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Nacole Stayton's IN THE LYRICS (Excerpt/Giveaway)

IN THE LYRICS is OUT and we have an excerpt to share with you in case you needed a little push to pick up your copy! ☺

Title: In the Lyrics
Author: Nacole Stayton
Publication Date: February 7, 2014
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Hensley Bradley is the definition of the girl-next-door. She’s kindhearted, beautiful, and talented. Bored with her mundane life, thoughts of fleeing her small town begin to consume her. With aspiring dreams to use her voice as a one-way ticket, she suddenly discovers that music might not be her only passion.
After a fallout back home, Colby Grant decides to leave his family’s farm, determined to show his father he’s more than just a wanna-be country singer. With his All-American good looks, it doesn’t take long for girls in his new town to focus their eyes on him. But things aren’t what they appear from the outside, and it isn’t long until Colby feels he doesn't fit into the perfect world that so quickly embraced him.
A chance encounter places Hensley in Colby’s path, but it isn’t her natural beauty that first captures his attention – it’s her voice.
When love and music mix, will the combination blossom into a beautiful melody or wither into a heart-wrenching tune?


“Do you know the first thing that I noticed about you?”
  She shakes her head no.
“It was your confidence. I had just gotten to town and was going to grab a bite to eat and then call Dusty, but I saw this girl sitting on the street corner.”
        “I felt like you were staring holes in my head,” she says softly.
        “Truthfully, I was. Anyway, once you started to sing…it was like…ya know when your favorite song comes on the radio and you’re jammin’, listening to every word, your heads bobbin’, and you’re just feeling the music, but then your phone rings and you know it’s a call you can’t miss? There’s a split second where you debate on pressing forward to voicemail so you can finish the song, but you’ve been waiting for this call, so you turn down the radio knowing you’ll miss your favorite part just to answer it. It was like you were my favorite song, and I was forwarding my calls to voicemail. In that moment, I didn’t care who was standing around me. All I was worried about was tuning in to you, listening to your voice.”
        “I love you.” Those three simple words are spoken, and much to my amazement it’s Hensley that says them first.
        Clutching her face hard in my hands, I kiss her. I kiss her for being so darn dumb and insecure, for acting like a jealous girl, and more importantly, for loving me through it all.


My mouth stops licking and my hands stop palming her breast as I tilt my head up to see her face. She starts to sit up, so I roll over. Now I’m the prey and she is the one doing the kissing. She doesn’t lie down on top of me like I did her though; she stays sitting up, shirtless with her hair cascading down her naked chest. Bringing one of my hands up to her mouth, she kisses my fist and then opens my hand and places small pecks on each of my fingers. I feel like I’m going to come undone at any minute. My dick twitches in my jeans, and the throbbing is almost too much to handle, but we’re doing this on her terms. If there’s no romantic music, and everything else I wanted to plan for her first time, then the least I can do is allow her to be in control.
She’s the master; I’m just the puppet along for the ride now and she is holding the strings.


“Hey, y’all! We really appreciate you coming down and seeing us tonight,” I holler into the microphone and the crowd cheers. “My name’s Colby, and this is my beautiful talented girlfriend, Hensley, and our kick ass friend, Dusty, over there on the keyboard, and we’re Chasing Strings!”
        Hensley strums her guitar, and the sound fills the air around us. The audience goes silent. Glancing around the room, I see the faces of many of our peers from campus and a few new people. All of which are standing, waiting for her voice to make its presence.
            “I never knew,” she pauses.
“I never knew… how much I could love you.
You held me in place, marking me, without a second glance.
You claimed me. You made me yours, and I never knew…how much I could possibly love you,” Hensley sings with her eyes shut, sitting on the corner of a stool, guitar resting on her lap. Dusty starts to play in the background, and opens me up for my solo.
            “You say you didn’t know…you claim you were taken off guard.
I beg to differ, because I’ve never fallen so hard.
Baby, you knew. You’ve known all along.
You were made for me and I was made for you.”
        Hensley starts to play as I walk closer to her. We take turns singing into the microphone that rests between us. There’s no doubt that our performance showcases our love, our chemistry, the seemingly innocent ways our hands brush against one another’s, stealing and savoring the feeling. It’s all real, and the best part is knowing it myself and then making the crowd believe it.

About the Author: 
Nacole Stayton is twenty-something years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass State. She spends her days working at a local hospital in the billing department and nights writing vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors, Nacole enjoys the finer things in life, like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. She is passionate about her faith, family, and The Bachelor.


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  1. Nacole is a new author to me. I now have her books listed on my to buy/check out list. Thanks for the introduction.


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