Friday, December 2, 2011

Lexy’s Review: Let Me In by Lauren Hawkeye

Let Me In
Expected publication: December 1st 2011 by Spice
ISBN 1426885539 
Courtesy of author & Bewitching Book Tours
Imogen hasn’ t had sex with her husband, Ty, in over a year. She’ s still as attracted to him as ever, but they’ ve both been looking for something new to renew their desire for one another. Yet she never thought to find it at a friend’ s wedding when another couple invites them to share their bed. Ty is obviously aroused by the idea and the thought of a ménage thrills Imogen to her core. Could this be the key to rekindling their passion…and can Imogen go through with it?
Book four of Lauren Hawkeye’ s Erotic Me series.

Lexy's Thoughts:
Let Me In redeemed my view of the Erotic Me series by Hawkeye.

Imogen and Ty have been married five years and are at a stand still, something needs to give. At the reception of their friend’s wedding the couple they are seated with at the table propositions them for an evening of swinging.
The fact that Imogen agrees to this with out thinking it through shows how desperate she is to save her marriage. On the way up to the other couples room Imogen and Ty create some serious sparks, leading you to think that maybe that is it and they wont venture into new sexual territory. But onward they go and things heat up far past the spark phase.
To save you from any spoilers no more plot will be reveled.

This is a seemingly ridiculous idea, to try swinging to save a marriage. But in the end it cracked the ice wall that had formed between Imogen and Ty, leaving them open to each other again and at a position to heal.  Wonderfully written with a sense of satisfaction and the joy of a new beginning. Don’t miss the fourth installment of the Erotic Me series.
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Lexy's Rating: 4 Wine Glasses - Loved It!

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