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Military Romance Week: Author Marliss Melton (Interview/Giveaway)

If you are looking for a military romance full of suspense, mystery, and  intrigue look no further than our guest for the day. Please help me welcome Marliss Melton!

Lexi: Marliss you have seen and done a lot in your life. From different countries to exotic foods (yes I consider candied ants exotic). Your life is a great pool of inspiration. Do you ever feel like when you write a book you are sharing a piece of your life with the readers?  
Marliss: Lordy, yes! My stories reveal more about me than I care to admit. I might as well hang my underwear out to dry for the world to see. Every conflict, every character, and every theme in my story is something or someone from my past.  When you read about marital conflict, emotional abuse, cheating husbands, orphaned children, children needing daddies, women praying for a strong hand…you’ll know more about me than the people who’ve known me all my life and don’t read my books!
Lexi: Your SEAL Team series is packed with adrenaline inducing situations and commanding alpha males. Not to mention the hot covers. Do you get your heart rate going when you are reading your own work? Or do you keep pretty detached? 
Marliss: Oh, I am right there in the book with my characters. I’m biting my fingernails, fanning my cheeks, crying with frustration and joy. I get hot and bothered and have to call up my husband for a rendezvous (TMI). I run the gamut of emotions with every book. That’s what makes writing so much fun! 

Lexi: Your most recent release certainly reattaches readers to some characters from a previous book, Too Far Gone. I love when an author gives readers the rest of a beloved characters story, even if it is only a novella. How long have you had Drake and Skyler’s story in your head?
Marliss: About six months ago, I caved into my readers’ demands for happy-ever-after for secondary characters Skyler and Drake. I had tried putting them out of my mind for good. Skyler was off in Witness Protection—too bad for her. Hey, sometimes things don’t work out for a couple. My readers told me I was wrong. That was when I realized Skyler and Drake had been suffering for four long years! How cruel of me to keep them apart any longer. I wrote their story over the summer and now they’re back in each other’s arms and the future is looking bright for them! 
Lexi: Glad you got the chance to write it! The cover seems to fit the story perfectly. All of your covers do actually. And at least they carry the suspense theme instead of classic romance covers, that might really give your teenage sons something to show their friends! Do you have a favorite cover from your books? 
Marliss: I’m so glad you didn’t ask more about my teenage sons showing my books to their friends! Do I have a favorite cover? Hmmm…I would have to say my favorite cover so far is that of THE PROTECTOR. I love the bright orange and gold hues and the way the hero is cradling the heroine, clearly playing the part of the protector as a helicopter, visible just behind the trees, stalks them both. I got to help design that cover, while I had little say in the others, so maybe that’s why I like it best.  
Lexi: Would that be the book you would recommend to someone who has never picked up one of your books before? Or would you recommend starting with Forget Me Not?
Marliss: I definitely recommend starting with FORGET ME NOT, a book that made a huge impression on a lot of readers. That’s the best way to get to know all the characters from my seven-book SEAL Team Twelve Series. Then, while you’re still addicted to Navy SEALs, start with THE PROTECTOR, which segues over to my Taskforce Series, where you’ll fall in love with special agents from the FBI and ATF. 
Lexi: Book number 7, number 2, or novella they are sure to keep readers glued to the pages. Thanks for stopping by to answer some of our questions. I will be looking forward to your next release. Until then let me pop the cork on a nice bottle of red favorite, to toast you!

A note from Marliss:
Dear Readers,
    Let me tell you about my two new releases! The first is a novella, LONG GONE, which is based on the characters from my 2008 release TOO FAR GONE. 
It’s been three years since Drake fell in love with the daughter of the mob boss he put behind bars. In spite of his efforts to move on with his life, one desperate phone call pulls him right back into the fight for Skyler’s future. 

At last, Drake and Skyler get their own happy ending! For a perfect holiday experience, read LONG GONE with TOO FAR GONE (both available at Amazon and B&N in ebook and paperback).

Also, just in time for the holidays, look for the paperback release of THE GUARDIAN, Book #2 of my Taskforce Series:  

Special Agent Jackson Maddox is posing as an ex-convict in a reintegration program believed to have ties to terrorism. Out of the blue, a woman snaps his picture, putting his deep cover in jeopardy. Journalist Magdalena Alexandra won’t be chased away. She has an agenda of her own—to send her sister’s killer back to jail. As the nights heat up and peril looms, Jackson and Lena find benefits to uniting forces. But teaming up means more than looking out for each other—it requires sharing secrets. 
Available now in e-book. Paperback coming soon.

For more information, visit my website: or friend me on Facebook & Twitter. 

Marliss has been kind enough to share some Military Romance love this week. She is offering up one copy (paperback - US only OR digital, winner's choice) of Long Gone. Entering is easy, all you need to do is leave Marliss a comment and leave your email (ghost style) so the winner can be contacted. 
Have any family members or loved ones serving our country? Are Military Romances your favorite genre to read? The most insightful comment will be picked by Marliss. Giveaway open through November 22nd. Good luck!


  1. Congrats on the new releases. I love reading military romances. There's something about a man in uniform, along with protecting our country. *sigh*
    My uncle was a Seabee and loved it.


  2. So glad I stumbled upon your interview. Sharon Hamilton got me hooked on Navy SEAL fiction and I look forward to investigating your series as well. Great interview. Thanks for doing it.

  3. I love military romances, very sexy !

  4. My husband's cousin's husband is in the military. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  5. Thanks for the fun post! I love military romances!! My family has had a service member in every generation since World War I. Amry/Navy game watching in my family get loud! :)


  6. congrats on the new release; sounds like a great read!

    My FIL, grandfather,step father and uncle all were in former wars.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  7. Congratulations on your success!!!
    We have between us, hubby and I, quite a few military men; his grandfather serves in both WW and so did mine, his Dad in WW2, his brother in Afghanistan, hie nephew is still in the forces and is due to leave this fall.

    diane dot sadler at gmail dot com

  8. Congrats on the new release! Enjoyed the post. We have a lot of family and friends in the military.
    Thanks :)
    lorih 824@

  9. I love finding new authors and books.

  10. Hi there Marliss. Congrats on the new release. I've loved everything of yours I've read.

    Take care, my friend.

  11. I have a cousin in the Coast Guard, a couple of uncles that were in the army. One uncle served during the Korean War, and met his wife there. They were married for more than 40 years. For the most part, she never spoke English.

    I haven't read many military romance books in the past, but I have slowly been adding them to my reading. And, I've liked what I've read, and will continue to read them.

    Thanks for the giveaway,

    Elizabeth Gray

  12. In this volatile world that we live in, I like to think that good will win out over evil. Reading military romance makes me feel that with all these people fighting for the right to have peace, and the right to have love surely one day this could come true.

  13. Real life military heroes make our world safer for us to live in. There is a presence that's translates beautifully into stories. Military romance takes the best of this and gives us heroes larger than life, with all the qualities we could desire.


  14. All of us know real military heroes in our daily lives and it is nice to be able to read romanticized stories about them to forget about the more scarier things they face for the benefit of us all. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  15. Great interview and sounds like an awesome read! I have many family members and friends that are going into, currently serving, or retired from the military. It's kind of a family thing I guess as most of my family has affiliation one way or another.

    I am proud to be part of such a wonderful and courageous family that protects what we believe in!


  16. I really do enjoy military romance stories - I think the first ones's I read years ago were by Suzanne Brockmann - since then it's a genre I'm always looking for recommendation of good stories. I haven't had a lot of contact personally with those in the military but admire their dedication and that of their families.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  17. I like military romances in all the services. My husband served in the Army before I met him.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com


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