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Seven Night Stand by Nicole Helm (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to welcome author Nicole Helm who is joining us with her fun contemporary romance, Seven Night Stand!

Reality TV Top Ten

In my current release, Seven-Night Stand, the heroine, Vivvy, is trying to get the hero, Nate, to agree to do a reality TV show on his family business. Nate is less than thrilled about the idea, sure that a reality show will try to show his family at its worst.

Can't blame him there, but I do love a good reality TV show. I think they're fascinating, especially the competition type shows. So, I thought I'd share with you guys my top ten reality TV shows.

1. Top Chef: Everyone in my family makes fun of me for loving this show (and any cooking show). You see, I'm a picky eater. I can't think of a single dish on any of the many seasons I've watched that I'd even dare try, but I find cooking and food fascinating, even if I won't eat eel risotto or beet purees. (And if I ever see Marcel again, it will be too soon).

2. The Voice: This is one of the few shows I make sure to watch these days. (I have small children who hate sleep. The amount of time I have for TV is very limited). I've become a little less vested as the people I like never seem to make it, but, I'll admit it, I find Blake and Adam hilarious. Good thing they're the judges who stayed!

3. Iron Chef America: Another cooking show. Another array of dishes I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. But I think it's so fun to watch the chefs run around and the innovative ways they use the secret ingredient.

4. Pawn Stars: This is one of the only reality shows I can get my husband to watch with me. And it's one of the few non-competition reality shows I find compelling enough to watch. A mix of the history nerd in me and finding "The Old Man" hilarious.

5. Dancing With The Stars: I have no rhythm, and half the time I haven't even heard of the "stars" on the show, but I love watching people dance. Kind of the same way I feel about figure skating.

6. Project Runway: Another show I get made of for. My fashion sense is grey sweats and more grey sweats. I couldn't sew a handkerchief, but there's something fascinating about what people pull together with the limits of time and whatever else the challenge requires.

7. The Biggest Loser: I've gotten kind of tired of the game playing on this show, but the first few seasons I was enthralled. I think it's pretty amazing what these people accomplish, especially the ones who manage to stay healthy after the show is over.

8. Ace of Cakes: I miss this show! I love baked goods and decorating them, so it was always cool to see what they came up with. Also, the people on the show seemed genuinely entertaining.

9. Jon & Kate Plus 8: I'm guilty of loving this show before it became a total train wreck. And yes, I am ashamed. I'm not even sure what it was I found so compelling about it, but I watched it--a lot.

10. America's Next Top Model: I haven't watched this show in ages, but there was a time I wouldn't miss Tyra and all her craziness. 

In the end, I think I like reality TV for the same reason I like any TV, movie, or book. People are fascinating. Scripted or not, reality TV tells a story like any other medium, and I can't resist a good story.

So, what are your favorite reality shows? What makes a good reality show for you? Would you ever consider being on one?

Reality TV scout Vivvy Marsh loves her job, but she'll lose it if she doesn’t find a hit. When she’s sent to Kansas to scout a show, it looks like a bust...until she meets sexy pilot, Nate Harrington. His family would make the perfect show to save her career.
Nate can’t deny his attraction to Vivvy, but no way can he let this show take off. The Harrington family is riddled with secrets, and she wants it all out in the open. For the next seven days, he’s going to stop at nothing to keep her out of his family's business, even if it means keeping her distracted in his bedroom.
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Nicole’s Bio:
I grew up with my nose in a book and a dream of becoming a writer. Luckily, after a few failed career choices, a husband, and two kids, I get to pursue that dream.
I write down-to-earth contemporary romance over the backdrop of America’s flyover states for Entangled Indulgence and Samhain Publishing.
I live in Missouri with my husband and two young sons, and write my novels one baby’s nap at a time. I’m slightly (okay, totally) addicted to Twitter (nicolethelm), the St. Louis Cardinals, and someday owning a barn.
You can contact me at I am a contributor at the From Fact to Fiction blog and the Entangled Indulgence Author’s blog.

Entangled Publishing is giving away one digital copy of Seven Night Stand to one reader. To enter,  just leave a comment on this page answering Nicole's question found above. Then fill out the Rafflecopter below. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck!
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  1. I don't really watch TV much and I really kind of cringe at the reality shows >.< I have found myself catching Duck Dynasty every once in a while with the hubs.


  2. I have so many that I follow..
    1. DWTS
    2. The Voice
    3. American Idol.
    4. Say Yes to the Dress.
    just to name a few..

  3. Thanks for the fun post and congrats to Nicole on her new release! I would never be on a reality show :) And I don't really watch them, the only exception being COPS. I love that show!

  4. I do not watch reality shows but I have loved the books that have centered on them
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. I love Hell´s Kitchen, Project Runway, Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills and America´s Next Top Model LOL, the two first for their capabilities and knowledge, and the two latter for the drama =D
    I´d never join, myself.
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  6. I absolutely LOVE The Amazing Race. In my dreams, I am on the show, but in reality, I know there is absolutely no way I could do all the things those people do. I would be terrified I would get stuck in some country and not be able to communicate.

  7. I couldn't figure out how to reply to comments individually, so I'll just say hi everyone and thanks for reading my guest post and commenting! I never gave it much thought before, but seeing all the varied answers in comments brings home just how many reality TV shows are on right now! I wonder if they'll ever fall out of favor.

  8. This book sounds absolutely great look forward to reading it thank you

  9. I like competition ones like the Amazing Race or Big Brother. I don't think I could ever be on one of those love ones like The Bachelor lol

  10. I love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta - not really the other cities. I like seeing how the "other half" lives and also shows how lucky I am! :)

    I couldn't stand the cameras everywhere so I don't think I can be on a reality show myself.


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