Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hottest Couple of the Week #11:

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The Hottest Couple of the Week is a weekly feature hosted by Shannon at Cocktails and Books.  We love to read our romance books and some of those books have a couple that burn up every page you read.  It's in their honor that we have this feature.  Each week, we'll feature a couple who's set a book we read on fire.   You can play along too.  Join our linky, grab the button and share who your hot couple is for the week.  Then post a comment below so the rest of us can add this scorching couple to our TBR pile.

Once Burned (Night Prince, #1)Who better to pick for hottest couple of the week then Vlad Tepesh? This tall, dark and dead piece of yummy goodness can literal light my fire. And when he meets Leila, *whew* this dark prince really burns! Here's a passage I just left off on...

"All last night and today, I've wanted your hands on me." The words were roughened by lust as he yanked his shirt off, revealing that muscled chest with it's pattern of scars and those mouthwatering abs. "I'm not waiting any longer."

What about you, have you found any hot couples between the pages this week that lit you up?

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  1. I loved Vlad when he would make an appearance in Cat and Bones books. This book proved he was oh so worthy of that love! Nice pick!


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