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#Review: Smoke and Fire by Donna Grant - 4 Wine Glasses!

25663635Title: SMOKE AND FIRE
Series: Dark Kings #9
Author: Donna Grant
Format: Kindle, 382 Pages
Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks (April 5, 2016)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

She wanted to touch him. There had always been something about being in his arms that made her feel as if she could tackle anything and the world wouldn't dare get in her way...

A dragon shapeshifter and a computer mastermind, Ryder is sent to guard Glasgow after a devastating Dark attack. But when memories of an explosive affair come back to him-in the flesh-Ryder cannot help but want to protect the woman who haunts his dreams. Even if means shifting into the dragon he was never supposed to reveal...

Kinsey could never get enough of Ryder. His every touch only left her wanting more. But now that she's seen him in his true form, Kinsey's world is rocked to the core. She knows that to stay-and feel-alive, she must be with Ryder. But is Kinsey's passion worth the risk of danger that comes with being a part of Ryder's dark and fierce world?

Linda's Thoughts:
He yearned for something more.
It could have been his. It had been his.
Until he walked away.

SMOKE AND FIRE by Donna Grant is the ninth action-packed installment in the author's Dark Kings series featuring her sexy Scottish dragon-shifters. Seriously, these dragons are dropping like flies. When dragon king Ryder was in Glasgow fighting the dark fae, he and Kinsey had fallen in love. But, Ryder walked away from their relationship putting Dreagan and his fellow kings first. He's had no contact with Kinsey for the last three years. Out of the blue, Kinsey shows up at Dreagan. SMOKE AND FIRE is a second-chance-at-love for the two.

The romantic relationship and the development of the danger plot are mostly contained within this novel. Donna is very good about filling in whatever newbies would absolutely need to know to enjoy each book. However, there's so much that has happened previously in this series and in the related relatively new Reapers series that spills over into this tale, just know that if you are trying to read this installment as a standalone, that you may have times of being lost.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

At the rate the Kings were finding mates, they were going to have to take turns eating supper because not everyone would fit at the table.

"Only light comes out of darkness," she whispered.

Warm lips met her shoulder where he placed a light kiss. "Doona be afraid of me. I'll always protect you."
Kinsey moved back against him, allowing her shoulder to rub against his bare chest. Heat radiated from him, cocooning her in everything Ryder. 

Fans of the series will be captivated by all the plot complications, intrigue and goings-on within this installment. This is not a book for fans to skip as so much happens and there appears to be setups to what is coming. Even so, I'm still clueless as to exactly what that is and how it will play out. Rhi has been one of my favorite characters throughout this series and I'm happy to report that there's lots of Rhi herein. On the other hand, I am even more confused about what the heck is going on with Con. AND with Ulrik's powers? Is Ulrik a dragon king or what? Mikkel, Balladyn, Taereth, the Queen, a new powerful blonde bombshell druid, Henry and relative of his all play integral parts. I seriously need the next book now.

In addition, I'm so glad I'm also reading the author's Reaper series as its being released, as the Reapers appear quite a bit in Smoke and Fire. In illustration, here's just one snippet related to the Reapers and the Fae and the Kings in a conversation between Taereth and Mikkel:

"Reapers are the hands of Death. Death might be the judge, but the Reapers are the executioners. They police all Fae."
"So kill the bastards."
Taraeth glanced at his glass. "No one knows who the Reapers are. No one as even seen Death. We can't fight what we don't see or know."
"So... you're afraid of some whispers?"
"What do you think has been hunting the Fae besides the Kings? The Reapers."
Mikkel made a sound at the back of his throat. "Has anyone ever seen one of these Reapers?"
"You see one, you die."
"Of course you do," Mikkel scoffed.

I would recommend this  series to anyone who enjoys paranormal urban fantasies. Donna's Dark Kings series is genuinely addictive. It's like a hot soap opera in book form featuring swoon-worthy dragon-shifters. I'm obsessed and I bet that if you start reading this series, that you will be too!

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