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Flame Thrower Release + Silver Pendant Giveaway, by Alice Wade

Please welcome back author, Alice Wade, who is joining us with her upcoming release of Flame Thrower!

Flame Thrower (Release date MAY 14, 2012)

This novel is more my traditional style of writing and the first in a series of six books in the Flame Thrower saga. It spins an interwoven epic timeline spanning three different kingdoms and the families involved. These are romance novels, through and through and the tag line on the cover sums up the first book Flame Thrower perfectly - ‘Love heals all wounds through blood and sacrifice’. This first book sets a story arc into motion that carries through the entire erotic  saga.

Here’s  the blurb to introduce you:

While out hunting with his men, King Ryan of Yorath finds a badly-beaten woman who had been left for dead by her attackers. He is surprised to discover that she is none other than Tillian, the Princess who had been reported missing by messengers from the neighboring realm of Folkyn.  
Despite her injuries and the circumstances behind her disappearance, Ryan is swept by an immediate attraction for Tillian, and his vows to never marry are tested when he learns the truth behind her abduction. Tensions rise as Ryan's overwhelming need to protect Tillian leads them straight into a war that will change their lives and their kingdoms forever.

Love heals all wounds through blood and sacrifice 

Simple statement, difficult effort. How did I come up with a plotline that was based around the above statement?  I created Ryan, of course. When he finds Tillian, severely beaten and naked in his lands, he feels the unavoidable power of love at first sight. Ryan is compelled to do anything, and I mean anything to ensure she is kept safe. He is willing to sacrifice all he holds dear and also that of Tillian, in order to shield her regardless of the consequences. Dreamy right? Who doesn’t want a man to stand up, take charge and protect you against all odds? What man doesn’t want to be that, too?

Funny thing is, when I sat down to write Flame Thrower, I didn’t have ‘Love heals all wounds through blood and sacrifice’ idea in mind. Three years ago, this was my debut posting to the public arena. I really only wanted to introduce readers to my style of writing to see if my approach to using dialogue and emotion to tell a story was liked. I wasn’t prepared for the level of emotion that I churned out when I sat down to start writing.  When I finished Chapter 1 and then posted it, I laughed at myself because I didn’t know I had it in me to write like this.  I also wasn’t expecting the amount of people who fell in love with the story either. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. 

I’ve rewritten it two times over giving it a much needed facelift and flexing some new skills of my writing to further enhance the telling. Eternal Press augmented it further really polishing this novel into what you read today. I’ve stayed true to my morals, beliefs and focus while keeping my signature mark deeply embedded throughout – and that is my emotional depth I bring to my characters.

It’s been amazing to see how many people have come to love this story as much as I do. I thank all my readers, editors and fans that have helped shaped this story into what you will see, and frankly, helped shaped me into the author that I am today. I grew from your feedback and I honed my ability to tell you a story because of your direction. Again, THANK YOU.

You are the best judge of all, so pick up a copy on May 14, 2012 from Eternal Press and tell me what you thought. I’ve included the link to my website where you can buy Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower Excerpt:

Thinking on Folkyn and the tyranny of King Irfan caused Ryan to snort in disgust. It was a land filled with bitter, suspicious folk.  Where he respected Irfan as a peer, he would never respect him as a leader. He fostered the distrust of magic and punished those that showed any affinity for the awe-inspiring power. For countless rulers prior to him, magic and the knowledge of magic had not been allowed, thus making it nonexistent within their borders. Over time, the innate ability faded away because it was never allowed to be developed.

Ryan knew King Irfan viewed his Yorath neighbor with disdain and loathing, mostly related to a devastating war that had earned Ryan his nickname.  Ryan had been named Flame Thrower, or Wizard King, depending on who was telling the tale. In that war, it was when Irfan really learned what magic could do in the right hands, further fostering his fear. Even after all these years, he remained terrified to the point that he punished any who didn’t follow his word.

He whispered both names and laughed. Out of all the names he was known for, he much preferred Wizard King over Flame Thrower, but he wasn’t about to challenge Irfan or his people to make any corrections.

She moaned again and Ryan’s attention diverted once more. Earlier today, while returning from a particularly uneventful boar hunt, Ryan had spotted something in the bushes. The contrast of creamy white skin against the brown of the landscape caught his attention, forcing his horse to an immediate halt. To his utter surprise, it was a naked woman, abused and discarded. She lay in a heap, unconscious and sprawled among the brambles and shrubbery. 

He felt anger before he’d even turned her over. Yet the moment he did, his heart near burst in absolute fury that someone could do such a thing to the stunningly beautiful woman. After checking if she still lived, he looked around quickly, scanning the surrounding area for the reason she lay among the brush as if she were dead. Even in her wasted state, she was a jewel among the dying grasses and dead shrubbery.  She stood out because her creamy white skin and black hair screamed that she didn’t belong in this bleak fall landscape.

A few matted strands of her hair were plastered against her face, so he’d been forced to brush them aside and felt his emotions swell again. He felt a piece of him become bewitched by her; utterly transfixed by her face as she lay still.

With extreme care, Ryan lifted her into his arms. He cradled her close to his chest while he mounted his large horse, ignoring the question that sat unspoken on his Captain’s lips.  He too wondered the same thing but had no answer. When Ryan turned his horse towards the cabin, he speculated who the hell this woman was.

Hours later, he looked down upon her sleeping form still undecided on what he was going to do.

Now the fun stuff…GIVEAWAYS! 

See the included image? This will be a solid sterling silver pendant that is hand designed and carved by Paxton. He is generously creating one specifically for this novel release and is carving Tillian’s Rose that I will award to a winner once this pendant is cast and polished (should be within the month). What you see is the wax carving of the final product.

Yes, I am going to give one away! It will be on a leather chord to the winner from those that are subscribed on my website, follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook.

I will not be de-duping my lists, so if you are subscribed, follow and like me, you will have three chances to win. If you don’t, now is the time to do it! I will assign a number to each name and then use to select a winner on 5/30. I will notify the lucky person who will have 48 hours to send me your address  and then it will be shipped directly to you.

To see the full selection of pendants to get an idea on his quality, go to:

About Alice:
I graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology. I am a Marketing Professional by day, writer by night and have devoted myself to using the written word to motivate emotional responses. With my writing, I’ve proven that anything is possible if you just try, as evident by the accomplishments to date. I have written a total of nine novels, three of which are being published with Eternal Press. Talon  (April 2012) is a Paranormal Romance and will be the first to release. This is followed by two books in the Flame Thrower Saga:  Flame Thrower (May 2012) and A Jewel of the Kingdom (TBD), both books are Romantic Fantasy.  I’ve also got one more novel (Gem) in the works and the chapters can be found on my website.  I do take breaks, however.  When I am not writing, I love camping with my family (two step daughters plus husband), learning to fly fish around California, and playing with my two Boxer dogs.

In the end, what you get is the output of my utter devotion to writing. I love each and every story for different reasons.  Each story has a purpose for why it was written. I mostly love the characters, and find I just can’t say good-bye, therefore I write another story when one ends to keep them alive.

I can be reached (and please do stop by to say hello) at:
Twitter: @AliceWadexx!/AliceWadexx
Facebook: Alice Wade

Come explore my world!


  1. Hi Alice,
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. i love the cover, it's gorgeous and the excerpt was wonderful. i can't wait to see what happens next. i just put this at the top of my TBB list so i can get it as soon as i can.

    how may books will be in the series again? will you write spin off books for some of the other characters that don't quite fit the series?

    tammy ramey

  2. I just discovered you and believe this is a story I would love. With my summer vacation starting in a few weeks, this is going on my TBR list! Thanks.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. Hi Alice(again) :D,
    just wanted to let you know that i have signed up for you email newsletter on you website,facebook and twitter. on facebook it is under tammy ramey,twitter is under wyndwhisper and
    email is:

    i forgot to put this in my post above. :P

    tammy ramey

  4. What an amazing giveaway. I have my fingers crossed.

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  5. This book sounds amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

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