Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue Horizon & Outmaneuvered by J.L. Hammer (Spotlight)

Romantic Suspense Author
J.L. Hammer

I don’t know about you, but I like my romance with a whole lotta danger. There is nothing like a hot guy and heart-pounding action to keep the pages turning. So pour yourself a glass of wine, personally I’m a Riesling lover, and check out my novels. Thanks for stopping by. Happy readings!

This is what Single Titles has to say about BLUE HORIZON: "Hammer keeps the reader guessing with plot twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep the pages turning... Two love stories add spice to the mix."

Part of a secret government project, Elena Davidson’s life is in serious jeopardy when she is kidnapped by terrorists. Safeguarding ‘Blue Horizon’ isn’t just a mission to Elena. She knows that if its purpose is revealed and if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be dangerous for the entire world.
Beckham Connors has a simple mission: the retrieval of Elena Davidson, no matter what the cost. He has orders to rescue Elena from her captors and to send her home to America, or if necessary—kill her. Whatever happens, she cannot be left alive on Iranian soil.Forced into a whirlwind adventure, she can depend on no one. Elena must decide if she can trust the ruggedly handsome Beckham—or if he poses a greater danger than the terrorists.


This is what InD’tale Magazine has to say about OUTMANEUVERED: "Hammer keeps the reader turning pages with surprising twists...leaves the reader cheering for the good guys!"

To FBI Special Agent Cruz Romero the assignment seems cut and dry: shadow Amanda Price, the estranged daughter of a missing high-powered CEO, and find evidence linking her to his disappearance. The last thing Romero expects while on surveillance is for her to strut right up to him, insisting they've met before. Once he gets a good look at this familiar sassy blonde, he knows he’s in trouble. He must throw her off track before the entire investigation is jeopardized. As the evidence stacks against Amanda, Romero brings her in for a round of heated questioning and his suspicion of her guilt deepens with every evasive answer. When a sniper makes an attempt on her life, he is forced to protect her. Plunged into a maze of deceit, Romero fears that his blinding attraction for Amanda might be his fatal downfall.

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  1. J.L. not only likes to read danger and suspense...she writes her stories with those very same elements. Throw in a strong woman and an alpha male, stir, and watach the sparks fly!

    BLUE HORIZON is a page turner.

    WARNING: Don't start this book at night unless you intend to stay up till dawn!

  2. KJ, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed Blue Horizon. You're right! My novels are packed with danger.


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