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5 Wine Glass #Audio #Review for Saved by Darkness by Katie Reus

33143877Title: Saved by Darkness
Series: Darkness series, Book 6
Author: Katie Reus
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer
Format: Unabridged Audiobook, 6 hrs and 29 minutes
Published: 16 Feb 2017 (KR Press LLC)
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

He thought he lost her decades ago.

Half-demon, half-dragon shifter Ian McCabe is hellbent on getting back the only woman he’s ever loved. When Fiona O’Riley kicked him out of her life decades ago, he thought she was gone for good. Now that she’s back, nothing will stop him from claiming her. But she wants nothing to do with him—or his family.

She’ll do anything to save him.

Fiona knows that Ian is the only male for her. The only way to keep him alive is to stay away from him. But when tragedy strikes and they discover a wicked agenda for the mass murder of humans, they must work together to take down the enemies that threaten everyone. But there’s so much more on the line. As their undeniable desire intensifies, they’re faced with an unbearable choice. If Fiona and Ian succumb to their temptation, mating could be the last thing they ever do.

Linda's Thoughts:
She was his life, his everything.

Saved by Darkness by Katie Reus is an exceptional addition to Katie’s Darkness series which features thrilling romantic tales encompassing an incredible mix of paranormals including dragons, wolf-shifters, demons, demi-gods and vampires. Even though this is the sixth installment in Katie’s Darkness series and there are interconnected characters shared with the previous books, Saved by Darkness can easily be enjoyed without hearing or reading the previous books in the series. That actually holds true for any of the books in this series. That said, I would recommend reading this series in order, if possible. Doing so will give readers a better understanding of the primary and supporting characters and the whys and wherefores of their interactions.

Saved by Darkness is the second-chance-at-love story of half-dragon/half-demon Ian McCabe and dragon Fiona O’Riley and is told from several third person perspectives in the present day and with flashbacks from the past. Ian is the only male Fiona has ever loved and that she still loves.  But, her family has forbidden her to have anything to do with him. She has and will do anything to keep him safe.

Fifty-two years ago, Fiona had rejected Ian because her family threatened to hurt him if she did not walk away from him. Breaking up with him caused him – and her - immeasurable pain which has not abated over time. Now he’s walked back into her life determined to find out why she left him and set on winning her back. But her family is still out there, so Fiona isn’t on board with giving their relationship a second chance. That is, until they are forced to band together to fight a new enemy in the Hell realm threatening humanity and supernaturals as well.

Both primary characters are awesome. Ian is alpha through to his core. He’s powerful and a scary fighter – not a creature to cross. Even so, he shows heart-rending tenderness with Fiona and, even though it’s not in Ian’s nature to follow, he is remarkably controlled and exhibits amazing finesse in his dealings with Finn and the Stavros Pack.

Fiona is also an impressive creature – but she has a sweetness in her make-up.  She sacrificed everything for Ian’s safety and has since worked tirelessly at running a shelter for abused and battered supernatural females. The shelter sits on the periphery of the Stavros Estate, run by the shifter alpha Finn Stavros.
Previous favorite characters in the series play strong supporting roles in this tale. Fans will enjoy catching up with them. There is also a secondary story line between the Stavros pack healer Ophelia and Gray, a sculpting wolf-shifter.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Saved by Darkness:

"I want to mate with you more than my next breath, but I need you to be sure.” His eyes were human again as he continued. “Dragon matings are for life. I... don't ever want you to regret mating with me.  Even if every second that you are not mine is torture." 

Cupping one of her cheeks, he swiped at the wetness. “Would you want to live without me?”
Tears flowing freely, she shook her head.
“Then don’t expect me to live without you. You’re mine, Fiona. Have been from the moment I laid eyes on you, from the moment you tried to warn me off fighting your brother because you were worried I’d get hurt. Don’t you dare expect me to live a life without you! You go into the afterlife? So do I. Simple as that. If we have a day left, I want to enjoy every second of it with you.”.

“I’m not letting you go, Fiona,” he murmured before brushing his lips over hers. She tasted like heaven. 
And his. 
Only his. 
“I’m not going anywhere.”

I listened to the audio of Saved by Darkness which is vividly performed by Jeffrey Kafer. He has very capably narrated the entire series-to-date. His delivery is polished as he brings each character to life with voices and inflections that sound genuinely realistic. His narration is extremely clear and easy to understand and follow. He differentiates between the characters to where I experienced no issue whatsoever knowing who is speaking at any time. Without a doubt, his performance enhanced my enjoyment of the book. I highly recommend the audios in this series to both audiophiles and audio- newbies.

Saved by Darkness is a great book as is the norm from Katie Reus. She seamlessly blends paranormal romance, suspense and danger incorporating a myriad of surprising twists and turns into addictive perfection! Believe me, there is not one boring second in the entire book as I was captivated straight through to the emotional roller coaster ending. The next book in the Katie’s phenomenal Darkness world will be Gabriel’s, the Stavros Pack’s Guardian's story. I honestly can’t wait!

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