Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#Review: The Matchmaker's Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken - 3.5 Wine Glasses

27383715Title: The Matchmaker's Playbook
Series: Wingmen Inc. #1
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Format: eBook/Paperback, 290 pages
Published: April 5th 2016 by Skyscape
ISBN: 1503934489
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Source: NetGalley
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Wingman rule number one: don’t fall for a client.

After a career-ending accident, former NFL recruit Ian Hunter is back on campus—and he’s ready to get his new game on. As one of the masterminds behind Wingmen, Inc., a successful and secretive word-of-mouth dating service, he’s putting his extensive skills with women to work for the lovelorn. But when Blake Olson requests the services of Wingmen, Inc., Ian may have landed his most hopeless client yet.

From her frumpy athletic gear to her unfortunate choice of footwear, Blake is going to need a miracle if she wants to land her crush. At least with a professional matchmaker by her side she has a fighting chance. Ian knows that his advice and a makeover can turn Blake into another successful match. But as Blake begins the transformation from hot mess to smokin’ hot, Ian realizes he’s in danger of breaking his cardinal rule.… 

Crystal's Thoughts:
The Matchmaker's Playbook is the first book in all-star author, Rachel Van Dyken's new NA series, Wingmen Inc.. The series essentially centers around two college students, Ian and Lex, who set up a very lucrative business helping young women get their crush by using their expertise from being of the male gender, and players themselves.

Ian Hunter, founder of Wingmen Inc., returned to college with his best friend after a devastating injury just as his career in the NFL was about to begin. Now he aces all of his classes while helping his fellow female classmates find love, and taking advantage of his fame and good looks with other hot co-eds on the side. But he never mixes business with pleasure and the number one rule of Wingmen Inc. that he established is you never sleep with a client. Ever. Which has never been a problem until he meets Blake Olson. The new roommate of his other best friend and new Wingmen Inc. client, Blake is looking for love with her childhood best-friend. First thing Ian insists on is Blake loosing the loose fitting, ADIDAS flip-flop wearing, 90's look. With clothes that fit and her hair out her face, Ian's plan quickly backfires on him when he can't take his eye's off her. But the numbers have been run and Blake and her crush are a match, what Ian doesn't realize until it is almost too  late though, is there is no formula to love.

The Matchmaker's Playbook was a fun and witty romantic comedy of sorts, told completely from the male perspective. The narrative from Ian throughout the story was a surprise, and one I really enjoyed.  Ian's arrogance knows no bounds, but it is part of his charm and he comes by it honestly. From the very first meeting, sparks fly between Ian and Blake. First in annoyance; all of Ian's slick words and a double entendre's unsettle Blake who has basically been a tomboy all of her life and has little to no experience in flirtation. But she's a fast learner and with Ian's help, Blake quickly comes into her own. And those sparks of annoyance? They quickly turn to sparks of passion.

I loved that the characters weren't afraid to poke fun at themselves, which Ian finds himself doing quite a lot as  he gets deeper and deeper into Blake. But insecurities run rampant between these two which cause quite a bit on tension. The flow of the story-line was smooth and constant, if somewhat unbelievable. Though the story was amusing and enjoyable, I just couldn't picture it happening in real life. Though maybe it should! LOL Ian and Lex seemed to have a pretty high success rate. ☺ Bottom line; Rachel Van Dyken always delivers a solid story with great writing, interesting characters, and an entertaining plot - and The Matchmaker's Playbook is no different. I look forward to more books from this series and seeing how these self-proclaimed match makers meet their match!

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