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The Devil DeVere series by Victoria Vane (Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to historical romance author, Victoria Vane, who is joining us today with her series The Devil DeVere!

by Victoria Vane

I think every writer dreams of creating characters who are larger than life, those so strong and intriguing that they can carry an entire series, even if not the primary focus of it. But Ludovic "the Devil DeVere" who began as a rakish sidekick, became all that and then some. I never knew when I dreamed up my "HANGOVER" inspired novella that one story would become two, and then three, and then four, all because of one character. Hence, the birth of THE DEVIL DEVERE series, four scorching hot  intertwined Georgian era romance novellas involving six main characters all connected through the devious Ludovic, Viscount DeVere.  All four digital titles will be released between now and late August Trade paperback will follow. Now, without further ado, here is a brief  introduction to the books and  characters.

The Players in order of appearance:
  • Viscount Ludovic "the Devil" DeVere: Devious and machinating rakehell, brother to Hew, godfather to Vesta
  • Sir Edward "Ned" Chambers : Respectable and celibate widower with a powerful right hook, father to Vesta, best friend to DeVere.
  • Phoebe Scott "alias" Kitty Willis: Struggling actress with a past, in need of a protector
  • Lady Vesta Chambers: 18-year-old daughter of Sir Edward, spoiled, passionate, willful
  • Captain Hewett DeVere:  War hero younger brother to the viscount, his opposite in every way
  • Baroness Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley:  Godmother to Vesta, beautiful but embittered widow with several closely guarded secrets

Book I – A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE (available now)
What happens when a struggling actress and a grieving widower come together in a night of unbridled debauchery orchestrated by a bored and machinating rake? With the devil in charge — there will surely be hell to pay!
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My story begins with A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE, a racy rollicking adventure that pairs Phoebe Scott, a struggling actress with Sir Edward "Ned" Chamber a grieving widower in a madcap wager when devil in disguise, Viscount Ludovic DeVere, is determined to return his best friend, Ned, to the land of the living. His meddling machinations result in a night of mind blowing passion after which “dull dog Ned” awakes to find himself in the King of England’s bed!   

One of my favorite scenes:

DeVere, on the other hand, evinced no such qualms. He had already loosened his cravat and was stripping off his coat.
"As I said earlier, there is no need," Phoebe insisted. "A couple of buttons and a raised petticoat are all the business requires."
"How delightfully unromantic you are, my dear!" He chuckled. "But while most men would be charmed to comply with your simple wishes, I have quite another game in mind. One that most definitely requires you to disrobe."
"But what if I don't want to?"
"Oh but you will," he said with a smug smile.
She glared. "You are very sure of yourself!"
He studied his buffed fingernails. "I am sure of Ned. Thus, we must put on a convincing show."
Her brows came together in a deep scowl. "What do you mean? What has Ned to do with this?"
"Everything. And at any moment, I expect him to burst through that door like a raging bull."

Read a longer excerpt!

Book II – THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS (release date 6/29/12)
This is the second title in the Devil DeVere series and a delightfully playful and light-hearted romp!Lady Vesta Chambers is accustomed to getting what she wants, but when the object of her passion has eyes for another, it’s time to take matters in hand!

In THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS, Ned's spoiled daughter Vesta goes to London to find a husband and is smitten the moment she lays eyes on a certain officer of the Seventeenth Light Dragoons who happens to be DeVere's younger brother Captain Hew.  But when the only man she desires has eyes for her godmother, Vesta is prepared to take devilish measures to prove just how wrong he is. 

Here is one of my favorite scenes between Hew and Vesta: 

"But it is so large and swollen, is it painful?
"No, just uncomfortable. Now, may we stop discussing my …" the appropriate word for feminine ears failed him. 
"Phallus?" she offered. "That is what the grooms call it."
"Why are you eavesdropping on grooms?"
"I used to watch the stallions leaping the mares."
"You what!" Hew almost choked.
"Well, how else is a girl with no mother supposed to get any education? Although I doubt Mama would have told me very much. So there's really no reason to be timid, Hew. I already know all about the mating process. And to the best of my knowledge, the stallions never 'ignored it until it went away.' Please feel free to relieve yourself of it. I would even help you if you would like. I'm not the least afraid for I have seen much larger ones."

Read an excerpt! 

The Devil You Know (The Devil DeVere #3)Book III  THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (release date 7/27/12)
When dealing with the devil it's easy to be burned…especially when passion ignites the flames…

THE DEVIL YOU KNOW changes the tone of the story altogether by flashing back in time to reveal the secret past of Diana and DeVere. It's a darkly erotic tale with elements of mystery and intrigue. 
Beautiful, respectable, and dutiful, Lady Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley has long resigned herself to her loveless marriage …until her husband's gambling pushes them to the brink of ruin. Viscount Ludovic, "The Devil DeVere", is a man accustomed to taking what he wants according to his whim until he encounters a woman who won't be had at any price. But will a single night of heavenly passion damn them both forever?  

More info:

The Devil's Match (The Devil DeVere #4)Book IV-  THE DEVIL'S MATCH (release date 8/24/12)
Once burned twice shy…but when old flames come together…passion reignites

In THE DEVIL'S MATCH, we find Diana and DeVere finally reunited in a tale that mixes the exotic with the erotic with a number of surprising twists! Arriving in London as her goddaughter's chaperone, Baroness Diana Palmerston Wriothesley wants to avoid her erstwhile lover at all costs, but when Diana's charge disappears, she is forced to seek help from the devil's lair. But while Ludovic is hell bent to have her back in his bed, Diana is equally determined to bring him to his knees.  

More info:

A lover of history and deeply romantic stories, Victoria Vane combines these elements to craft romantic historical novels and novellas for a mature reading audience. Her writing influences are Georgette Heyer for fabulous witty dialogue and over the top characters, Robin Schone , Sylvia Day, and Charlotte Featherstone for beautifully crafted prose in stories with deep sensuality, and Lila DiPasqua for creative vision in melding history with eroticism. Ms. Vane also writes multi-award nominated romantic historical fiction as Emery Lee.  
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Victoria is giving away one eBook of A Wild Night's Bride to one lucky reader. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and then fill out the rafflecopter below. Additional entries are available but not required, good luck!
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  1. This series sounds amazing. Can't wait to read it to learn everyone's secrets.


  2. the players all sound very intriguing :D can't wait to read them

  3. Don't enter me in the Giveaway since I've already got a copy. : )

    Hi Victoria,
    Just wanted to say 'HI'! I can't wait for the next installment. I want to tell everyone who comes by, if you haven't read Victoria's novellas, DO! They are so wonderful.
    Happy Reading Everyone!

  4. Looks like a great series! I would love to read one of Victoria's books.

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  6. This series... wow.. sounds really, really good! Those little excerpts are such a tease!! Can't wait to read this series! Adding it to my TBR! Thanks for the giveaway :)


    -BTW, I'm having a giveaway, feel free to stop by :)

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  8. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks so much for your interest. I promise this is a very unique series! There are longer excerpts from ALl the books on my web site.

    Psst.... Here's a secret I have been dying to share, so lean in close now...
    To celebrate the release of the second book, THE VIRIGN HUNTRESS, A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE will be ON SALE for $.99 from June 22-Jun 29th.

    Mark you calendars and don't miss out!

    Warmest regards,
    Victoria Vane'

  9. These books sound great....DeVere sounds like a riot! Wanna check him out now!

  10. Love the blurbs and this series is def. going up on my TBR list =D

    best wishes, Linda xo

  11. The cast of characters sound really interesting & the excerpts are titillating!

  12. I really want to read this series. It sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. I've never tried a Georgian era romance before, so I will definitely be adding these to my wishlist. Congrats on your previous and upcoming releases!

  14. I look forward to reading this series.

  15. Looks like an amazing series!

  16. Wow, all those books being released so close together. You must be very, very busy. I love the covers, the series sounds wonderful.
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  17. Thanks for a great post and giveaway!

    Congrats on all the release!


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