues/current events. Breaking Point is probably my favorite. Btw Ms.Clare ... the desert, at night ... very sexy!

    So enter, enter, enter to win! Good luck to everyone :)

  34. Hi Pamela,
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. I'm a big fan of yours and i am really looking forward to reading it. the sparks between the 2 characters could have lit the fire in the grate. LOL!

    we just stayed at home for Cinco do Mayo and spent the day watching sports or playing games. i tried to do some research/writing but the computer keeps falling on the net. :D

    Conrgatulations again and enjoy the rest of your week/blog tour.

    tammy ramey

  35. We didn't have any plans. I would love to read this book. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  36. Just a big BBQ with my children, who are mostly grown now. We break out the Margarator and have some fun!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. No big plans for me,,iam living in indonesia.
    my fav hero in i-team series : marc hunter,,OMG he's make me speechless,,

    thanks for the giveaway,,success for you


  38. No big plan.. because I don's know what Cinco de Mayo .. I think it's not celebrate it in My Country, Indonesia

    Nice Giveaway... Thank You for it.. ^^



  39. Estoy tarde a la fiesta! I have no problem gushing about the I-Team series, my favorite romantic suspense series! OMG you actually talk like that after 3 margaritas, Pamela, Naughty! I can't wait for Skin Deep.

  40. Today is the Diez de Mayo. Not terribly exciting, is it?

    Anyone celebrating Diez de Mayo? ;-)

    In Norway, the 17th of May is the big day because it was the day when the British liberated them from the Nazis. I've been part of a Syttende Mai parade, waving my Norwegian flag.

    I have to say, Cinco de Mayo has much better food and beverages. I'm not into eating horse meat, thank you very much.

  41. sorry, i dont have any plans because we dont celebrate in here (indonesia)

    thanks for a chance to win

    aniway i like Julian, lol

    looking forward to read another series ^^


  42. No plans,but your book covers
    are gorgeous.Congratulations on your series. Thanks
    for the giveaway.

  43. Unfortunately on Cinco de Mayo I was sick with the sinus migraine headache from, did nothing. I LOVE this series...and your covers are smokin' HAWT! ;)

    barbbattaglia @


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