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#Audio #Review: The Missing Heir: Amelia Moore Detective Series by Linda Weaver Clarke - 4 Wine Glasses

Series: Amelia Moore Detective Series, Volume 3
Author: Linda Weaver Clarke
Narrator: Diane Lehman
Format: Unabridged Audiobook, 4 hours and 52 minutes
Published: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing, 12 Feb 2016
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but she always solves the case. With the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, the business is flourishing.

Dell Murphy has passed on and left a fortune to his nephew. He wants his nephew to continue his work at the orphanage in Mexico, but there is one problem. Neal Woods is missing! If Amelia and Rick can’t find him soon, the fortune will be turned over to Dell’s brother and sister who intend to close down “Uncle Dell’s Orphanage.” If that happens, where will the children go?

Linda's Thoughts:
She picked up the phone and dialed her partner. Several seconds later, she heard a deep husky voice at the other end. It was a recording.
"Rick Bonito here! Private investigator for the Moore Detective Agency! Leave a message, please."
"Hey, Rick!" said Amelia. "I've got an assignment for you that needs your expertise. Breaking and entering! Give me a call."
Amelia smiled after hanging up the phone. With that kind of message, she should be getting a return call soon.

THE MISSING HEIR by Linda Weaver Clarke is an entertaining cozy mystery in the author's Amelia Moore Detective series. These books are mini-travel volumes making me feel like I'm actually in the country where each of the books have been set. Previous books have been set in Bali and in Ireland. This book is no exception as our two detectives travel to Mexico in a wild and dangerous search for a missing heir, Dr. Neal Woods, with the clock running out of time. The consequences of failing the mission will be dire resulting in the reading of Uncle Dell's will without Dr. Woods. The kids who had been rescued from the streets will tragically lose the only stable homes they've ever known.

Each of the books in the series feature detective extraordinaire Amelia Moore and her talented, competent, sexy partner, Rick Bonito. Rick is in love with Amelia. Amelia has never been in a relationship before and she's taking it very slow with Rick. Rick is a sweetheart and patience is obviously one of his virtues. This book featured a bit more kissing and hugging than the previous books, but, even so, this was a very clean romance with no hanky panky whatsoever. I felt that Amelia showed a needier side in this installment that she hasn't shown before. She didn't seem as sure of herself and, at times, 'lost' it. Thank goodness, Rick was there to save the day. I hope the more assured Amelia returns in the next book as I prefer her.

Even though this is the third book in this series, rest assured that each book can work well as a standalone if that is your preference. The relationship has been slowly developing between Amelia and her partner, Rick, in each progressive book, but the author fills in whatever you might need to know to fully enjoy each book. However, if you do plan to read the entire series, it would be best to read it in order so as to fully enjoy the steady development of their relationship.

The  talented narrator, Diane Lehman, puts in another stellar performance. Her voice is extremely clear and her Spanish accent sounded genuine. She's quite versatile as she's previously voiced Irish and Balinese! She differentiated between the characters to where I had no problem knowing who was speaking from her voice. I loved her singing voice (again!) as she sang Mexican ditties this time around. (In the last book she sang Irish ballads with aplomb!) I certainly would not hesitate to pick up another book that she has performed.

A few of the scenes within made lasting impressions. In one scene Amelia freaks out when she has to deal with roaches. Living in Florida, that scene was a bit over the top for me, but it more than likely wouldn't be for someone who doesn't live where the pests aren't common. As in previous books, part of their travels involves in partaking of local foods. I could most definitely sympathize with Amelia as spicy foods were an issue for her. LOL! Her impromptu Habenero Shuffle after unexpectedly eating a particularly hot meal was a hoot - but not for her! I also thoroughly enjoyed the native fiesta the couple attended complete with a mariachi band and salsa dancing.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this listen:

When she looked up and saw him observing her every move, she asked, "What's up?"
He smiled. "Just happy."
"How come?"
"Well, for starters... I saw a beautiful sunset last night, stole a kiss from a pretty lady, and laid awake and listened to the ocean waves from my window." He shrugged. "You know. Just the typical stuff that makes a man happy."

"Hey! He just gave you a compliment."
She frowned. "It sure didn't feel like it."
"Whistling is their way of saying you're a pretty woman. In Mexico, it's a compliment to whistle at a pretty woman. If they pinch your butt, then that is an even greater compliment."
Amelia's eyes widened. "Pinch my what?"
Rick grinned and gave a nod. "It's not disrespectful here in Mexico. In the States, it's called sexual harassment. In Latin countries, it's one of the highest forms of a compliment.

Amelia furrowed her brow and said adamantly. "I'm not staying here tonight. No way!"
Rick cleared his throat and was about to tell her there was no other hotel in town. They had no choice but to stay here. After a moment, he thought better of it. He made it his goal to never argue with an irate woman. If he had anything to say, it was better to wait until she was calm. He knew that much about women.
When Rick was old enough to date, his father had warned him: "Any man who is not afraid of a woman's wrath is a fool. Wait until she's calmed down before talking with her."
Rick gave a curt nod. He thought it best to do as his father had warned.

I enjoyed Amelia's and Rick's well-plotted foray into Mexico. Be prepared for a surprising twist at the end. I've become addicted to this series and can't wait to listen to the next who-done-it in this series, THE MYSTERIOUS DOLL, which will take readers to Colorado!

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