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Q&A with Terry Spear of Between a Wolf and a Hard Place + #Giveaway

Good morning Terry and welcome back to Reading Between the Wines, it's been a while! Let's kick things off with the hero of your upcoming release, Between a Wolf and a Hard Place, Brett. What can you tell us about him, and what do you think will draw readers in?

Hey, Crystal, missed you at Coastal Magic! Well, Brett is a real sweetheart. He’s decided Ellie’s the she-wolf for him and he’ll do everything he can to help her see the truth. Only one problem—she’s able to communicate with ghosts, and finding a wolf hero who can believe in her and be all right with her abilities could prove difficult.

When he believes they’re dream-mating, something a few of the Silver kin have done with their prospective mates, he’s sure Ellie’s his mate. Being the analytical sort that he is, he thinks if she dates someone else—not a wolf!, and certainly not a wolf from their pack—she won’t fantasize about anyone else—but him. And that will prove he’s the one for her. It was just a thought. He didn’t mean for her to go out and do it. He has it bad for Ellie, and nothing is going as planned!

Our alpha werewolf Brett tries his hardest to capture she-wolf Ellie's attention! Why are these two perfect for each other? What about them individually makes them so drawn to each other? Why do you think the readers will fall in love with this couple? 

Ellie and Brett have known each other for several months, and she really, really likes Brett—he even gives her his cherished great aunt’s piano for the old hotel that she and her sisters run for guests to Silver Town. The hotel had stood vacant for many years and the three women had poured their hearts and souls into making the hotel a place of beauty once again. Only, they have a bit of a ghost problem. Worse, the piano is haunted! How can Ellie tell Brett his own great aunt is hanging around and when Brett tries to kiss Ellie in front of the piano, here pops up his great aunt, shaking her head—very Victorian, you know. No chaperone! No kissing!

You know when you’re in love—you can’t get the guy, or gal, out of your head. You don’t want to miss a day of seeing them. For them, running as wolves, just sharing the same space, and well, solving the ghost mysteries together—that brings them together like no two other wolves before them.

Thanks for joining us today Terry, we will definitely have to catch up at another convention in the future! We'll say adieu with one last question. ☺ What was a scene that stood out or was memorable for you when writing Between a Wolf and a Hard Place? Why did this scene stand out for you? 

There are several that I love. Brett just keeps getting himself in hot water with Ellie, and that makes him more…human, right? So, here’s one of those scenes where Brett, fun-loving wolf, gets himself in trouble.

He reached across the table and took her hand and squeezed. “Trouble is on its way.”
“Yeah. You see those three ladies?”
She glanced out the window and raised her brows as one of them saw Brett and began waving and blew a kiss to him. The others started waving frantically too. Damn.
“Former lover?” Ellie sounded like she was trying to keep her tone of voice even, but he heard a hint of annoyance.
“No. I used to model for art classes at a college in Breckenridge so I could pay for my journalism degree.”
Her gaze switched to Brett, and her jaw dropped. “A nude model?”
He was afraid she was going to dump him right then and there.
“Not always. Sometimes I had something draped across my lap.”
Her lips were parted in surprise, but then her attention shifted to the door as the bell jingled and the three women walked in. They were all lookers: Ginger, the redhead; Thera, the brunette; and Renea, the blond. They were great artists, displaying their works in galleries all over. But Brett’s modeling days were done. Not that he couldn’t still model and do a good job of it, but he was a news reporter now, and that’s all he cared about doing.
Ellie leaned back in her chair as if distancing herself from him and the women, who happily surrounded him, all smiles and hugs. What could he do but smile back and return the hugs? Platonically, of course. He didn’t want Ellie to think this was how he was with everyone and that he had a bunch of women interested in his body, just because he’d posed for some art classes a couple of years back.
“We came here to see if we could find you,” Ginger said. “We thought if the three of us got together, we could convince you to model for another session. We’d pay for it, of course.”
“Truthfully?” Renea said. “Ginger made such a mint off her last oil painting of you that we just all wanted to have another chance. We’re in competition to see who can make the biggest sale this time. We all have our own technique so our paintings turn out differently for each of us.”
“We even have one of those fake bear rugs you can pose on,” Thera said.
Brett noticed that everyone in the shop was watching them now. Ah, hell. The word would get around the pack pronto.
“My answer is still no. Sorry, ladies. My modeling days are over.”
Ginger turned to Ellie. “Have you seen our work?” She pulled an envelope from her large bag and handed it to Brett as if he was going to open it up and show off his nude poses. Yes, it was art, but somehow it didn’t seem as much like it when he was trying to court a she-wolf who didn’t know anything about his modeling days.
Everyone waited expectantly. Ellie’s cheeks turned crimson.

So see? What did I tell you? Brett, you’re so much fun. And, Ellie? You have your hands full with this wolf. Thanks for having me, Crystal! It was fun and hope to see you at another conference soon!

33138781Between a Wolf and a Hard Place 
(Silver Town Wolf #7)
by Terry Spear
Kindle Edition, 352 pages
Expected publication: April 4th 2017 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Wooing a she-wolf isn't as easy as it looks in this bold paranormal romance from USA Today bestseller Terry Spear

In Silver Town, the secrets run deep...

Alpha werewolf Brett Silver has an ulterior motive when he donates a prized family heirloom to the Silver Town hotel. Ellie MacTire owns the place with her sisters, and he's out to get her attention.

Ellie is even more special than Brett knows. She's a wolf-shifter with a unique ability to commune with the dead. Ellie has been ostracized, so she protects herself and those she loves by revealing nothing-not even when strange and dangerous things begin to happen in Silver Town. And especially not to the devastatingly handsome and generous wolf who's determined to win her over... 

Silver Town Wolf Series

About the Author:
Terry Spear
USA Today bestselling author TERRY SPEAR has written over 35 paranormal romances featuring werewolf and jaguar shapeshifters. In 2008, Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Spring, Texas. 

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