Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quickie Review: Journeyman's Ride by Marie Harte

Journeyman's RideJourneyman's Ride
by Marie Harte 
Published April 25th 2011 by Carina Press
ISBN 1426891512
Courtesy of NetGalley
Miranda is duty-bound to journey across the Damned Plains to rescue the Princess of York from ruination. Her selfish cousin doesn't deserve her help, but the mission offers an opportunity to escape the smothering confines of life as an indentured companion to a spoiled princess.                                     Danner is a journeyman, a traveler with an extraordinary gift: the ability to withstand the deadly lightning bolts sent by moody gods. Drawn by her lush beauty, he agrees to guide Miranda across the Plains if she'll let him explore her body each night.                                                                    They face danger—blood ravens, cannibals, mechanical spyders—but Danner never anticipated that the bigger risk would be from Miranda and the things she makes him feel. A journeyman's life doesn't lend itself to commitment, but if they can rescue the princess and make it out of the Plains without getting zapped or eaten, Danner might have to make an exception for one amazing woman. If she'll have him.

My Thoughts:

Journeyman’s Ride was a fantastic and fun quick read.  With a bit of steampunk, erotica, mythology and fantasy mixed together Marie Hart has built an interesting and unique world to dive into. Though the terminology threw me a bit and this new world came with very little explanation. 
I did enjoy the characters and that is what counts for me. Danner is a courageous, honorable, and sexy lead man who has lived without love until he meets the uniquely beautiful Miranda. While Miranda has lived a cloistered life and longs to see the world, and Danner is just the man to show it to her. These two balance each other out perfectly and their chemistry is realistic and endearing.  
I would be interested to see more of this world of Gods and Demi-Gods that Hart has created. The plot was fast paced and smooth, a well written novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Great Read!

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  1. This one sounds very different (in a good way) Thanks for the introduction.


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