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Reunited in Danger by Joya Fields (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to author, Joya Fields, joining us with her new romantic suspense  - Reunited In Danger!

Order Up! (Do You Like it or Hate it When Someone Orders For You?)

Thanks so much for inviting me to visit today to chat about my recent romantic suspense release, Reunited in Danger, and dinner etiquette when ordering for others.

Keely and Logan, the heroine and hero in REUNITED IN DANGER, were in love as teens, but have been apart for ten years. When Keely’s father is attacked, Logan, who is a homicide detective, feels compelled to help. Since they’re forced to work together, a lot of their old feelings and emotions surface again. They fall into familiar patterns and they don’t even realize it.

In one scene, after they’ve been working together for a few days, they meet at one of their old favorite restaurants. Without thinking about it, Logan orders Keely’s favorite meal for her. It’s a moment when they both start to realize that old habits die hard and that they are more connected than either of them knew. Keely appreciates the gesture, and Logan shrugs it off as if it’s an ordinary thing for him to do.

When I wrote the scene, one of my critique partners told me she thought it was presumptuous of Logan to order a meal for Keely. Heck, maybe Keely’s tastes had changed and she didn’t even like that meal any longer. Another critique partner said she loved that part because it showed that Keely and Logan had a long, close relationship and that even if they denied their feelings for each other, their actions proved they were still in love in spite of being apart for ten years.

Two different perspectives of one scene. Personally, I felt like their bond was so tight that she wouldn’t mind him ordering, and he cared enough to order for her. The fact that he remembered her favorite meal after all those years says something, doesn’t it? He’s been thinking about her…has never forgotten his time with her.

I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone order my meal for me. If I had to leave the table, I might ask someone to place my order, but I’d tell them what I wanted. Besides, I don’t think I have a favorite dish. Not even at my most-frequented restaurant. I probably change my mind ten times before placing an order at any restaurant.

What about you? Would you ever order for someone, or let someone order for you in a restaurant? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks very much for stopping by today!

byJoya Fields
Entangled Publishing July 2013
Title:Reunited in Danger
Author:  Joya Fields
Genre:Romantic Suspense
Release Date:  July 2013
Amazon - B&N
Keely Allen’s life goes into a tailspin when her adoptive father is viciously attacked. And the detective who offers to help her? None other than the sexy, love ’em and leave ’em man who once broke her heart. Homicide Detective Logan North carries a haunting secret that has always kept his emotions on lockdown. But when he is forced to work alongside his former lover, the heat is still there between them, burning hotter than ever. Logan is determined to keep the luscious and tempting Keely at a distance...but he made a vow not to leave until all are safe. On their race to solve the tangled web of crime, drug deals, and human trafficking, dangers abound—both to their lives…and to their hearts.

Joya Fields Bio:

Joya Fields has had over 100 stories and articles published in local and national magazines. Her debut novel was a NJRW GOLDEN LEAF WINNER FOR BEST FIRST BOOK OF 2012 and is nominated for RT Book Reviews 2012 Indie Press/Self-Published Contemporary Romance award.Joya has taught arts and crafts, worked in public relations, helped her children raise prize-winning 4-H livestock, competed in three marathons, and even spent a year as a Baltimore Colts cheerleader. She loves hanging with her high school sweetheart/husband of over twenty years, two very supportive children, and a pug who follows her everywhere.

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