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Review: Wolf Games (Granite Lake Wolves #3) by Vivian Arend

Wolf Games (Granite Lake Wolves, #3)Wolf Games 
Granite Lake Wolves #3
by Vivian Arend 
ebook, 96 pages
Published March 23rd 2010 by Samhain Publishing (first published February 12th 2010)
ISBN 1605049689 
True love's path never did run smooth. 
Granite Lake Wolves, Book 3 After seven years of total denial, Maggie Raynor's body-and her inner wolf-are in full revolt. Weak and shaky, she literally falls into the very large and capable arms of the Granite Lake Beta, Erik Costanov. The last thing she wants is a mate, particularly when just looking at another wolf scares her to death. And one as big and sexy as Erik? Really bad idea, no matter what her libido says. Erik expected to meet Maggie in Whitehorse to escort her to the home of her sister, his pack's Omega. Sheer chance puts him in the right place at the right time to catch her, but the realization that hits him with the force of a full body shot is no accident. She's his mate. An even bigger shock? She wants no part of him-not until she resolves her issues. She'll have to work fast, because they're both selected to represent the pack during the premier sporting event for wolves in the north. Not only will she have to work as a team with Erik, she'll have to face down her fear of wolves. Let the Games begin. 
Warning: Contains uber-sexy werewolves of Russian descent, reluctant mates and exotic travels through the Yukon wilderness. Includes sarcasm and hot nookie under the Midnight Sun.
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Crystal's Thoughts: 

Maggie Raynor knows first hand how violent and aggressive wolves can be, thanks to her former pack Alpha, and is terrified to have anything to do with them. But her body is no longer listening to her brain and the wolf inside refuses to stay hidden any longer. And when Maggie literally falls on her mate the wolf howls to get out.
Erik Costanov, Beta of his pack, was sent to pick up Missy's (Wolf Flights) sister and bring her home. Luckily he was in the right place at the right time when Maggie feels week and falls right into his arms. His wolf instantly recognizes her as his mate but Maggie wants nothing to do with him or any wolf. 
When they're thrown into the wolf games together though they can't fight the chemistry that sizzles between them or their wolves, and Erik's is a calming presence that enables Maggie to be around other wolves without freaking. Can Maggie put away her fears for good though to find a future with Erik as her mate?

Wolf Games was a great read that I tore through. I really liked the hero Erik, he is so big that many are intimidated by him and being the Alpha's second doesn't help in that regard but I don't think that there is any more gentle or patient than him in the pack. He dealt with Maggie's fears more patiently than I probably deal with my kids lol. Caring and tender but definitely all male, Erik is super hot and super sweet. And the sparks that sizzle between him and Maggie *whew*, smokin'! Wolf Games was a real journey for Maggie in rediscovering her wolf and accepting that part of herself again, as well as learning to face her fears head on. Her growth was a joy to follow. 
Great book all together; short, sweet and succulent! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses


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