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#Spotlight on Jordan's Return by Samantha Chase + #Giveaway

27015388Jordan's Return
by Samantha Chase
Paperback, 288 pages
Published June 7th 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 1492618098
For the first time in print, New York Times and USA Today bestseller Samantha Chase's debut novel is a heartwarming story of second chances

All Jordan Manning wants is a quiet summer on the Virginia coast with her sons to recover from a near-fatal accident and an abusive relationship. Her plans to find a new direction for her future are turned upside down when she runs into the first man who ever broke her heart...and he's determined to win it back.

Rob Tyler thought he'd moved on, but when fate drops a second chance with his first love right in his path, his feelings rush back stronger than ever. Rob is determined to give Jordan the future they should have had years ago, but making up for past mistakes isn't easy...


When the movie was over, the boys turned expectantly toward Rob. “What did you think?” Jake asked.
“It was a good movie.” He stood and stretched. He glanced at his watch and saw it was almost eleven o’clock, then he looked down at Jordan, fast asleep on the couch. Rob looked from her to the boys.
“She does that a lot,” Jake supplied. “Sometimes we can’t even get her to wake up so we have to leave her on the couch all night. That makes her real cranky the next morning.”
Rob almost grinned. “Why don’t you guys go on and get into pj’s and get in bed? I’ll straighten up in here so you won’t have to do it in the morning.” The eyes that stared back at him were full of gratitude. “I’ll take care of your mom, too.”
“Thanks, Rob,” Joe said around a yawn. Clearly the events of the day had worn him out.
“Will you come over tomorrow?” Jake asked, himself stifling a large yawn.
“I can’t, guys. Sorry. I’ll be away over the weekend but I promise to come by and see you when I get back, okay?” At their sad faces, he repeated himself. “I promise.” That was all they needed to hear before they headed off to bed.
Rob went about cleaning up the popcorn mess and straightening up the room. When there was nothing left to do, he stopped and watched Jordan sleeping on the couch. He crouched down beside her and gently swept her hair that had escaped her ponytail away from her face. God, she was beautiful. He didn’t want to leave. Without thinking, he bent forward and placed a soft kiss on her temple. Jordan sighed deeply and shifted slightly. Lost in the moment, he carefully scooped her up in his arms and carried her to her bedroom. Lord, but she felt good curled up against him!
She had barely stirred as he carried her and he held her close while he turned down her bed. Placing her gently down on the mattress, he felt suddenly protective of her. She seemed so tiny and fragile, like the young girl of sixteen he remembered.
But she wasn’t a young girl anymore. No, this was no girl lying on the bed with her soft lips slightly parted, this was a woman—a woman who still had the ability to stir his blood.
She had been quiet tonight after they’d left the restaurant and he had no idea what had caused the change in her attitude. He had thought they were having a good time. A really good time. They were talking comfortably just like they used to and he had felt a glimmer of hope. It seemed somehow they had finally crossed that invisible barrier and Jordan had let down her guard around him. He was seeing hints of the woman he used to know.
When they’d returned from the video store, Rob had hoped they’d share a spot on the sofa during the movie and he’d finally have the chance to touch her freely. Well, as freely as being surrounded by her children would allow. While carrying her had felt good, it wasn’t what he had been hoping for. By the time they’d gotten back here, she was barely speaking to anyone at all. What could have happened to make her whole demeanor change? Did she feel okay? Was she in pain and reluctant to draw attention to it, lest she upset her sons?
Rob watched as Jordan snuggled deeper into her pillow. He hated that she was raising her sons alone, and felt terrible for all she had gone through at the hands of her ex-husband. His hands clenched at his sides at the thought of how hard her life had become because of Eric. Rob had a share in that blame. If he hadn’t screwed up so long ago, Jordan never would have married Eric. They never would have broken up and he would have had all these years to show Jordan how much he loved her.
Not knowing what else to do, he placed another lingering kiss on her cheek and wished her a good night. She whispered “good night” back to him in her sleep and he smiled warmly. He wanted nothing more than to climb into that bed beside her and hold her close all night. In truth, he wanted to climb into bed beside her every night and hear her sweet voice wish him a good night every night for the rest of his life. He sighed wistfully and forced himself to look away. It was no use standing there and wishing for things that might never happen.
He tiptoed out of the room and then went to check on Jake and Joseph to make sure they were both asleep. Rob stood in the doorway to their bedroom just watching them sleep. He had always known he wanted to have kids, but hadn’t really felt the void of not having them until now. It had been nice to go out tonight with Jordan and the boys. He’d thoroughly enjoyed coming home together, getting comfortable, and watching a movie. Even cleaning up and putting everyone to bed had felt good. Felt right. In one short night, Rob Tyler came to realize all that was missing in his life.
Once he was sure they were asleep and secure, he locked up and left, feeling like he had just left a little piece of his heart inside the little beach-side bungalow.

About Samantha Chase:
Samantha Chase, a creative writing teacher, released her debut novel, Jordan’s Return, in November 2011. Since then, she has published seventeen more titles and has become a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She lives with her husband of twenty-four years and their two sons in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

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