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Tour: Bobby Does Dallas by Sable Hunter (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to romance author, Sable Hunter, who is joining us with her book, Bobby Does Dallas!

Hill Country Heart

I love surprises.  Any day that I can hold my hand to my heart and sigh is a grand day.  When my brother calls me up and says, “Hey, let’s take a trip to the casino and eat at the buffet’ – I jump up and down and squeal  Of course, I am nine years his senior and he tells me when I am old he is going to take me to the parking lot and give me a roll of quarters to put in the parking meters instead of driving all the way to the casino.    I guess he thinks I’ll have ‘oldtimers’ disease (yes, I know it’s really Alzheimer’s) or something.
My dog loves surprises.  He even knows the word ‘surprise’.  And when he hears it, he cocks his little doggie head to one side and smiles.  And woe is me if I bring home a plastic Wal-Mart or Dollar General bag and it not have a dog toy in it.  I know better.  Because when Mojo ain’t happy, the rest of us might as well hang up our hoe.  The dog rules the roost.  He can give us one little droopy expression and we’re falling all over ourselves to make him happy.

One of the sweetest surprises I ever received wasn’t a gift.  It was a place.  Lost Maples State Park about an hour or so south of Austin.  There’s a winding, narrow road that leads to Lost Maples and you have to be headed there to find it – it’s not the kind of place you just run across – but when you do, you’re captivated.  Lost Maples is a freak of nature.  There is a stand of the most beautiful maples there, the kind that are only found up north in places like Vermont.  And I love to see the leaves turn.  In fact, fall is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about fall – I love pumpkins and black cats.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I ghost hunt for a hobby.  Orange is my favorite color – well, burnt orange – HOOK EM ’HORNS.  You get the idea.          
When I first heard that there was a stand of lost maples in Texas, I was amazed.  The story is that they were pushed south by a glacier and now exist and thrive a thousand miles from their natural habitat.  The day I went to see them was a cool, crisp gift of October.  And I wasn’t disappointed, I was enchanted.  A kaleidoscope of different colored leaves danced on the trees - red, orange, yellow, burgundy, mauve and purple – all of them vied for my attention and I almost went to my knees in awe.  I knew then that I had found a spot that I wanted to set a series of novels and I did – Hill Country Heart.  Several times, I visited there – walking the trails, sitting by the stream, listening to the birds and imagining what it would like to share this special place with a man that I loved. 
In my over-active imagination, I built a Bed and Breakfast at Lost Maples and placed within it three hot, hunky brothers – the Stewarts - Ethan, Alex and Bobby. Ethan’s story is UNCHAINED MELODY, Alex’s story is SCARLET FEVER and today, Bobby’s story – the last in the series releases.  BOBBY DOES DALLAS is my favorite. I tend to write books where the heroine has a mountain to climb.  She feels unworthy of love and never expects to be swept off of her feet by a hero who thinks she is absolutely perfect.  In my world, or at least the worlds I create, love conquers all, right prevails and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.  Bobby is such a hero.  Or at least he becomes that sort of hero. 

Here’s the blurb:  
Bobby Stewart is a man of many talents. He can ride a bull, catch a football and please a woman - it’s all in a day's work for one of the most eligible bachelors in the Texas Hill Country. He's wanted by the Dallas Cowboys and half the female population of the Lone Star State. But one stormy night, he meets Cecile Fairchild and she turns his world upside down. Bobby falls head over spurs for this 'older' woman, whom he pursues as hard as a defensive lineman trying to sack the quarterback. Come with Bobby as he takes Dallas by storm and shows Cecile that he's one hot-hunky-Cowboy who just won't give up on love.
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Here’s an excerpt:

 “Go on in, sweetheart.”
The seductive tone in his voice made her think of the spider and the fly. She needed to get a handle on this situation, and fast. “Bobby, we need to talk. I can’t believe we’re meeting like this. When Annalise told me that Ethan had a brother named Bobby, it crossed my mind that it might be you. But I never really considered the possibility…” She turned toward him just as he was closing the door. Now they were alone in a room, with a big bed and her words just faded into nothingness. God, give me strength, she prayed. She was so aware of him. He casually placed her luggage on a low chest and then faced her. Again, she was overwhelmed by his size and masculinity. Bobby Stewart was a gorgeous man—a man, not a boy. He wore a pair of athletic shorts and a tight t-shirt that let every muscle stand out like it was sculpted from bronze. His biceps were as big as her thighs and the thin cotton did nothing to hide the breadth of his chest and shoulders. Lord, his body was made for sin. He made Carl look like a stick figure. And he thought he wanted her? He was mistaken.
“Do you like what you see, Sweetheart? You don’t have to stand way over there and just look; you can come close and touch.” He lowered his voice and his words were slow and smooth. As far as Cecile could tell, Bobby had gone into full seduction mode. Lord, how was she going to resist him? And did she want to? Closing her eyes, she reminded herself how vulnerable she was and how foolish it would be to get into a situation to be hurt, yet again. Not to mention the age difference—who could forget that? But, when she looked up, he was on the move. Like a huge, graceful tiger, he stalked her. Cecile backed up; it was an instinctive move of self-preservation. When her knees hit the back of the bed, she swayed, momentarily losing her balance. And when she did—he pounced.
The bed creaked and groaned as it protested the sudden drop of solid man onto the mattress. God, did he know what he was doing! He was on top of her, over her, surrounding her, but she lay there completely safe and unharmed. He bore his weight on his arms and one knee. “You’ve done this before,” she managed to croak.
“A time or two,” he chuckled. Their faces were so close she could feel his breath against her cheek. “I don’t care why you came, Cecile. I’m just thankful you’re here.” Without waiting for permission, he covered her lips with his and drank deeply from her mouth. Without preamble, he made himself at home in her kiss, letting their tongues soothe one another and reacquaint themselves in the age old dance of seduction. Weeks of fantasizing and longing coalesced into a devouring kiss that surpassed expectation.
Panting and with her heart pounding, Cecile could do nothing but tell the truth. “I’m glad, too,” she admitted between kisses. Despite her reservations, her hand found its way up to cup his head. She fisted her hand in his hair, holding him fast—taking her pleasure—making little grunts of delight that made him chuckle as they paused to draw in another ounce or two of necessary oxygen.
“Damn! You’ve made this bull-rider happy! You’re back in my arms and that’s all that matters.”
Part of her wanted to say screw the consequences! The erogenous zones of her body were making their case that she was right where she needed to be. For just a second she gave in and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him hard. This was paradise, to be held and kissed by a man who seemed to want her as much as she wanted him. But in the midst of her elation, Carl’s words came back to haunt her—I can’t even get an erection with you. You’re not sexy enough to make a man want you. You’re a plain, frigid excuse for a woman. Forcing herself to calm down and face reality, Cecile placed her hand on his cheek and rubbed her thumb over the lips that gave her so much pleasure. “Oh Bobby, it’s so wonderful to be here with you. I have to confess that I fantasized we’d meet one day. I just wish—” He didn’t let her finish. When he kissed her finger, drawing the end of it into his mouth and giving it a little suck, she lost her train of thought.
“Doll, my fantasies about you were off the charts. Now that you’re here in my home and we have this time together, we can get to know one another and make all those fantasies come true.” He leaned over to join their lips once more, but she stopped him.
“We can’t. It wouldn’t be a good idea.”
“Are you teasing? What do you mean, we can’t? We’re two consenting adults—why, can’t we enjoy one another? I thought you said there was no other man in your life.” He lowered his hips just enough so she knew without a doubt that he desired her. “I want you, desperately. I feel a connection with you that I want to explore. No other woman has ever made me feel this way. Don’t you want me?”
“Don’t be mad,” she caressed his face, but wouldn’t quite look him in the eye. Instead, she focused on his chin and its intriguing cleft and the sexy stubble that made him look like a Hollywood sex god. “What happened the night we met was beautiful and I thank you for it. At that moment, I needed to be kissed and held and made to feel like a desirable woman more than you’ll ever know. But, it wasn’t real. We were caught up in the romance of the night and the electric atmosphere of the storm.” Cecile was about to add that she hoped they could enjoy the wedding and its preparations without anything being awkward between them when Bobby took both hands and pinned them over her head.
“Look me in the eye and say that,” he commanded. “Not a day, hell not even an hour has gone by since you drove off into the darkness that I didn’t wonder where you were, or if you were all right or if I would ever see you again.”
Feeling completely vulnerable, Cecile tried to turn her head. “You don’t understand, Bobby.”
“Well, explain it to me. Make me understand how I’ve misread the want in your eyes or misinterpreted the heat in your kiss.”
Cecile’s heart ached. There was no mistaking this man’s sincerity. She owed him a degree of honesty. So, she closed her eyes and opened her heart. “I’ll tell you this, and then you’ve got to promise to let me walk out of here. Okay?”
“I don’t know if I can do that.” She heard the pain in his voice and wondered if she was making the biggest mistake of her life. But after all she had been through she just couldn’t take the chance. “I may edit erotic romances, but in real life I’m sort of a dud in the sex department.” Her words dropped to a whisper. “I’m afraid that I’d only be a disappointment to you.”
Of all the reactions she had been expecting, she didn’t see this one coming. He lifted himself over her, powerfully, doing a push-up move over her body and looking her square in the face. “Impossible! You don’t believe that, do you?” He waited a moment to read her reaction. Cecile felt a wave of shame cross her features and she knew he saw it. “That’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard. Who told you that you were anything less than perfect?” Cecile shook her head, unable to speak. Kissing her soundly, he placed his forehead against hers and rubbed their noses together. It was the sweetest gesture he could have make. Cecile’s heart felt like it was being put through a wringer. “Impossible. You are the sexiest woman I know.”
It was surreal to hear a man defend her that way. It was like a dam broke inside of her and her emotions and insecurities came bursting forth. “No, it’s true. Bobby, I assure you, you’re not missing out on anything. I am not what you need.” Just as soon as she verbalized her thoughts, she regretted it. Next, she’d be confessing her advanced age. Averting her eyes from his, she wished she was anywhere but in his arms. “I need to get up,” she pushed gently at his shoulders, her whole body awash in a blush that was created by embarrassment as well as sexual tension.
“Hold on there, Beautiful. It’s all right, I’ve got you. You’re safe with me.” He spoke softly, as if he were trying to calm a frightened filly. “You can’t make a ridiculous statement like that and just think I’m going to let it pass.” He captured her chin in his big hand and gently held her, not letting her get away from him. “Look at me,” he demanded. Slowly, Cecile let her gaze meet his once more, and what she saw took her breath away. If any man could put his heart in his eyes, Bobby Stewart had done it. “Now, where did that come from? Every time we touch, your little body lights up like a Fourth of July fireworks display. Honey, you set me on fire and we haven’t even been naked together—yet. A fact I intend to remedy as soon as possible.”
A single tear slipped down her face, she had said too much already. Again, she pushed against his shoulders, but it was like trying to move a mountain. He wasn’t going anywhere. God, what was he doing? With a tender touch, Bobby kissed away the dampness from her cheek. His lips moved from her cheek to tease her trembling lips. “Now, what in the world do you have to cry about? You’re safe in my room, and you’re wrapped in the arms of a man who’d do just about anything to make you happy.”
Cecile couldn’t help it, she laughed. He was so sweet. “I thought this was my room.”
“Do I look stupid to you? Do you think I was going to let the chance pass to get you right where I want you?”
“No, you don’t look stupid at all. But, you don’t understand.” She was just about to try and explain everything one more time when a knock sounded on the door next to Bobby’s bedroom. Annalise was looking for her in the room she was supposed to be in. “Cecile! Honey, are you unpacked yet? I’ve got some goodies to show you.”
At the look of dismay that came over her face, Bobby relented. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it. You stay here. I’ll go out and get her off your scent and you can come out in a few minutes. Okay?” Before he got up, he kissed her once—long and hard. “And this isn’t over, not by a long shot. I’ll put your things in the right room. But don’t you doubt it—you and I will be right here, in this bed. Together. Soon.” With one powerful, graceful move, he was up and off the bed. Slipping out the door, she heard his voice as he talked to Annalise and lured her off into some fabricated mission to give Cecile time to exit gracefully.
Lord, he was a doll! A handsome, sexy, living-doll. How she wished she were brave enough to take him up on what he was offering.

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  1. I loved the story about Lost Maples park. I live on the west coast now but grew up on the east coast and I still miss the maples and the fall colors. We have Japanese maples here that turn beautiful colors, but it's not the same as those big stands of maples on the east coast.

    I'm also a big fan of damaged heroines and of older woman/younger man stories, so Bobby Does Dallas (great title LOL) definitely sounds like something I'd love to read, as do the other books in the series. I will definitely be checking all of them out. Best wishes on the release.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post.We have tons of maple tree up here in Canada.I had no idea there was a place like that in Texas.
    Thanks for sharing the excerpt.I really like younger man/older women stories.

  3. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Lost Maples State Park sounds beautiful. I've never been to Texas but I'd like to go. I like younger man/older woman stories.Bobby Does Dallas sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it.


  4. I love your books, Sable, and am sad to say I haven't read any Lost Maples books...yet!

    Orange is one of my favorite colors with purple being my first (my hubby, a Clemson tiger fan, LOVES that I love his college school colors...LOL).

    Although I am too chicken to go ghost hunting, I LOVE Ghost Hunters, Haunted Collector, Paranormal State (when I get the channel free), etc!

    I love blue moon icecream, the first ice cream I ever ate but can't find it anymore!

    Autumn is my favorite season...the changing of the colors and the cool, crips air...makes me feel refreshed!

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  5. That was such a sweet excerpt! I really can't wait to read more about Bobby... I guess you might've saved the best for last:) Congrats on this latest release! Lost Maples sounds like a lovely place! Great inspiration for your story!

  6. I love a series, and a series with family is even better, so having this be about brothers is great. I have one brother but always wished I had more siblings.
    I live in New Jersey, and have only been to Texas once, and that really doesn't count cause I only saw the airport & conference hotel.
    I love dark chocolate, pizza, cheeseburgers and a lot of other things that probably aren't very good for me (except in moderation).
    I'm about to become a great-aunt (tho I've said I've always been a 'great' aunt).
    I will love reading these stories!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  7. You know I lived in San Antonio for 8 years and never heard of the Maple Stand, now I am going to have to look it up!! We did all the stuff, sight seeing and things. Have you been to Greuene, Texas, fun place!!!!! We are just in Katy, and still go to San Antonio to see friends once a month. I haven't started on the books yet, the kids just started back to school so can't wait till it settles down and I can get back to my normal routine, I feel lost with my reading time!!!!! Your such a Doll, best wishes!!

  8. oops forgot my email.... Thanks Shannon

  9. Sable you are the best. I love all your series and can't wait to sink my teeth into Bobby. Well the book anyway. That is amazing about the maples in Texas because when I picture Texas, those trees don't enter my mind. Well I would love to take a trip to see there.

  10. Sorry my phone wouldn't allow me to finish typing. Thank you for all your wonderful books that I and all your fans love. coach4kat at gmail dot com

  11. I loved Bobbie Does Dallas!! Just got it and have read it twice already. Not including my favorite parts that I keep going back to and going AH. You're fantastic I love all your books:) Can't wait to see what's coming next, I'm addicted!

  12. To JenM - I have never seen a Japanese Maple. I'll bet its beautiful! Thanks for commenting! Please read them and let me know what you think!! I'm so happy you liked the excerpt!!

    To Elaing8 - There is a place like everything in Texas. It's the best!! Every type of climate is represented in Texas. And the best looking men, too!! Please come visit!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt!!

    To Joanne - It is beautiful, SO beautiful. Please see it when you can. I really appreciate the support!! Let me know what you think of the book!!

    To Barrie Mac - I get such a kick out of ghost-hunting. It used to scare Jess, that big old manly thing would bring a sword and hide in the back of the truck so don't worry too much!! lol Thank you so much!! You should definitely get the Lost Maples trilogy. I am a big fan.

    To yadkny - I'm so glad you liked it. :) I hope you think its good. I try to make every book a little better than the last. I don't know how "great" they are, but I certainly do enjoy writing them. Thank you so much!!

    To Di - All of my series are families!! Have you read the Hell yeah! series? It is my favorite and it is about brothers, too. Chocolate is great for you!! For your soul!! ;) Read them and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

    To Shannon Owens - I have been to Greuene, and I have eaten at the Gristmill and everything!! It is magical!! Thank you so much!! If you find the time, read the books and message me and tell me what your thoughts are!! p.s. you are a doll, too!

    To Kathy - Please take a trip and see them for yourself!! It is so pretty. Don't worry, I only write about men that I would like to sink my teeth into. :D Fans like you are the reason I write!!

    To Barb - Twice? wow!! You are so awesome. Thank you for being so faithful!! Love you!!!

  13. Hi Sable,
    i am so excited about this book. when is it going to be available on Amazon for the Kindle? i can't wait to get my hands on it. :D

    tammy ramey


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