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#Review: Playing the Witch's Game by Zoe Forward - 4 Wine Glasses

Series: Keepers of the Veil #3
Author: Zoe Forward
Format: Kindle, 212 Pages
Published: Entangled: Covet (March 21, 2016)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Pleiades witch Jennifer Marcos is certain that the host of Extreme Survivor is her soulmate. All she has to do is find a fake boyfriend, get on the show, and voila! She'll have her destiny. Unfortunately, she has to rely on ex-Russian spy Nikolai Jovec's six-foot-something of gorgeous, infuriating hotness. To make matters worse, the electric attraction between Jen and Nikolai is hotter than ever. But the only way Nikolai can protect Jen is by hiding the identity of her true Destined...him.

Linda's Thoughts:
"What could possibly go wrong with faking love with a stranger on national TV?"

PLAYING THE WITCH'S GAME by Zoe Forward is the third installment in the author's bewitching Keepers of the Veil series. Each book has featured one of the seven Pleiades, female descendants from goddesses, who must meet once every seven years to ensure that the veil that prohibits evil from being released into the world remains closed. I've always enjoyed stories that incorporate Greek mythology. Add in witches and I'm more than hooked! PLAYING THE WITCH'S GAME is a very enjoyable, action-packed addition to the series.

This story features ex-Russian spy Nikolai Jovec and Pleiades witch Jennifer Marcos. I love the depiction of Nikolai on the cover. This book can be read as a standalone, but it would be enjoyed more if the series has been read in order so that the reader is acquainted with the wherewithal of these Pleiades witches.

As the story opens, Jennifer, accompanied by her best friend, Shannon, has cast a spell in a bar to draw possible fake boyfriend partners to join her in applying to be in the cast of the next survivor reality TV show teeming with dangerous perils. The show was an interesting twist. It was a bit confusing at first as to why Jen was so set on doing it, but, no worries, all is revealed in good time. Jen is convinced that the show's host is her intended, and while she doesn't understand why the competition is necessary to win her destinied's favor, she's determined to comply with his wishes. When she is accosted by some undesirables at the bar, Nikolai comes to her rescue. They share an acrimonious history but end up coming to an agreement to partner to compete in the show despite Nikolai's misgivings.

This couple rocked. Nikolai was adorable and I was head over heels in love with him. Jennifer was stubborn and seemed to be high maintenance... at first. Their soul mate attraction was heated and volatile with plenty of angst and steamy sex. Add in a few unpleasant hexes, a pissed-off goddess and threatening wielders of dark magic and the couple's future prospects appear bleak indeed.

If you have read the previous book, HIS WITCH TO KEEP, you will recognize Nikokai as the brother of Alexi, whose story was told in that book. Both Alexi and Serenity, his fated mate, appear and figure into this tale. It was great catching up with them!

Following please find a few of my favorites quotes from this read:

" I will do what I must to protect you. If you were seriously hurt…Don’t make me live with that. Don’t make me have to survive your death."

"There's more to life than..." Her eyes darted to the shore where Shannon had found a decent place to film them. "Jumping into the sack."
"Not much," he muttered. "There's a lot to be said for a good fuck."

He groaned and murmured, "If I didn't think I was going to die, I'd have you right here."

I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the series. The characters were strong and compelling and the story was addicting with plenty of danger and excitement. I highly recommend PLAYING THE WITCH'S GAME to anyone who enjoys steamy, spell-bounding paranormal romance with a plethora of mystery! I can't wait to read Shannon's story!

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