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5 Wine Glass #Review of Knights of Stone: Calum by Lisa Carlisle


35296200Title: Knights of Stone: Calum
Series: Highland Gargoyles #5
Author: Lisa Carlisle
Format: Kindle Edition, 185 pages
Published: June 20th 2017(Amazon Digital Services LLC)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

When a short-term mission turns into a battle between love and duty...
Calum lives for thrills both on and off stage as lead singer of the Knights of Stone. During a night flight, he witnesses a dragon chasing a pegasus and his gargoyle instincts kick in. When the rescued pegasus turns out to be a beautiful shifter named Arielle, he sets off on a dangerous mission to help her.

Arielle never should have wandered from her pegasi herd. Not only did she attract the attention of a dragon who wants to steal her magic, but they've ended up lost in another realm. If she even makes it through the night, how will she ever return home?

Calum and Arielle's chance encounter in the Scottish Highlands turns into something more. Can Calum help Arielle return to her realm, when he wants to convince her to stay?

Linda's Thoughts:
She’s fighting for her life; He’s fighting to protect her.

“Do – do you – ah – think we should be doing this?”
Her mouth drew his attention. He moved one hand up to cup her cheek and then tipped her head back. She stared back at him, eyes half-closed and darkened with need. Placing his hand behind her neck, he whispered, “Aye.”

Knights of Stone: Calum by Lisa Carlisle is the fifth enthralling, action-packed installment in the author's imaginative Highland Gargoyles series in which each book has spotlighted one of the Knights of Stone. I think a little background is needed here: The Isle of Stone is the home of three clans of beings: the gargoyles, the tree witches and the wolves. Five brothers in the Knights of Stone rock band are all that is left of the Calder clan on the Isle of Stone. The rest of the clan have relocated to the Highlands.

This story mostly takes place in the Highlands and the Isle of Stone. It introduces the Lyrandale realm reachable only via magic, a dragon, a villainous wizard and centaurs!

Each of the books in this series can be read as a stand alone if that is your preference, but your enjoyment of the series will be increased if you read the series in order.

This is Calum’s and Arielle’s story. Calum is the youngest brother and the lead singer for the Knights of Stone. Their tale is turbo-charged from the get-go as Calum, who has been feeling discontented recently, takes flight over the Highlands where he spies two creatures that he thought were myths; A frightened female pegasus is being pursued by a dragon who means to steal her magic. Calum’s gargoyle protectiveness mandates that he rescue the maiden.

Unfortunately, the chase has catapulted Arielle and the dragon into the human realm and Arielle has no idea of how to return to her family who reside in the Lyrandale realm. Calum resolves to help her in her quest to return even though he finds himself strongly attracted to her.

Arielle has been restless in Lyrandale and, even though her mother warns her not to stray far, she craves adventure and finds herself in the flight of her life. All seems to be lost, until a gargoyle saves her.

Lisa writes Calum and Arielle to seem so genuine! They are likable from the start and easy to connect to. Their story is sweet, hot and spiced with plenty of suspense, action and danger. Talk about a long-distance relationship! Can these two species from two different realms find their HEAs with each other?

As a fan of the series, I enjoyed catching up with all the previously featured brothers and their mates and attending some of the band’s concerts.

Following please find a few of my favorite lines from Knights of Stone: Calum:

You’re a Pegasus shifter?”
“I didn’t know they existed.” He shook his head. “Thought they were a myth.”
“Funny how a shifter believes another supernatural creature is a mere myth.”

Arielle sat at a table in a dimly lit club with a witch, a wolf, and a gargoyle.

Calum claimed her mouth in a searing kiss, drowning out everything else. He backed her against the wall on the side of the pub, and pinned her wrists up against the brick. All the raw intensity from their heated connection exploded, powering the kiss. So hot and passionate, she could barely breathe.

Gavin is the last remaining unmated brother. While I can’t wait for his story, his HEA is not next. The next installment will feature a gargoyle that didn’t want to leave the Isle of Stone with the rest of the Calder clan – but did. I can’t wait to read it!

Lisa's gargoyles are hot, sexy rock-hard rock stars. Each of the books in her Knights of Stone series has been exciting, riveting and highly entertaining! Steel yourself for epic battles and passionate interludes.
If you enjoy well-written, perfectly paced, inventive paranormal urban fantasy romances, Knights of Stone: Calum should be at the top of your must-read-soon list!

Suggested Reading Order: 
Knights of Stone: Mason (Book #1)
Knights of Stone: Lachlan (Book #2)
Knights of Stone: Bryce (Book #3)
Knights of Stone: Seth (Book #4)
Knights of Stone: Calum (Book #5)
Stone Cursed: Taurus (Book #6)

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