Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Review: Finding Home by Lacey Wolfe

Finding HomeFinding Home
by Lacey Wolfe
Published May 11th 2012
Courtesy of Author
An unexpected pregnancy brings Julie Miller home to Brookfield, Wyoming to get guidance from her mother. But when she returns to the home she grew up in, her mother isn’t there. Instead Julie finds Mark Thomas, who is renting the house while her mom travels the country. If that isn’t bad enough, a blizzard hits the town, keeping her locked in with the hunk who happens to have a secret of his own, which Julie just has to know.
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Crystal L.’s Thoughts:
In Finding Home, by Lacey Wolfe, we find our heroine Julie in an emotional tailspin. She's just discovered that she's pregnant and once she informs her boyfriend of this he gives her an unbelievable ultimatum. Abort the baby or get the hell out of his house. He doesn't want to be a father. Needless to say this earns him the jerk-face-of-the-year award.

Sweet, love-able Julie wants to keep her baby, so she packs up, and does what any self respecting girl who's in a world of hurt does. She goes home to Mama. However, little does she know when she enters her Mom's house to find half naked, and totally drool worthy Mark in the kitchen cooking breakfast, her Mom's not home. She got a wild hair and decided to travel the country.

The short story that follows was sweet, but slightly heart wrenching. Mark has suffered a terrible loss. Julie doesn't know what she's going to do now that she's pregnant. All she does know is that she's keeping her baby. I think readers will enjoy this lovely little novella. My only complaint was that it was a novella. While reading it I saw the potential to expand on so many things, and think that if the author had, she would have a wonderful novel on her hands. So all-in-all, sweet short read for those who want semi-instant gratification in the heart warming department.

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Loved It!

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  1. Oh I'm gonna have to check this one out. I usually go for full length instead of novellas but it sounds like a great story. Can't say I'd mind a surprise like that next time I went home either ;) Thanks for sharing about it!



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