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Review: Touch of the Angel by Rosalie Lario

Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)Touch of the Angel 
(Demons of Infernum #3)
by Rosalie Lario 
Paperback, 286 pages
Published December 6th 2011 by Entangled Publishing, LLC 
ISBN 1937044661
Courtesy of Author
After months of no work, interdimensional bounty hunter Ronin Meyers jumps at the chance to locate an incubus who’s using succubi as murder weapons. Faced with the possibility of being forced to return to hellish Infernum if he fails, Ronin and his brothers will stop at nothing to take out the incubus and anyone else involved—even the beautiful succubus who stole his heart, then nearly his life, during the most mind-blowing hour of his existence. 
Night after night, Amara and her fellow succubi are forced to extract special abilities from the strongest Otherworlders for their psychotic master’s growing collection. When the gorgeous angel-demon hybrid she believed to be dead captures her, Amara is both stunned and elated. But the happily ever after she’s dreamed of will have to wait. Together, they must bring down the madman hellbent on destroying them…and become each other’s salvation in the process.
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My Thoughts:
Touch of the Angel is the third novel in Rosalie Lario’s unique and entertaining Demons of Infernum series. The series follows four half demon brothers who live on earth as bounty hunters, tracking down interdemensional creatures that break the law and bring them to the council in Infernum for punishment.  This is Ronin’s, half-demon and half-angel, story…

With a notable decrease in baddies and a fear of being sent back to Infernum, Ronin is restless. Being around his two happily married and engaged brothers just makes him edgier, so Ronin is spending more and more time drinking away the hours in bars with his brother, Dagan. Until a beautiful woman catches his eye and perks his interest like nothing has been able to in months. One encounter with her however leads to near death, but despite that Ronin can’t get her out of his mind.  When him and his brothers are charged with tracking down a murdering incubus, Ronin and the woman’s paths unexpectedly cross once more; and this time Ronin will not let her escape so easily again.
Amara sold her soul to the incubus Asmodus to protect her mother, and now must live as a sex slave in his keep, using her succubus powers to murder other supernatural so Asmodus can collect their powers. When Amara first meets Ronin, she knows he is good and tries to push him away, but being hungry and weak she can’t withstand his advances for long and believes that she has killed him when she succumbs to her passions. Riddled with guilt Amara never expected to see Ronin again, but when he shows up with his brothers to abduct her it’s far from the reunion she had hoped for. 

Rosalie Lario’s writing sizzles with this latest addition to her fresh new paranormal romance series, Demons of Infernum. Highly sensual with blazing action and tingling suspense, Touch of the Angel was another can’t-put-down read. 
In the previous two books, Blood of the Demon and Mark of the Sylph, Ronin was the sweet and calm brother. Here, we delve a whole lot deeper into his persona and I loved the depth and dimension that Lario gave him. Meeting Amara, a relationship between the two seems impossible without death for Ronin but the two of them get pretty creative and work around that and amazingly enough make this book even hotter than the first two despite the lack of actual intercourse through most of the novel. Their relationship flowed well and was balanced, and though Amara seemed a bit weak in the beginning I definitely ended up loving her by the end. The dynamics between the brothers is still strong and plays an integral role in each novel; you can’t help but become smitten with each of them. A good amount of action is woven into the romance, keeping me guessing, with new villains and a storyline that will continue into the next book in the series. As well as the story for Dagan, this was also set up near the end and really intrigued me. I can’t wait to see what happens with him! Better read in series order, the Demons of Infernum is a must-read for all paranormal romance lovers! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Loved It!

Sexual Content: With a succubus as the heroine you know that you're going to get a hot read, but pair that with a half-demon half-angel and this book is almost too hot to handle! Recommended for adult readers only!


  1. This looks great. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love this series! I'm going to miss the brothers when there's no more books! Taeg is my favorite but I love Ronin too. Oh and the wings... *swoon*


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