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#Review: Rise of a Legend by Amy Jarecki - 4.5 Wine Glasses

27871352Title: RISE OF A LEGEND
Series: Guardian of Scotland #1
Author: Amy Jarecki
Format: Kindle, 346 Pages
Published: Rapture Books (November 5, 2015)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating:  4 1/2 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Running away from her catastrophic life, historical journalist Eva MacKay joins an archaeological dig at the battleground of Loudoun Hill. Unearthing the seal of William Wallace, Eva gains notoriety. But her dreams of Bowie knives—the weapon that murdered her husband—morph into great swords and dirks.

Drawn to a ruined monastery, Eva drifts into the worst nightmare of all. Awaking to the sharp point of a madman’s sword, she’s hurled into the midst of a bloody thirteenth century battle. Just when certain death is eminent, brutal arms surround the lass, dragging her deeper into unknown terror.

When Eva realizes she’s been hauled to the hideout of rebel William Wallace, a revelation dawns—she’s landed the story of a lifetime—if she can stay alive and find a way home to tell her tale.

What she doesn’t count on is her mounting chemistry with the greatest legend Scotland has ever known…or the absolute love swelling in her heart.

Linda's Thoughts:
Unbridled passion with an incredibly hot seven hundred-year-old Highlander in the middle of the night? Mm Yeah. Bring it on.

RISE OF A LEGEND by Amy Jarecki is a superbly-crafted medieval romance with a time travel component. Amy is one of my favorite authors and I can't say enough about her consistently magnificent writing. Her books are always extensively researched and each have been a pure pleasure to read. I realize it's not fair to this series, but I admit being a bit leery of it as the story involves a real, famous hero who is slated to die gruesomely and I didn't want to mourn his passing. I do not like sad stories. Period. I can't watch movies like Dumbo or Bambi. However, friends have told me to trust Amy to somehow give him and our heroine a happy ending. So far, so good...

This is the story of legendary Scottish warrior hero William Wallace and historical chronicler Eva MacKay. Eva lost her husband tragically and, to escape the memories, has joined an archaeological dig in the country where she was born, Scotland. She has always been fascinated by the life of William Wallace and makes a stupendous find related to Wallace at the dig site. Then, a providential pendant and a timely storm combine to throw her back in time to 1297 where she meets William Wallace.

William Wallace was a big man with a tremendous heart. He was not royalty but he would be forever known as being almost solely responsible for uniting Scotland in fighting the English tyranny. William is strong and utterly devoted to the autonomy of Scotland and its people. I absolutely loved how Amy brought him and this tumultuous time for Scotland to life - and inserted Eva seamlessly into his life. Their romance was sweet and steamy hot. She paints each scene with a life-like touch so the reader feels that he/she is living each moment in the tale with the characters.

Some of my favorite scenes occurred as Eva had to explain her clothing - her bra explanation was particularly hilarious. Her phone, her pen, her shampoo, her inability to ride a horse, and many more... all made for humorous moments.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this highly entertaining read:

He inclined his head toward a fallen log. "Come. Let us break our fast."
She pushed the heels of her hands against her temples as if she had an ache in her head. "I need a cup of coffee."
William sat on a log. "What is this ye say ... coffee?"
She looked at him and arched one brow as if she considered him daft. "It's a hot drink that helps me wake up in the morning."
"But ye are already awake."

Barely able to breathe, Eva's tongue slipped across her lips.
He moved a bit closer. "Every time ye walk past, I want ye. Your scent sends my insides into a maelstrom of need."
She closed her eyes and drew out the moment, wishing he'd say that again. Oh, how delectable to listen to a medieval Scotsman declare his desire.

Jostling in the saddle against an iron shirt of mail wasn't half as romantic as the books made it out to be.

This book is amazing. Set in the beautiful Scottish countryside with intriguing characters, it is well-paced and perfectly plotted. It blends historical elements with a sizzling romance. It's suspenseful with just the right touch of humor. The romance meshes flawlessly with the action sequences which often include famous battles with real renowned historical characters. While the edict - "The future cannot change the past." - keeps resounding, I have not lost hope that this couple will find a way to circumvent history and find their everlasting love. If anyone can do it without changing history, Amy can. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys well-written historical romances. Be aware that RISE OF A LEGEND ends with a cliffhanger. The good news is that the conclusion of this duo logy is already available. The next book, IN THE KINGDOM'S NAME, is on my reader as I type.

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  1. Great review, Linda!! I can't resist a good time travel romance with Highlanders either. ;)


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