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Love Entwined by Danita Minnis (Interview/Giveaway)


Lexi: Halloween is nearing and the ghosts are about to come out. So why not pick up a hot romance with a ghost? Our guest today has a new release with one desperate ghost, welcome Danita Minnis!

Danita: Thanks so much for having me on today! I am so happy to give the readers a taste of Love Entwined. When Amelie dreams of Roman, she thinks he’s just a smokin’ hot fantasy. She will soon learn to take her dreams seriously.

To celebrate the release of Love Entwined I am giving a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter and tell me, what would you do if you met your dream lover in real life?

Lexi: Love Entwined is a book about two people who loved and lost each other 200 years before, now they have a second chance but with some major obstacles in their way. What was the biggest hurdle you knew you wanted to give your couple?

Danita: I wanted Amelie and Roman to finally get their happily ever after but for them it has never been easy. In Love Entwined their biggest hurdle is they don’t remember their past lives and who they were battling in that life. Their enemies, il Dragone demons have an advantage. Because of who they worship, they remember everything and have stalked Amelie and Roman through time.

Lexi: Both books in the Cardiff series have lovers separated by hundreds of years, yet they still recognize something in each other that their soul can’t deny. What was it like writing about a love so strong it reaches past centuries?

Danita: I enjoy writing about soul mates. It is one of the most romantic concepts I can think of. Soul mates equal true love, it is magical to me. ☺

Lexi: Reading about sad love stories makes my heart break, good thing Amelie and Roman get a second chance to make it work. But now they have a ghost to contend with! Halloween is coming up, and there are plenty of ghosts hanging from trees in my neighborhood. Do you believe in ghosts?

Danita: Someone once asked if I believe in life on other planets. I do, even though it sounds like science fiction. To me it’s perfectly logical; why would we be the only beings in all of the galaxies? Why wouldn’t there be ghosts? ☺

Lexi: Spooky stuff is fun, especially when thrown into a book. Heightens the anticipation, you never know what crazy stuff a ghost will do! Good job on having ghouls and demons, but how about the hot smexing? Surely you have some time for Amelie and Roman to steam up the pages?

Danita: Oh, Roman Cardiff makes time, when Amelie is not looking. His trick is to catch her off guard, on a drafting board in his design room…

Lexi: Love Entwined sounds like a great mix! Thanks for stopping by today and visiting about it. Congrats on the release!

Love Entwined by Danita Minnis 
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Run, little witch…AMELIE LAURENT is on her way to the top of the jewelry designing world with no time for men. Her orderly life is about to come undone when playboy and jewelry tycoon ROMAN CARDIFF steals her away on assignment to a remote English estate. Roman wants Amelie all to himself but St. Clair Manor’s resident ghost has been waiting for her much longer than he has.Run home…An unseen gunman takes a shot at Roman and he blames a business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in love 200 years before in a time neither of them remember.From the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary France to modern day corporate wars, Amelie and Roman uncover a history of blood jewels, lust and demons.Good witch, bad witch, you must decide…When Amelie discovers her inner witch she learns the real reason she was summoned to St. Clair Manor. Il Dragone will kill to get her back. Amelie will kill if they do.


Mr. Cardiff’s eyes burned into hers. There wasn’t anything angelic about them now. She felt naked. Focus. He was saying something.
“…and I would like you to work on the designs.”
“Me?” She asked. Breathe. She fought to regain her equilibrium. It wasn’t working.
“Yes and the timing is perfect, now that you’re no longer working on that other project.” With a smug smile, Harold came out from behind his desk to stand between them.
She needed some breathing room and stepped away from Mr. Cardiff. She was still close enough to hear him chuckle under his breath.
She frowned at him. Was he making fun of her? No, what she read in his eyes was a challenge.
He gave her a repentant grin.
Maybe it was three months of pent up anger at being—for lack of a better word—manipulated in her home. Or, maybe it was three months of the best sex—real or imagined—she’d ever had in her life with a phantom who chose to introduce himself at this very inconvenient time when she was trying to quit her exhausting job. It was also just as likely the fact that her warm and generous dream lover was actually a pampered and conceited heir who probably had more woman than the time required to service them. Whatever the reason, she had reached her limit.
Amelie faced Mr. Cardiff. Folding her arms, she acknowledged what had passed between them and accepted his dare. “It would be my pleasure.”
Harold gave her an odd look and guided her to the divan as if she needed some guidance, which only served to irk her more. “You will be in good hands with Amelie. Did you know that she was lead designer behind Bijou’s Artisan Collection?”
“I had no idea.” There was a slight edge to Mr. Cardiff’s tone, but it was nothing compared to the arrogance that frosted his eyes. “And how is our old friend Garamonde?”
Was it possible to hate someone at first sight?
“Still old, I suppose.”
Harold coughed, and she refused to look at him. She would stare Mr. Cardiff down until closing time, if need be.
As quickly as his eyes had frosted, they warmed up again with amusement.
She could not quell the sinking feeling she had lost control of the situation. She suspected it had never been in her possession in the first place. But now that the fateful words of acceptance were out of her mouth, the wind went out of her sails.
Mr. Cardiff smiled as smoothly as he had just engineered this desired outcome. He sat down on the other end of the sofa and stretched long, muscular legs out. They nearly reached the desk Harold leaned against. A swimmer’s physique, she thought, and then shut that errant thought down as quickly as it had surfaced. “Excellent,” he said. “When will you be ready to leave for St. Clair Manor?”
“Mr. Cardiff, this is highly irregular. I cannot be contracted out…” She looked at Harold.
He shrugged.
She schooled her voice back to a modicum of professionalism.
“Mr. Cardiff, we have everything we need here at Penrod’s to do the job. I can forward the sketches to you in just a few weeks’ time.”
Harold cleared his throat and belatedly, she realized what he was going to say.
“Actually, Amelie, we are also contracted for a refurbishment project.”
Merde, it would take months.
She had gone from the verge of resigning her position to yet another commitment, to him, no less.
Still, she had been cornered by powerful men before. Men who were born with advantage in the corporate sector. Men who obtained everything they wanted and many things they didn’t, without even trying.
Some men, she snorted inwardly, don’t deserve the women they have. Or had. But she’d promised herself she would not think about Emil Garamonde anymore. As much as it hurt to know she’d lost control with Emil, she had finally convinced herself that what happened between them was a normal, human mistake. It was ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. And, oh, how she’d learned. She would never let her guard down again.
Mr. Cardiff’s good looks hardened her resolve. She tried again to dissuade him from this kidnapping Harold was consenting to because this time she wanted to win. She put cold steel in her voice.
“Another few weeks, and the jewels will be safe here in our vault while I work on them.”
His chiding chuckle said they were both aware he had her. It made her feel chastened, but it also made her legs weak with an unwelcome tremor of desire.
The handsome devil had dimples to boot.
“Ms. Laurent, I am afraid that is impossible. The Cardiff collection never leaves St. Clair Manor. I’m sure you will find our facilities more than adequate. As for the sketches, I will need to work closely with you on concepts.” His eyes raked her form again. “I am very hands-on.”
Her legs did give way then. She sat down on the divan. How could I have ever thought his smile was angelic?
She kept silent while Harold discussed details with Mr. Cardiff.
Not only was she still employed with Penrod’s, but she would be for months more. She toyed with the notion of recommending someone else for the assignment, and then gave it up. It was one thing to leave Penrod’s. She had offers from other fine houses, which ensured she would be back at work creating designs after a few weeks of vacation. However, turning down the Cardiff assignment would close some of those doors to her. It was the equivalent of taking a step down on her careful ladder of success.
When Mr. Cardiff stood to shake hands with Harold, his eyes were on her.
Amelie could not smile at him, but managed a nod in farewell.
It was done—she was going to England.

Danita Minnis grew up singing and once thought she would do that all her life. She soon found writing just as fulfilling and writes paranormal romance. She loves mystery, mysticism, the fantastic and the fey. She has published The Cardiff Novels, a series about one family’s trials with vengeful demons, a legacy of ghosts and mysterious blood jewels. She is currently working on the third novel in the Cardiff series, which introduces the Cardiffs’ connection to ancient vampires.Danita is a member of Romance Writers of America. She is a lover of chocolate, a good, scary movie, kittens and pups - especially Siberian Huskies. When she is not writing, she exercises her lungs at her son's soccer matches and their favorite theme park, because everyone knows it's easier on the stomach to scream your way down a roller coaster.
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