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Review: Chasing Paradise by Sondrae Bennett

Chasing Paradise (Alpine Woods Shifters, #2)Chasing Paradise 
(Alpine Woods Shifters #2)
by Sondrae Bennett
Published August 1st 2011 by Lyrical Press (first published July 28th 2011)
ISBN13 9781616502973
Courtesy of Author
He'll do whatever it takes to earn back her trust. 
A vacation is exactly what Ethan needs to escape the mate hungry females in his pack. Determined to have fun, he can't think of a better way to start than sampling all the different flavors the shifter only resort has to offer, and not the food variety. But after he meets Gwen, no one else holds any interest for him. Ethan came onvacation to avoid mating. There's no way he's going to give up his freedom without a fight. 
Gwen is devastated when she hears her mate denying everything they are to each other. She can't sit by, watching him fool around with other girls at the resort. Or worse, crawl back, unable to resist the mating pull but not really wanting her. She needs to get away and her own vacation sounds like the perfect plan. But she should have remembered what her mother always taught her, never run from a predator unless you want them to chase you. The hunt is on . . . 
WARNING: This title contains explicit sex.

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My Thoughts:
If you’re looking for a quick but satisfying read that easily submerges you into a magical world of the paranormal, than Sondrae Bennett’s Alpine Woods Shifters series is for you! 

Sondrae continues the series following the Callahan family, werewolves from Alpine Woods who are leaders of their pack, with Chasing Paradise. After his older brother, and premiere of the pack, finds his mate all of the unmated she-wolves are now after second in command, Ethan, hoping to be his one and only. But Ethan wants nothing to do with committing to one woman for the rest of his life and that is just what a mating is, there is no divorce for shifters. Taking a much needed vacation to get away from it all, Ethan relaxes on the beaches of an exclusive shifter resort admiring the fine scenery and the laid back attitude of his fellow shifters there. When he spies a conservative little otter so out of place in her business attire when most guest are half naked, Ethan can’t seem to get her out of his head. After one reckless night, Ethan can’t deny that she is his one true mate but after his careless words will Ethan be able to convince her that she is all he’s ever wanted? 

Despite following the same family and being part of a series, Chasing Paradise makes a wonderful stand-alone. Though this is such a great series and with each book being short novellas I definitely recommend you reading each book. 
Although Ethan is second in command he is still an alpha and there is no denying that! Sexual and aggressive, he sees what he wants and sets out to take it. Even after he makes a mess of things with Gwen he never gives up, chasing her across several states to get her back in his arms and do everything he can to keep her there. I really loved how he worked so hard to earn back Gwen’s trust and supported her throughout the novel. Gwen was an easily relatable character and both she and Ethan were well fleshed out. The story was sexy, emotional and fast paced with a cast of supporting characters that easily intrigue. 

This is definitely a series that I will continue to read and be on the lookout for more! Great for paranormal romance fans looking for a quick bite! 

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Loved it!

Sexual Content: Shifters are sexual creatures so you won't be disappointed with this read, and despite the length the author packs in enough sensuality to make it hot hot hot! 


  1. I've enjoyed all three of Sondrae's novellas. They are a perfect little pick-me-up without being too involved and I love the way the guy is usually doing the chasing.

  2. The story sounds like a nice little escape.

    Thanks for the review.


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