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#Audio #Review: In the Kingdom's Name by Amy Jarecki - 5 Wine Glasses

27871331Title: IN THE KINGDOM'S NAME
Series: Guardian of Scotland #2
Author: Amy Jarecki
Narrator: Dave Gillies
Format: Unabridged Audiobook, 9 hours and 52 minutes
Published: May 6, 2016 (Amy Jarecki)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Audible
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley (kindle copy); Author (Audible)
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Can history rewrite itself? As the time of treachery draws near, hope is but a fleeting whisper.

After his success at the Battle of Stirling Bridge, William Wallace becomes Guardian of Scotland and is thrown into the machinations of court. But when disaster strikes, the love of his life, Eva MacKay, is hurled back to the twenty first century. Frantically she tries to return, only to face failure with her every attempt. In this tale of breathtaking love and heartbreaking farewells, destiny twists and turns until all hope expires…But does it?

Linda's Thoughts:
What God hath joined together let no man put asunder.

IN THE KINGDOM'S NAME by Amy Jarecki is the magnificent and stunning conclusion to her Guardian of Scotland duology. It's an historical tale of epic proportions featuring a breathtaking time-travel romance that spanned the ages. This story will engross you from beginning to end.

This is a series you must read in order. The first book introduces the characters and the settings. The second book continues from exactly where the first book ended. Indeed, Amy outdoes herself at bringing the characters and the period to life as both books are fantastic - blending fantasy, passionate romance and brilliant historical storytelling.

To be honest, I almost dreaded delving into this sequel as I was well aware of William's predestined tragic demise and couldn't bear that fate would be so cruel to this couple. If you feel the same, do not worry. Amy does not digress from history which I appreciated even though I most assuredly shed a slew of tears; Actually, sobbed is a more apt description. But, awaiting at the last was a wondrous HEA ending that was utterly amazing.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

"Mm hmmm." His gaze dropped to her lips. "I missed ye." Lordy, he could melt marzipan with that sexy Scottish burr.
With a dip of his chin, he brushed a kiss across her mouth. Hot tingles spread down her back. Eva moved closer and pressed her body flush with his toned, muscular form. If they hadn't been born so many centuries apart, she could have believed they were made for each other, fitting together perfectly as if molded from the same clay.
Closing her eyes, she drank him in, allowing her senses to take over. Hot, spicy male kissed and held her in a tender embrace with arms that could crush a man, let alone her fine bones. Yet he cradled her with incredible tenderness.

God had given him a gift when he opened his eyes to see her smile and the lovely glimmer of fathomless green pools. Her gaze reminded him of the rolling hills of his beloved Scotland. With Eva, he was home. With her in his arms, he could achieve anything - fear nothing. If only...

What was this future world where people aged so slowly? Were they protected in cocoons of silk? "What say ye? Are there no warriors?"
"There are soldiers who join the army - and they learn combat, but most of the fighting is done..." She glanced aside.
"You wouldn't believe me."
He snorted. "The fighting is done by banshees and fairies?
She threw back her head with a belly laugh. "Now that would be a good name for a video game."

I listened to the audio of this tale and it was truly spectacular. Dave Gillies is one of my very favorite narrators and he positively blew me away with his performance. When he sang at one point, I was walking and almost sank to my knees as his voice was so stirring. With such excellent narration, I highly recommend that you pick up the audio of this book.

I was very fortunate to also have a kindle copy of this read so I can savor some parts over and over. It's definitely one of those books that elicits a myriad of emotions: I was captivated; I laughed; I listened with bated breath; I sighed and swooned; I cried as my heart was broken and, blessedly, revived. KUDOS to Amy Jarecki for such a brilliantly vivid masterpiece. Amy is one of my very favorite authors and this book is unquestionably a keeper. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romance.

Suggested Reading Order: 
Rise of a Legend (Book #1)
In the Kingdom's Name (Book #2)

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