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Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert (Spotlight/Excerpt/Giveaway)

Welcome, lovelies! Today we have a special spotlight and excerpt from a new release in Entangled Publishing's new Brazen line of contemporary romances, Wrong Bed, Right Guy by author Katee Robert along with a giveaway. Make sure to check out my 4-Wine-Glass REVIEW of Wrong Bed, Right Guy!

Wrong Bed, Right Guy
Wrong Bed, Right Guy
by Katee Robert 
Published July 20th 2012 by Entangled Publishing
ISBN13 9781622669516
Courtesy of publisher
Prim and proper art gallery coordinator Elle Walser is no good at seducing men. Heck, she’s been throwing hints at her boss for months, but he’s completely clueless. Desperate to escape her mother’s matchmaking efforts, she comes up with a plan—buy some lingerie and climb into her boss’s bed. The plan goes brilliantly…until she accidentally seduces a sexy stranger instead. 
Bad boy nightclub mogul Gabe Schultz just had the best almost-sex of his life. Too bad the smoking hot blonde thought he was his brother and bolted before he could finish what they started. Though her holier-than-thou attitude puts a serious damper on his mood, Gabe’s never been one to give up on something he wants. And he wants Elle. But does a man who lives on the dark side really have a chance with a proper lady?
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And now I would like to share with you one of my favorite scenes from the book and one that cemented my love for Gabe...

He followed her, eyeing the contents of each isle they passed. Chocolates - chocolates would be good. Chicks dug that stuff when they weren't feeling good. Gabe veered into that isle and started to choose some random brands. And then he stopped. What if she was allergic to nuts or something?
Carefully examining the nutritional facts on the back of each package, he decided on the basic milk chocolate and dark chocolate. On second thoughts, maybe he should get some of the white stuff too. There was no telling what Elle would like, but she'd already proven she was particular about weird things.
He walked in the general direction she'd gone, but stopped in front of the soup section. Did an allergic reaction count as sick? Maybe he should pick up some chicken noodle soup too... Yeah, good idea. The Campbell's kind was what he used to give Nathan when they were kids. Before he could second-guess himself, Gabe added two cans to the stuff in his arms. 
On a whim, he stopped in the bath and body section and picked up a few different bubble bath bottles. He wasn't a fan of the whole bath thing, but Elle seemed like she'd be into it, and he remember something about taking baths when you have chicken pox. Maybe it was the same for allergic reactions. 
A cart would have been a good idea, but it was too late now. He shifted the stuff until nothing was in danger of falling and kept going, glancing down each isle as he passed. Elle was nowhere to be seen.
She wouldn't have left without him, right?
Hell, of course she would.
Gabe spun around, ready to drop everything and go sprinting after her. Then he caught a glimpse of her on the other side of the store. he had something pressed against her face - he recognized it as frozen peas when he got closer. 
"There you are."
"Here I am." She sighed and lifted the bag long enough to frown. "What's all that?"
"Ah..." He felt stupid standing in front of her, his arms overflowing with random crap. Maybe he should have just left everything alone and gone with her to the freezer section. "I thought you might want some of this."
Elle leaned in, nearly smacking him in the face with her frozen peas. "Chocolate, bubble bath, and chicken noodle soup."
"I didn't know what would help, so I got a bit of everything."

Entangled Publishing is giving away one digital copy of Wrong Bed, Right Guy to one reader. To enter, just leave a comment on this post: Do you have a funny or sweet story that resulted from an allergic reaction or from a significant other trying to take care of you while you were sick? And then fill out the rafflecopter below. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck!

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  1. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it.That was really sweet of Gabe to try to take care of Elle, considering he didn't know what he was doing, I think he did great. He got a little bit of everything to try to make her feel better.
    My husband and I went out to dinner one night and had crab stuffed lobster. I woke up in the middle of the night all itchy and had trouble swallowing and breathing. It didn't feel too bad so I fell back to sleep. When we woke up the next morning, I had large hives all over my body. When I say large, they were the size of half dollars. I asked my husband to go to the store to get some Benadryl. He came back with every kind of the drug he could find, along with bubble bath, chocolates, wine, and several magazines. He said he thought some combination of everything should work to make me feel better, and it did.


  2. No really funny or sweet story. I get migraines and my hubby is very good then. He brings me my medicine every four hours, keeps the room dark, and keeps replacing wet cloth over my forehead. He also keeps the kids far away (and their noise).

    kesummer69 at gmail dot com

  3. Great story is not about me, but about my husband. I had won a trip to Atlanta GA, it was an all expence paid trip. First night their we are at a welcome party and my husband is eating the snack mix. I notice that he is itching his face and neck area. I asked him, "Tony are you eating the nut mix". He says, "Yes, am I not supporsed too." I then tell him, "No you should not be eating it since it has sunflowers in it." He is very allergic to sunflowers and sunflower oil. We left because he also has asthma and his throat was starting to close and he was having problems breathing. We had to go to the gift shop at the Hilton where we were staying and get some Benedryl. We then paid $14 for some. He took it and started to feel better. I thought we were going to have spend the night in the hospital, which of course being in a new place had no idea where it was at.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  4. I really don't have a story but once my husband needed antibiotics on a trip oversees and some doctor on the trip gave him some but it turns out he was allergic and broke out in hives ALL over his body. needless to say that trip was NOT fun.

  5. Love the excerpt. How sweet.
    The last allergic reaction I had was to some antibiotics. It started out as my eyes stinging, then my entire face and throat swelled. I had hives pop up all over including the soles of my feet. I went outside to scratch the bottom of my feet on the sidewalk, they itched so bad. I had to run to the closest store and buy some Benadryl for the reaction. As I'm standing there, swigging a soda and popping pills in the middle of the store, a lady comes up and asks me if I was sunburned!?!?! The last time I checked sunburns didn't cause swelling and hives.

  6. My dear sweet husband was trying to give me a massage to work out some of the knots I get and something in the lotion he picked made me brake out in a rash, I ended up knocked out on benadryl. It's the thought that counts. Carin

  7. No funny incidents to tell, but i´m always impressed with my hubby every time i´m sick, =) he takes so good care of me *happy sigh* couldn´t wish for more. Other than getting well, quicker, that is =D

    best wishes, Linda xo

  8. Well, I wasn't sick, but after I had my second daughter, my husband worked, cooked, cleaned, took care of our oldest who was 4 at the time, did laundry and catered to me. He was wonderful. Then I made the mistake of saying "Oh honey, you do so much, you rest and I can some of the work. Well, he took me at my word, he has barely done anything since, LOL!

  9. About the closest thing I can think of to a funny story about an allergy, etc is a story about one time when I was very sick. My allergies had gotten so bad that they caused me to get a severe sinus infection and I was feeling like crap. I tend to have panic attacks when in crowds, or just crowded (something/someone in my personal space) and this is much worse when I am sick. I feel like I can't breathe and the panic starts. Well, I had come home from work (worked 3rd shift) and went to bed. Not long after I dozed off, my cat jumped up on the bed and got in my face purring. Well, that startled me, and set off a bad attack because she was in my face and I could not breathe (the fact that I have a slight allergy to cats did not help either).
    When I went to the doctor later that day or the next one, I told my nurse practitioner about it. She thought it was hilarious! The story went through the who practice and everyone thought it was funny that my cat caused me to have a panic attack. Now I can see the humor, not so much when it happened. LOL

  10. Me and my BFF were at a chinese restaurant eating and chating away. After about 20 min or so I said what did you do to your lip its swollen, then I look closer and her whole face is swollen. Well we end up in the ER because there was some kind of seafood in the cream cheese wonton's that she had the reaction to. The worst was that she had a job interview in the morning. We still laugh about it. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  11. Thanks for a great post and giveaway! Congrats on the new release... it sounds fabulous :)

    My BF and I have been together for over 3 years and he's always been very sweet and nurturing. The few times that I was sick, he'd bring me soup and kept the kleenixs handy :)

  12. No I dont. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.

  13. I loved that excerpt. Gabe sounds like a great hero. Colds usually aren't funny for me, but I do have one funny incident from last year. We were going on a 4 week trip to Europe when I caught a really bad chest cold. Of course, we went anyway, but the cold turned into laryngitis just as we were leaving England for France. Hubs didn't speak a word of French, whereas I spoke a bit, so I was supposed to be the translator, however, I couldn't speak above a whisper for the first six days we were there, so we just kind of stumbled through.

    The funniest thing though, was that we were visiting lots of museums (we were in Paris), and hubs joked that he never had to worry about losing me because all he had to do was listen for the cough...

  14. It was rather humorous when I kept having to give my hubby sponge baths when he recently burned his hands and face in a fish fry gone bad. He kept telling every one that that was the best part of his accident and worst part of the recovery was him being able to wash himself. He is a big baby!

  15. I guess this is sort of funny- 6 years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. My H (bf at the time) was the one to take me and bring me home. A good friend came over and she brought me a balloon, small frosties from Wendy's and a magazine. Completely outdid any effort he might have put forth. Poor guy.

  16. I actually can not think of anything like this that has ever happened to me..... I would love, love to win this book!

  17. No good story to tell, unfortunately. But I do like the sound of the book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Love the excerpt! Congrats on the new release, Katee!
    My hubby is not very good at taking care of me when I am sick or injured. He does offer once in a while, but doesn't really seem to know what to do. The nurturing gene must have skipped him. Lol. He makes up for it in other areas though. My 13 year old son does help me. He always asks if I am okay or if I need anything. At least I am raising him to be nurturing, I think. :)


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