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Review: Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1)Long Hard Ride 
Rough Riders #1
by Lorelei James
ebook, 267 pages
Published April 1st 2007 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN 1599984687
Channing Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man. Enter Colby McKay bull rider, saddle bronc buster and calf roper. He knows hes found a woman whos up to the challenge of cutting loose. Intrigued by Channings bold proposition to "horse around" on the road, Colby proposes sexual escapades not only in his bed, but in those of his two rodeo traveling partners. Can Channing give up total control? Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio?

My Thoughts:

Long Hard Ride is a smokin’ hot erotica with lots of good western riding, three sexy cowboys and one wild easterner. Insert all kinds of delicious warnings here.

Let me just start out with.....Holy smokes was this book HOT, and one of the best erotica’s I have read. This is me panting just thinking about the sexy cowboy Colby and his highly sensual escapades with the curious Channing, where can I find me a cowboy with his abilities and endurance? Woo-wee!
Okay…back to the review…

Channing Kinkaid has led a very pampered and sheltered life, and her parents have the rest all planned out for her. But before Channing settles down with the career of their dreams she has planned one last adventure and follows the rodeo circuit; hitching a ride with three of the wildest cowboys, exchanging quality bed time for a week on the road with them. Channing finds more then she ever imagined in the arms of Colby McKay though, but will one week be enough?

I have wanted to dive into Lorelei James Rough Rider series for a long time now and I am so glad that I finally got the chance. I love sexy cowboys, I love the rodeo and I love finger scorching sex scenes, and this book had it all! Covering a vast array of sexual exploits, going from one end of the spectrum to the other. If it’s out there, you will most likely read it in Long Hard Ride, including m/m. And it had a captivating plot to go with it!

Channing’s sexual adventure captured my attention right away, a shy miss wanting to break out of her shell she embarks on a passionate journey any of us would be envious of; and she had depth too. The only thing I kept stumbling on was her name, Channing - blech. Then Colby walks onto the pages and I was instantly enthralled, howdy cowboy! He is commanding, yet sensitive, and owns a possessive streak that surprises even him. The dialogue between these two was entertaining and the sex scenes sizzling, you can easily feel the fiery chemistry between them. The secondary characters were just as charismatic as the leading characters and I can’t wait to see more of them in the continuation of the series. James has built an intriguing and believable world around rodeo and ranch life with page after page of well-written sex. The story flowed wonderfully and I didn’t want it to end, Long Hard Ride was a page-turner that I couldn’t put down!

If you are looking for a wild ride with a few hot and sexy cowboys then Lorelei James Rough Riders is definitely for you! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Loved It!

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