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Friday, November 15, 2013

Historical Romance Week: Wrap-Up

It's nice to leave the cell phones, social networks and tv's behind for a few hours and travel back in time to these magical eras, isn't it? Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Historical Romance Week. We hope that you found some new books to fall in love with. And a big thank you to all of the authors who participated as well! 

In case you weren't able to stop by, here is what you missed....

  • Vonda Sinclair of My Notorious Highlander visits with a guest post on Researching Historical Romance on Site and she is also giving away a set of her Highland Adventure Series! Go >>>HERE
  • Amanda Forester of A Midsummer Bride shares an excerpt from her new novel,  Midsummer Bride, and gives away a copy! Go >>>HERE
  • Rowan Keats of Taming a Wild Scot talks about heroines and Wild Scots and is also giving away a copy of her book! Go >>>HERE
  • Christina Phillips of HER SAVAGE SCOT drops by to discuss The Highland Warrior Chronicles: Birth of a Nation and gives away a copy of her mystical Roman/Druid erotic romance, Tainted. Go >>>HERE
  • Anne Cleeland of Daughter of the God-King shares about Why We Love Historical Romance and is giving away a copy of her new novel, Daughter of the God-King. Go >>>HERE
  • Mary Wine of How to Handle a Highlander shares about her love for historical romance and gives away a copy of her new scottish romance, How to Handle a Highlander! Go >>>HERE

Most giveaways are open until 11/22


Amber R. @ Awesomesauce Book Club said...

As much as I love reading what I do, I absolutely love reading historical romance. I started reading it when I was a teenager because that's what my mom and grandma read and it will always be one of my favorites.

Lexi said...

So many great HR TBR list just grew!