Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: The Closing by Stella K

The Closing
by Stella K
Paperback, 248 pages
Published May 8th 2012 by Armida Publications
ISBN 9789963706273
Copy provided courtesy of publisher
When Bella Nars, a savvy corporate lawyer in her mid-twenties, is summoned to fly to Moscow for the closing of a multi-million dollar transaction fixed on her birthday, she expects to spend her days locked up in Savoy Hotel Moscow embarking on endless negotiations with an army of bankers and lawyers. An accidental yet intriguing encounter the first evening of her stay in Moscow sends Bella straight to hospital rather than her luxurious hotel room. The person responsible for her injuries is called Dima P, a mysterious figure about whom Bella knows absolutely nothing. The only thing she can be sure of is that he has the most penetrating, indigo-coloured eyes she has ever seen. An incessant source gives her the strength to endure the hardships that turn her world up-side-down. For how long can Bella continue to flirt with a devious game of Russian roulette in the name of love? In a time when countries and economies crumble, and human lives have become disgustingly expendable, how much is a person's life worth in the end? 
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Lexi's Thoughts
The Closing is full of fast paced action, guns, deals, and a whirlwind romance. Stella K has created characters you will be unable to stop thinking about, even after you put down her book. 
From the first strike of Bella’s Gucci heels the action pulls you in and doesn’t quit. The multi-million dollar transaction begins in conference rooms but doesn’t stay there long. The players involved in this momentous event many not all be icons of moral standards, causing some ripples in the otherwise fairly smooth legal process. Before she knows it Bella is kidnapped and in danger of loosing her life. A traumatic experience, and one that forces her to choose if love is enough will leave its mark. 
Bella is a highly successful lawyer, she has sacrificed many things in her personal life to get where she is. And her trip to Moscow to close on the biggest deal of her life happens to fall on her birthday. She is a professional and goes into the trip ready for all work and no play. Then she is blindsided by Dima, or seriously injured depending on how you look at it.
Dima, ahhh Dima. The devastating evasive Dima who manages to infuriate, pamper, and save Bella all within the span of a few short days. He is a powerful force and will suck you in the moment you lay eyes on him. Dima is a well crafted character with many secrets, and to make sure there are no spoilers that is all you will get until you pick up The Closing for yourself. 
I can’t say enough about The Closing. This book was so much fun to read I finished it within a few hours. Stella knows her way around lawyers and it shows in how well she wrote Bella. Every single character in this book feels so real and brings the events to life. If you are in the mood for a thrilling adrenaline inducing story with a great romance, pick this up.

Rating: 5 Wines! A Perfect Summer Read!

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