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#Review: Kill Or Be Kilt by Victoria Roberts - 4 Wine Glasses

25382946Title: KILL OR BE KILT
Series: Highland Spies #3
Author: Victoria Roberts
Format: Kindle, 354 Pages
Published: Sourcebooks Casablanca (May 3, 2016)
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Lady Elizabeth Walsingham pined after the same man for years. When she finally realizes the brawny Highland laird doesn't return her feelings, she decides to leave for London and start anew. It seems that her prayers are answered when she catches the eye of a charming actor at the Globe Theatre - a man who is the complete opposite of the Highlander she once loved.

Laird Ian Monroe spends his time avoiding the bothersome young girl who dreams of their union. But when he travels to London and discovers that she has a new love interest with a dishonorable agenda, his perspective changes. Ian soon realizes that Elizabeth is no longer a child with a crush, but a beautiful woman in need of his help. He may have what it takes to rescue Elizabeth from her scheming beau, but does he have the courage to reclaim Elizabeth's heart as well?

Linda's Thoughts:

She was no longer a girl but had become an enchantress - still young, but beautiful nevertheless. His musings were interrupted by a male voice.
"Munro, ye do remember Lady Elizabeth, eh?"
How could he forget the reason why he'd avoided Sutherland lands for the past three years?"

KILL OR BE KILT by Victoria Roberts is a very enjoyable Scottish romance as Elizabeth, another of the English Walsingham sisters, gives brawny Highlander Laird Ian Munro a few lessons in how to court a lady. Much of this installment takes place at the English court with tournaments, plays, archery matches, dances, and plenty of behind-the-scenes crooked hijinks.

KILL OR BE KILT is the story of Lady Elizabeth Walsingham and Laird Ian Munro. As the story begins, Ian arrives at his best friend's castle as both he and the laird there have been summoned to court and they plan to travel there together.  Ian has been avoiding his best friend's home since he'd married one Walsingham sister and the other sisters, including Elizabeth, have also made their homes there.

Laird Ian is an imposing Highlander who strikes fear in almost everyone he encounters. But, Elizabeth was always an exception as she exhibited a crush on Ian from the moment they met. However, she was a child then and Ian felt that Elizabeth's attention was a passing fancy and a farce. When Elizabeth is re-introduced to him, Ian discovers to his dismay that she has grown into a beautiful feisty woman making her very difficult to ignore. Ian, while very confident of his fighting skills, does not feel at all deserving of her attention, nor is he knowledgeable of courting skills.

Plans change when they receive word that the Walsingham sisters' uncle has died in an accident and they also need to return to England to pay their respects. Elizabeth has never been to court and is determined to take advantage of this chance to attend. Ian doesn't trust anyone else to protect her at court so Ian assigns himself as her protector there. He finds the task to be more than he expected with both a nobleman and a dashing favored actor who performs as King Henry III in a theatrical play vying for Elizabeth's hand just as Ian realizes that he wants her for himself.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this fun read:

Elizabeth studied the earl as he approached the waiting coach. "Was his behavior rather... odd?"
"He English. Ye're asking me if he's odd?"

"I give ye my body to protect ye, my heart to love ye, and my soul for all eternity. I am yours."

Ian pulled back and placed his forehead to hers. "We need to stop because verra soon I will be unable, and ye will nay longer think of me as a gentleman." His voice was low and alluring.

KILL OR BE KILT is the third book in the author's Highland Spies series but can be enjoyed as a standalone if that is your preference. However, fans of the series will be thrilled to know that previous favorite characters do make appearances.

This story was well-written, well-paced and engrossing from the first sentence through to the last. There are plenty of both swoon-worthy and heart-stopping moments as someone is targeting the King's inner circle, which had included their uncle. So.. expect murder, deceit and  intrigue galore along with a heated romance. I would highly recommend KILL OR BE KILT to anyone who enjoys their Scottish romances with a touch of mystery!

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