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To All Rakes I’ve Loved Before and Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton (Spotlight/Giveaway)

Today we have two new historical romances to share with you from author, Anne Barton. Enjoy!

17724807To All the Rakes I've Loved Before 
(Honeycote #1.5)
by Anne Barton
e-only title
100 pages
Goodreads - Amazon
Published September 3rd 2013 by Forever Yours
After being jilted by her former beau, Miss Amelia Wimple retreated to her Mayfair town house and her ever-growing collection of gossips rags. Now, almost two years later, not even her beloved cousins, Rose and Olivia Sherbourne, can persuade her to give love another chance. But an unexpected midnight caller may open her heart once more.
Lord Stephen Brookes is the prince of pleasure, the duke of decadence-and it seems his exploits have finally caught up with him. When Stephen comes to Amelia seeking refuge, she can’t deny him . . . or the intense desire he sparks. As he attempts to heal her broken heart, they indulge in a private passion unlike anything either has experienced. Stephen knows sweet, sensual Amelia is meant to be his one and only. Now, he will do whatever it takes to convince her that a rake really can change his ways.


Boldly, she placed her hands on either side of his face. She was careful to avoid the worst of the cuts as she held his head still. “Shhh,” she said softly. “You’re going to be all right.”
Gently, she smoothed her thumbs over the sides of his jaw, marveling at the warm, abrading feel of his skin. He quieted a little, and as some of the tension left his body, his lips parted. Even though the lower one was split and swollen, she found herself staring at those lips, wondering what they might feel like if she touched them with her own, and what it might feel like to be properly kissed—or rather, wickedly kissed—by a man like him.
These were purely hypothetical questions of course, as she had no intention of kissing anyone, but even the thought stirred something warm and lovely in her belly.
And then, because her amateur attempts at nursing seemed to have the desired effect on Lord Brookes, she continued lightly stroking his face…and the smooth skin below his ears…and the brown curls at his nape. Though unaware of his surroundings, he sighed contentedly.
Well. Apparently, she was quite good at this…this comforting thing. The knowledge not only pleased her, but emboldened her further. She’d noticed the skin exposed by his loosened shirt, of course—any warm-blooded girl would have. Her gaze took in the small hollow above his collarbone, the breadth of his shoulders, and the light sprinkling of hair across the smooth planes of his chest. Never one to waste an opportunity, Amelia let her hand glide down his sinewy neck and over the taut muscles of his shoulder, barely breathing as she did so.

17264557Once She Was Tempted 
(Honeycote #2)
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Expected publication: October 29th 2013 by Forever
A Portrait of a Lady
…or is it? The risqué painting owned by Benjamin Elliot, the earl of Foxburn, features a stunning beauty with sapphire eyes, golden hair, and creamy skin. Ben recognizes this particular English rose the instant he meets her—though she's wearing considerably more clothing. In person, the demure debutante is even more irresistible…
In desperate need of money for her sick mother, Daphne Honeycote had posed for two scandalous portraits. Now she must hide her secret to save the Honeycote family name. Ben's possession of one painting makes him an insufferable thorn in her side—and yet he may be her best chance at finding the canvas's companion. As she becomes drawn to the dark-tempered earl, can Daphne risk laying bare the secrets of her heart?


Benjamin was silent until they reached the stairs at the rear of the building. At the top landing, he stopped abruptly, reached out, and clasped her hand in his. The sudden tension in their arms pulled her toward him and she bumped lightly into the solid wall of his chest. She started to say “I’m sorry,” but she hadn’t been the one to cause the collision.
Besides, she suddenly found herself quite unable to breathe.
His back was to the wall and her slippers were toe to toe with his boots. He ran his hand up her arm and around her back before gently stroking her nape, and all the while he stared at her as though he were very, very…hungry. “Daphne,” he said. It was a plea for permission, or perhaps forgiveness.
With every second that passed, her heart raced faster and a heady warmth seeped into her limbs and coiled in her center. If a mere look could do this to her, what magic could his kiss do? Her gaze drifted to his lips and she leaned a bit closer.
And that was all it took.
He hauled her against him and dipped his head, covering her mouth with his own. There was nothing gentle or civilized about his kiss. It was needy, raw, and…wonderful.
He thrust his tongue between her lips and explored her mouth. At the same time he cupped her cheek with his hand, sweetly coaxing her closer, seducing her with the brush of his thumb across her skin.
Never had she felt so powerful and at the same time, so utterly out of control. Desire curled in her belly and she suddenly understood why ladies of gentle breeding would risk their reputations for a few minutes of bliss.
Kissing Benjamin was akin to breaking a wild horse. Not that she’d ever done such a thing, but she could now imagine it. A little frightening, but mostly exhilarating and thrilling. Every inch of him, from his scratchy chin to his broad shoulders to his hard thighs was pure, unadulterated male. He smelled like leather and grass; he tasted faintly of cloves and brandy. His body was so different from hers and yet, every time they bumped together, they seemed to fit perfectly. So much so that she had to check the urge to fall into him.
Instead, she poured all her energy into kissing him back. The rhythm of his probing tongue was easy to imitate, and soon she became an equal partner in the dance, leading as often as he did. Nothing existed but the two of them; nothing mattered but prolonging this moment.

Forever Romance is giving away a copy of To All Rakes I’ve Loved Before and Once She Was Tempted to one reader. (US/Canada Only Please.) To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. I love her books, thanks for posting about Anne today. Can't wait to read more by her

  2. Both these books sound really great.

  3. I would like to read both books, thanks for the giveaway. Deb P

  4. I haven't read any of Anne Barton's books yet, but I'm looking forward to correcting that oversight very soon.

  5. It's finally coming out tomorrow! Once She Was Tempted...I can finally read you now. I think publishers do this on purpose...scheduling all my favorite authors' books to be release at the end of this year

  6. These both sound like great reads!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!


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