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5 Wine Glass ARC #Review of Cowboy's Legacy by B.J. Daniels


33656153Title: Cowboy’s Legacy
Series: Cahill Ranch #3
Author: B.J. Daniels
Format: Kindle, 384 pages
Published: December 1, 2017 (HQN Books)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Nothing will stop a Cahill cowboy from protecting what’s his

After a rocky marriage and even rockier divorce, Sheriff Flint Cahill finally has something good in his life again. Maggie Thompson’s down-to-earth charm and beautiful smile hooked him from the start. When she disappears on the day they plan to start their lives together, all signs point to abduction—and his ex-wife.

Functioning on adrenaline and instinct, Flint must call on his every resource to bring Maggie home before it’s too late. His past and future are blurred. Maggie’s only chance at surviving her abductor and a raging winter storm depends on an old vendetta that could destroy it all. But the Cahills don’t give up easily, and Flint’s love will have to be strong enough to conquer anything, including the unimaginable.

Linda's Thoughts:
He looked out at the country that ran to the mountains. Cahill Ranch. His grandfather had started it, his father had worked it and now two of his brothers ran the cattle part of it to keep the place going while he and his sister, Lillie, and brother Darby had taken other paths. Not to mention their oldest brother Tucker who’d struck out at seventeen and hadn’t been seen or heard from since. 

Cowboy’s Legacy by B.J. Daniels is the third ultra exciting installment in B.J.’s Cahill Ranch western romantic suspense series. It can be read as a standalone if that is your preference. The story is gripping from the very first page. The tension mounts palpably making this intense, fast-paced tale set at Christmastime amidst a brutal snowstorm a page-turner readers will not want to put down!

Flint’s and Maggie’s story has been building since the first book. Cowboy Legacy’s plot primarily focuses on the kidnapping of Maggie Thompson who is Sheriff Flint Cahill’s love interest. Flint has been a loner since his divorce from his crazy and unbalanced first wife, Celeste. But, now, Flint has finally found love with Maggie. It’s taken him some time, but he’s fully ready for the next step with Maggie. AND Maggie has decisefully agreed to move in with Flint. That’s when things take a dire turn as Maggie disappears, from all appearances, a kidnapping victim. As the clock ticks on Maggie’s abduction, the chances of finding her alive grow less likely every minute. Flint, who never breaks the rules, breaks a lot of rules in this tale as he desperately seeks to rescue Maggie before it’s too late. He’d dreamed of spending their first Christmas together and fears that he’ll never see her alive again.

B.J. has a knack for making her characters likable and genuine and crafts her bad guys exceedingly well. She’s also known for her assorted plot twists and interwoven side stories and Cowboy’s Legacy has plenty of both!

Now running their own PI firm, Frank and Nettie return in a supporting role to assist Flint. All the clues seem to point to Celeste being the villain. There’s no doubt that she’s a conniving woman who can’t seem to tell the truth for the life of her. But, could she really pull off seizing Maggie and absconding with her without a trace? The mystery of Jenna’s disappearance - which occurred in a previous book - takes on new meaning. Deputy Huck’s and Vicki’s relationship continues - Is he a hero or a villain and will Vicki ever grow up? AND, of course, in this series which centers around the Cahill clan, fans will be deliriously happy catching up as prior favorites play major supporting roles.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Cowboy’s Legacy:

“What were you doing out here?”
He chuckled. “Looking for aliens. What else?”

“She’s the kind of woman who would eat her young.”

She was in so fast that she didn’t have a chance to scream. The icy cold water stole her breath away…

In the distance, he could see a large star made out of red and green lights on the side of a barn, a reminder that Christmas was coming.

 B.J. is one of my favorite authors. Cowboy’s Legacy is an emotional and moving tale interlaced throughout with edge-of-your-seat danger sequences. There are maniacal twists and turns seemingly at every corner. I loved it! I actually had to put the book aside too many times to count to allow my heart rate to go down a bit before continuing. Fans of heart-pounding thrillers featuring sexy cowboys will truly find their nirvana in Cowboy’s Legacy. I can't wait for B.J.’s next Montana Cahills’ book!

Suggested Reading Order:
Renegade’s Pride (Book #1)
Outlaw’s Honor (Book #2)
Cowboy’s Legacy (Book #3) 

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