Monday, November 5, 2012

Guest Review: School Teacher Temptress by Monroe Scott - 4 Wine Glasses!

School Teacher TemptressSchool Teacher Temptress
by Monroe Scott 
Kindle Edition
Published October 10th 2012 by NF LLC
Copy courtesy of author
Jordan knew she wasn’t classically beautiful, far from it. Her nose was too big, and she had acne scars leftover from her teenage years. The truth was Jordan had long ago resigned herself to the fact that she would be one of those women who’d grow old alone, just her and lots of cats.
Jordan decides to add some spice to her life, and live the normal school teacher life by day, and sexy temptress by night.

Renee's Thoughts:

This was a lot of STEAM!! 
The basis for the story was finding a date. When it opens there is funny banter between Jordan, the High School English teacher, and her best friend Lisa who is a math teacher. They have been best friends for a long time and teach at the same school. Lisa is in a relationship with Ryan and at times Jordan gets jealous of that. She has not dated or had sex in almost five years. There is a hysterical part where her and Lisa go back and forth about that fact. Lisa tells her she read somewhere that after five years you are re-virginized. I was cracking up! 
After this dry spell and sitting at home watching reality television Jordan decides to go to a site "10 for Ten" it is a speed dating night. She gathers her courage to go and those dates are just as hilarious. At the end of the night she picks a few choices. So now she waits very impatiently to see who has picked her. But her mind starts to go crazy when she lets herself dwell on it.  She starts to convinces herself that maybe the guys that were there picked all ten woman and maybe she isn't so special. She lacks confidence and is in sheer panic waiting for the email. When it comes she is picked by Bryan and Dave. She emails back and forth and sets up dates. As the weekend approaches, she seems more drawn to Bryan, who just never comes through for her. 
Dave offers a date though and she meets him. It seems to be going well, Jordan is nervous and giddy, something her best friend Lisa had never seen in her. There is also a teacher who is single at school that she manages to chat with and makes a date with, Jason Carlton. 
So Jordan is pleased with herself that she went from no dates to having three dates. Happily she thinks of her romance novels and her favorite characters Natasha and Trey. She is a little pumped up and chooses to continue her "saved draft short erotic emails" always being careful to "save as draft" until..... well you know it happens right? Yeah she pushes "send" and when she sees "your message has been sent" she goes into the biggest panic of her life. Until she realizes that Brian liked her email and they go back and forth with sexy tales.

The entire book has excerpts from the naughty teachers erotic imagination. I will say it is extremely hot and steam, meaning I loved it! The ending was great too. You will learn the fate of the three men and their relationships. Also, how Lisa gets a few personalized sexy emails from the naughty teacher and forwards them to her boyfriend. Overall this was a funny but seriously erotic tale. Over the top steam is sure to draw you in.  I happily give it 4  glasses of wine and recommend that it be chilled to cool you off! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

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