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4.5 Wine Glass #Review of The Witch's Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards


25941046Title: The Witch’s Daughter
Series: The Irish Witch Series: Book 2
Author: Leigh Ann Edwards
Format: Kindle, 374 pages
Published: August 11, 2016 (Tule Publishing; 2 edition)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 Wine Glasses

Book Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the quest to end the curse of the Glade Witch. 

Forced to contend with the possibility of an arranged marriage, Alainn McCreary, healer, witch, and commoner, struggles alone to control her ever-growing magical powers and the yearning she feels for a man beyond her station. Killian O’Brien, virile, noble, betrothed to a dark-eyed Scottish beauty, challenges the social fabric of 16th century Ireland and anyone who would dare dishonor the woman who has captured his heart. Can Alainn lift the curse that dooms any future happiness before time runs out? Will Chieftain O’Brien keep their secret from Killian or use it to control her?

The Witch’s Daughter weaves romance, adventure, and the supernatural into a tale of lust and longing that whispers darkly, “What wouldn’t you do for love?”

Linda's  Thoughts:
“I have something far more powerful and effective than a mere man." She added in a whisper, "I am protected by fairies.” 

The Witch’s Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards is the second installment in the author’s Irish Witch series. It picks up exactly where the first book, The Farrier’s Daughter, left off. The series is a magical fantasy set in sixteenth century Ireland featuring witches, a swoony hero, an evil curse, fairies and dark supernatural forces. It’s well-written and edited with vivid descriptions and engrossing historical imagery. It’s planned to be a seven-book series with four books having been released so far. I inhaled all four in less than three days and am anxiously waiting for the fifth which can’t come too soon!

This series is best read in order as each successive book is a continuation of the story of Alainn and Killian, our heroine and hero. It’s not a good stand alone read. Do yourself a favor and do not attempt to read this series out-of-order.

Alainn, a servant to the O’Brien’s, has run away in an attempt to move on from the love of her life, Killian. He is heir to his own kingdom and is set to be married to another in an arranged marriage. But, fate intervenes, and Alainn ends up running into the very person she is running from. She is also looking for ways in which she may break the terrible curse on the O’Brien’s. She is no longer trying to hide her powers and they are growing exponentially stronger. Unfortunately, her expanding powers are also attracting dark supernatural forces who would usurp them.

This is a not a tale for adolescents as the romance between Alainn and Killian is quite racy. I love the characters even though there are times I’d like to knock some sense into them.

Following please find a couple of my favorite quotes from The Witch’s Daughter:

 “Oh Killian." Five immense cliffs rose up from the sea in marvelous grandeur. They were as tall and craggy and enormous as any mountains she'd seen in paintings. The layers of rock were varied in color and the radiant sunset playing against them only added to the enchantment of the location. She watched as waves crashed against the monumental stone walls.” 
“They take my breath away, Killian. How grand and marvelous, how utterly magnificent they are. I have never beheld such an astounding, impressive sight. Apart from seeing you unclothed, of course," she added.” 

 “Keep your wits about you, Killian O'Brien, for you'll be no good to anyone if your head lies apart from the rest of your body!” 

This is another wonderfully fun story artfully woven by the author. It certainly kept me turning the pages with twists and turns galore. There’s a cliffhanger ending, but, it’s not a big deal as the next book, The Chieftain’s Daughter, is already available. I would advise having it on hand as you will want to start it as soon as you finish The Witch’s Daughter. If you enjoy historical fairy tale romances laced with romance, magic, treachery, myths and legends, I’d highly recommend that you check out The Irish Witch series!

Suggested Reading Order: 
The Farrier’s Daughter (Book #1)
The Witch’s Daughter (Book #2)
The Chieftain’s Daughter (Book #3)
A Chieftain’s Wife (Book #4)
A Witch’s Life (Book #5) – January 2018!
A Witch’s Quest (Book #6) – Estimated March/April 2018!
A Witch’s Destiny (Book #7) – The Conclusion! Estimated mid-2018!

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