Monday, October 14, 2013

Sexy Snippets: Unbound by Cara McKenna


Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines for the 18+ crowd. To join in just grab the button, post a sexy paragraph or two from your current read and share the author & title so other participants can add the book to their TBR list if they like. Then add your post to the linky below so everyone can follow along. Have a sexy good time!

..."Show me how you fucked yourself, Rob. All those years, all by yourself."
The words struck him like a whip, shutting his eyes and tensing the length of his body. Driving his head against the pillow.
"All those lonely nights," she went on, and she undid the bow of his pajama pants, eased them and his shorts down to free his erection. She slid them all the way off, moving to his side. "Get on your knees, facing the wall." She leaned back as though lounging while he obeyed, struggling with his hands bound. The power felt amazing, like an actual drug high coursing through her. "Good. Now show me how you comforted yourself."
Rob sat on his heels, thighs spread. He brought his tethered hands to his cock, dropping his gaze. It had to be awkward, with his wrist hugged tight. She wondered if the right one was already raw from her games this afternoon, and if he liked it. Wondered if the rope rasped that skin anew as he adjusted to expose his palm. He wrapped his cock in one hand, cradled by the second. The tail of the rope glanced his balls and the tender skin of his innermost though, and his hands shook faintly.
"Fuck yourself,"....


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