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All of her Men by Lourdes Bernabe (Excerpt/Giveaway)

Welcome and happy Friday-eve! This morning we are sharing with you an excerpt from Lourdes Bernabe's erotica, ALL OF HER MEN. Enjoy!

All of her Men by Lourdes Bernabe
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Jolene is no ordinary woman. She’s young, vivacious, and oh so dangerous. Burdened by her uncontrollable urges, Jolene struggles to live with a sexual dysfunction so harsh it consumes her entirely. 
But when she starts receiving strange letters she suspects the worst. Someone saw her in a compromising situation. But what did they see? And what do they want? And how the hell did they find her?

Lying down on the bed, I ignored Eric and slowly started to rub my clitoris. I kept my eyes on the threesome on screen. The bud helped to get things moving and I wanted Eric to join me. “Baby come eat my pussy,” I whispered over to him. He got up from the bed and come over to my side but he held something in his hand. As he came closer it gleamed and shock ran through me. It was a knife.
It wasn’t my usual knife but it was THE knife. The one I received just recently. “Jolene, what is this?” he asked.
What could I say? I didn’t have an answer that would satisfy his question. I felt clueless as to how to respond. I was panic stricken and I wondered how much of it he was able to pick up on. I pulled myself up to a sitting position on the bed and quickly grabbed it from his hand.
“How did you find this?” I asked wielding the knife. The sharp edge of the knife glimmered in his direction. I was stalling, unsure of my next move.
“I was looking for a movie in your bookshelf. I saw a box and opened it. Why the fuck do you have this? When did you get it?” Confusion contorted his facial features. His thoughts began to settle and I saw fear. And that fear tormented me. The last thing I ever wanted was for Eric to be afraid of me. I enjoyed toying with him sexually, yes. But I could never hurt Eric in any way.
“We’ll talk about this later,” I dismissed his questions. I knew what I had to do.
I laid back down into the bed slowly. I opened my legs as I stared directly into Eric’s eyes. With knife in hand, I pointed at my pussy. Bringing the knife down gently, I carefully nicked the black thong and it flung open to reveal just how aroused I had become.
“Eat my pussy,” I repeated. However, this time, it was a command.
Eric’s eyebrow popped up and his neck twisted to the side as if he’d taken offense to my words. His green eyes shot back and forth between my face and my pussy. Still confused about the knife, I could see the questions mounting on his face. But still, none of that was enough to stop the blood rushing to his dick. He climbed into the bed and put his face directly in front of my open legs. He stopped to enjoy the scenery for a moment or two and then dove right in.
Dear Jesus. I laid back to enjoy the view of Eric devouring me in the form of The Last Supper. His passion to serve me was unquestionable. The ruffled hair atop his head was all I could see as his face was lost in the world between my thighs. My palm squeezed the all powerful knife in my right hand and the surge of carnal bliss threw me into a state of pleasurable despair. I needed more and I couldn’t wait. I tapped the tip of the blade on Eric’s head motioning for him to come up.
Eric pulled his weight forward. His face came up to meet mine and then he grabbed my head with a powerful grip and forced his mouth onto mine. I could taste myself on his tongue. Delicious. Still I wanted more. I shifted down a bit and shoved his hips into mine. I was lost in carnal bliss.
The sounds of heavy breathing were the only sounds escaping from Eric’s mouth. Still, Blondie continued to suck those cocks on screen. They put her to work. Hopefully, Eric wouldn’t take note of the movie’s slight distraction. His thrusts slowly increased in speed and pressure. I was almost there. Mandingo continued to fuck Blondie viciously while Eric continued to pound away at me. I squeezed the knife once more.
My thoughts began to take a starker turn. The knife was right here, nestled in my firm grasp. Brand new, having never been used; I felt it calling upon me. Using the knife on Eric right here would make the perfect maiden voyage for such a beautifully crafted knife? My own thoughts bewildered me. I knew I didn’t want to kill Eric. Yet, suddenly I felt as if I had to.
My instincts were comparable to that of a praying mantis. There were certainly times when I could withhold myself from killing an innocent partner. I’d hoped that part of me, the part that didn’t need to kill, would show up and save me from my own self. But I could feel myself coming. “Harder baby!” I screamed. Containment was no longer a possibility. My eyes squeezed shut and my neck curled back. The knife in my hand came up and sliced across Eric’s neck as my body convulsed in harsh waves of pleasure.
Then I felt the quiet. Everything stood still as I regained control of my breathing. Moments passed by before my eyes fluttered open to see that I had not indeed killed my precious Eric. I’d wanted to. But I hadn’t. Thank God. My imagination had simply gone too far. Better it be my imagination than my actions.
Eric disengaged and I remained in the same position for a while longer. I couldn’t move. I could have moved had I tried, I simply lacked the motivation to do so. I just wanted to be. Droopy lids shaded half my eyes as I stared into the ceiling while both my body and mind recovered from the aftershocks of a pulsating orgasm. I rested blissfully for a few short moments and then I shot up out of bed like a canon.
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