Monday, June 13, 2011

Mmm...Monday (Man Candy & New Releases)

Happy Monday everyone! I have never been so happy to great a Monday as I am today, and not just because of this delicious man candy!
Meet Adam Levine, 32 year old singer, song writer and musician...


I love the look he has here, like "oh yeah, you know you want it" and yes, I do...LoL

New Releases for Tuesday June 14th:

Young Adult-

Leviathan Wakes by James Corey

Lot's of Y.A.'s this week!

Some fun stuff in the works, I'll letcha all know more soon. ;)
Have a great week everyone!


  1. He's the dude from that band who's name I can't think of now lol

    Show me a guy with ink and I'm sold, the second last pic sure works.

  2. Maroon 5 right?
    I know, I love me some tats. SO sexy

  3. I love those last pictures with the chic.

  4. Adam's become a fave since watching him on the Voice. Kinda makes me want to frisk him... thanks Crystal. He'll be on my mind all night! ;)

  5. Don't you just love those pics of hot men in messy beds? Yummy!


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