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Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt (Interview/Giveaway)

Historical romance wouldn’t be the same with out Elizabeth Hoyt. She is one of those authors that pulls you into her characters lives, making you laugh and cry with them. So I am very excited to welcome her to the blog today! 

Elizabeth: Thank you for having me, Lexi!
Lexi: I am sitting here in Minnesota, awaiting a snow storm that is going to have us snowed in for a couple days. Now I am reading about you and see you left MN and moved to New Orleans. Did you fall in love with the place as soon as you moved, or did it take some time? 
Elizabeth: Ha! Actually, you have it backwards: I was born in New Orleans and spent my first four years there before my family moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota. I love Minnesota! I live in Illinois right now, but I hope to move back to Minnesota and family soon. Also? I love snowstorms. ;-)

Lexi: Another snow lover! There are not many of us out there. Quite the difference in locals, but it serves for good life experiences...or reference for future books! I hope you have plenty of future books planned, I can’t get enough of your writing. So do tell, any new series in the works? Or additional releases for the Maiden Lane series?
Elizabeth: Well, my next book, Duke of Midnight will be out this October. It features Maximus Batten, the Duke of Wakefield and Artemis Greaves. 
I do have several more Maiden Lane books that I’d like to write (readers may’ve noticed some dangling threads…) but I’m up for contract right now so much depends on that. ;-)

Lexi: I will cross my fingers for you. 
Now that you have a ‘real job’ of writing, do you stick to a schedule? I see that you are pretty consistent with your releases, more than one a year. That, sounds like a lot of work.
Elizabeth: I’m not nearly as disciplined as I’d like to be. Usually I write in the mornings, often at a coffee shop with my good friend, Jade Lee. But, sadly, I sometimes have to hide myself away at a motel to finish the book when I’m on deadline.

Lexi: If I were a historical romance writer and had gorgeous covers like you do, I would have the pictures framed and hang them in my writing space. Do you have any of the artwork for your covers?
Elizabeth: Oh, I’d love to! I did frame my early coverflats, but after I remodeled my office they somehow got lost. Now I just have the books. 

Lexi: I guess you can count lost framed coverflats and first editions of your books. :) Speaking of first editions, I need to get a copy of Lord of Darkness! We finally get the story of the Ghost of St. Giles! Were you excited for this one as well?
Elizabeth: Oh, yes. Megs, the heroine of Lord of Darkness, is one of my favorite characters—she was such a joy to write. And Godric, who is a bit dark and moody, is her perfect opposite. Their romance actually turned out to be quite sweet and rather touching, I thought.

Lexi: A huge thank you for stopping by today Elizabeth. It was so much fun throwing some questions at you. I can’t wait to check out Lord of Darkness, congrats on the release!
Elizabeth: Thank you for having me on Reading Between the Wines! Readers can learn more about my Maiden Lane series and Lord of Darkness at:
My websiteYou can also chat with me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

Lord of Darkness
Maiden Lane #5
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Mass Market Paperback 360 pages
Published February 26th 2013 by Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 9781455508303
When Strangers In The Night

He lives in the shadows. As the mysterious masked avenger known as the Ghost of St. Giles, Godric St. John's only goal is to protect the innocent of London. Until the night he confronts a fearless young lady pointing a pistol at his head—and realizes she is his wife.

Become Lovers...
Lady Margaret Reading has vowed to kill the Ghost of St. Giles—the man who murdered her one true love. Returning to London, and to the man she hasn't seen since their wedding day, Margaret does not recognize the man behind the mask. Fierce, commanding, and dangerous, the notorious Ghost of St. Giles is everything she feared he would be—and so much more.
Desire Is The Ultimate Danger
When passion flares, these two intimate strangers can't keep from revealing more of themselves than they had ever planned. But when Margaret learns the truth—that the Ghost is her husband—the game is up and the players must the temptation that could destroy them both.

Grand Central Publishing is offering one (US only, no PO boxes)  of our wonderful readers the Maiden Lane series, all 5 books!To enter leave a comment for Elizabeth. Any other snow enthusiasts? Have you started the Maiden Lane series yet? Then fill out the Rafflecopter, good luck!
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  1. This sounds so good! I love Elizabeth Hoyt! Wish I was in the US so I could enter the giveaway

  2. I haven't started the Maiden Lane series, but I loved Elizabeth's other series. I live in CA so, not much snow here, but I do enjoy going to places with snow in the winter (probably because we don't see any otherwise).

  3. snow's lovely as long as I don't have to go out in it or shovel it ;) loving the series & certainly hope there will be more coming (still curious about the one makepeace brother) :)

  4. Sunshine girl here, not really fond of snow unless see it in someone else's photos in another state as do not like cold either.

    Have read book 1 and was very enthralled and would be ecstatic to win all five books as each character is one I would very much like to follow the development of and see get their HEA's.

  5. I haven't read any of her books but hope too.DebP

  6. I like the pretty sparkly snow, but not the shoveling & driving in it.
    Haven't started the Maiden Lane series yet.

  7. I've read all of them except this latest release. Mmmmm..
    and I miss living with snow- I have lots of great cold weather clothes I cant wear where I am now!

  8. I haven't read the series yet but I would like to. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

  9. I adore Elizabeth's books, and have been waiting so long to read "Lord of Darkness".

    I live in Southern Florida, and never see snow here. I really do miss it at Christmas.

    Thank you for this chance to win.

    dpd333 (at) aol dot com

  10. As I have said in other contest entries, I have only read Ms. Hoyt's "Princes" series. I cannot fing the "Four Soldiers" or "Maiden at any bookstore, new or used. Right now I am planning to order the first "Four Soldiers" from AbeBooks--lowest prices. PLEASE enter me in this contest and I'd be grateful! Thank you.


  11. PS: I LOVE snow but here in North Carolina, it's missing except for the mountains. I am a Massachusetts transplant, you see.


  12. I love the snow especially when I can just curl up at home, warm and snug and wait until it thaws.
    I haven't started the series but plan to. Thanks :)
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  13. I haven't read this series yet, but I did read The Raven Prince which I loved! thanks for giveaway dsr002(at)gmail(dot)com Damaris

  14. Haven't read your books yet. Looking forward to reading you new book. Thank you for sharing. :)

    jukyjoauka at aol dot com

  15. I have not read any of this series before. I live on the Gulf Coast, so I am not a big fan of snow.

  16. Thanks for the fun interview and congrats to Elizabeth on the new release! I live in the Midwest so snow has lost it's fun for me :)

  17. I haven't read this series and they look great! I must have them soon!

  18. This sounds so good! I love Elizabeth Hoyt! Wish I was in the US so I could enter the giveaway

  19. I don't really care for snow, I like the sunshine and warm weather. I have not started reading the Maiden series. But I love her books and would really enjoy reading these. Thanks for this chance to win them.

  20. Elizabeth Hoyt is an amazing writer. She writes winners every single time! Kudos to her!

    Thanks for the chance to win this fab giveaway


  21. I haven't started this series,but I love to read Elizabeth Holts books.

  22. I have read the first two books in the maiden lane series, and I LOVED them!! all of the author's books are fantastic! thank you!


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