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2 Wine Glass #Review for In My Arms Tonight by Sasha Clinton

30976237Title:  In My Arms Tonight
Series:  NYC Singles   #2
Author:  Sasha Clinton
Format:  eBook, 239pgs
Published:  Aug. 27, 2016 by Sasha Clinton
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Source: Author
Reviewer:  Kimberly
Rating:  2 out of 5 Wine Glasses

What if you can’t help but hurt the person you love?

Kat Cullen has it all—a staff writer position at the New York Times, beauty, independence—until she finds herself alone on the subway at night with a rapist. Saved by Alex Summer, a democratic candidate running for mayor of New York, she develops an unexpected friendship with him.

Alex’s chaotic past is the kind of juicy scoop every political reporter dreams of—which is why he keeps it hidden. But as he starts falling in love with Kat, he opens up to her about his darkest secrets. What he doesn’t know is that Kat already knows all about him, and she’s on an assignment to expose his history.

Caught between truth, love and ambition, two people must figure out the politics of the heart. Coming August 27th (available on Kindle Unlimited.) 

Kimberly’s Thoughts:
Attacked in the subway late one night, Kat is rescued by none other than Alex Summers, a candidate running for mayor of New York City. As a reporter for the New York Times who has been newly given the added job of writing about the race, Kat might just have struck gold. When Kat returns the favor and comes to Alex's rescue and an added late night Empire State trip, have these two wanting to spend more time together. Their politics and jobs might be in contention but their bodies and attraction are singing a different tune.

Second in the NYC Singles series, In My Arms Tonight pairs a reporter and a politician, two jobs that can send out some major sparks, not to mention the personalities that usually come along with them. The beginning felt a little awkward with a more abrupt start and stop and go flashbacks to Alex's childhood. It was hard to really connect and sympathize with him, when his background felt more like a stark rendition rather than an emotional emersion. When we get to the present, I still missed a deeper look into who Alex was, in fact this could be said of the heroine and story overall.

The interactions between Alex and Kat were stiff and the transitions were a bit jarring, which hurt the flow of the story for me. With Alex, I lacked a sense of connection and with Kat I kind of had the same problem, her background was a bit incomplete and she came off unlikeable at times. Alex and Kat meet when she is in the subway and someone is trying to rape her. It's a bit clumsily relayed that she had survived a similar attempt that she is still dealing with and as with that, the attempt we see, does not seem to be given the levity it deserves. It's a plot point to get our hero and heroine together and it very much felt so.

I've never read this author before, so maybe her writing style isn't for me but the tone and flow didn't really work for me. Our hero had a challenging childhood, losing his mother and bouncing from foster home to foster home, ending up in juvenile detention, and getting a lot of tattoos. He's forty-six when Kat meets him and it just seemed like the characters were a bit over critical of his teenage years and I don't think tattoos have quite the negative image that they used to, it all felt forced, this bad boy tag on someone who served as a congressman and was running for mayor of New York City.

I liked the older hero aspect (even though the heroine is younger at 32) and the spark and angst from a political reporter and politician dating. Their relationship, love, and ending felt a bit rushed, especially since Kat does something that I think a lot of readers will see as a betrayal, it easily could have been avoided if she had just communicated with Alex. Overall, Alex and Kat had some spark but I needed more depth.

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