Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Sentence with Carol Marinelli of The Sheikh's Baby Scandal

First Sentence...

‘Kedah, where are you? That enough, now!’ 

That is the first sentence in The Sheikh’s Baby Scandal. A very young Kedah is about to stumble on a terrible secret and his nanny is trying to find him.

Initially the first sentence I wrote in the story was—
‘Kedah, do you even want to be King?’
The question was being asked by his father, Omar.

I shall be honest and admit that the second sentence is the one I prefer, however, it started the story at the wrong point in time. After a lot of angst and tearing my hear out I could see that the reader really needed to know the secret up front and to understand the dread that Kedah carried in his heart.

And, if you change one thing, everything changes and so, as it turned out, his father never needed to ask the question—it was clear that Kedah was fighting to be king.

I still like that opening to a story and I think I might just have to use it, though with a different hero of course ☺

Happy reading
Carol x

29502822The Sheikh's Baby Scandal 
(One Night With Consequences #23)
by Carol Marinelli 
Paperback, 224 pages
Published August 23rd 2016 by Harlequin
Original TitleThe Sheikh's Baby Scandal
ISBN 0373134657 
Pregnant…by the playboy sheikh! 

Playboy sheikh Kedah of Zazinia has loved every minute he's spent earning his outrageous reputation! But about to claim the throne, and with a list of prospective brides being prepared, Kedah knows he must soon accept his royal duty… 

A scorching night with his poised assistant, Felicia Hamilton, seems the perfect distraction—and her cool beauty masks a desire Kedah is hungering to ignite! But even Kedah isn't prepared for the biggest scandal of all, when their one night together leaves Felicia pregnant with his baby! 

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About the Author:
Carol MarinelliCarol Marinelli was born in England to Scottish parents, then emigrated to Australia, where there are loads of Scottish and English people who did exactly the same, so she’s very at home there.

She lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne—pretty much in her car, driving her three children to their various commitments.

Carol writes for the Harlequin Presents and Medical lines and she also writes contemporary women's fiction (with a dark twist) under the name Tessa Bell.

When she's not writing she's reading, when she's not reading she's writing.

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