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#Review: The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham by Brynn Myers - 5 Wine Glasses

Series: Jorja Graham #2
Author: Brynn Myers
Format: Paperback, 278 Pages
Published: Amber Leaf Publishing (April 9, 2015)
Links:  Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Library
Rating:  5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Book #2 in the Jorja Graham duology.

Two books, two lives, one destiny.

"Follow my echo and I will lead you to the still point at the center of it all." ~ Jorja

Linda's Thoughts:
“Out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

THE ECHOED LIFE OF JORJA GRAHAM by Brynn Myers is the stunning conclusion to the Jorja Graham duo logy. This installment is teeming with action, romantic angst, demonic sabotage and thrilling suspense. As with the first book, I never looked at the time as I absolutely inhaled each page. Sleep was, again, a no-go until I'd read the final written word.

This duo logy must be read in order. I can't imagine reading the second book without reading the first. Look at these two books as one larger book with two parts. Neither works well as a standalone. Jorja's story is like a potato chip - you can't just enjoy a half bite. Do yourself a favor and pick them both up.

This book picks up where the first left us and, while Jorja and Corbin's relationship remains the primary romantic focus, there's now apparent fireworks between Corbin's sidekick, Lucas, and Jorja's best witchy friend, Cat. Sadly, the aunts who were such a hoot in the first book, only merit a few mentions this time around, but, no worries, there's a heap of interesting newbies - some bad, some good and some yet to be determined - to harness our attention.

As the story opens, Corbin, Cat and Lucas are watching for the reincarnated Jorja to appear. Not surprisingly, Corbin is not a patient man. As the three cohorts bide their time, Corbin's brother is wasting no time escalating his mission to take over hell. You see, there's a prophecy regarding Corbin and Quentin, the two demonic princely brothers; one will become the underworld's demise and the other, its destiny. As events quickly evolve, will it result in the apocalyptic end of the world or will two destined couples pull off a last-second save?

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this sensational finale:

Jorja felt great after her session with the crew from physical therapy. She'd never been one for acting, but if Cat could have seen her, she'd have offered her the Academy Award for "Best Performance by a Previously Dead Person in a Reincarnated Body. Jorja chuckled at the thought...

“Funny how things have turned out, huh, Jorja. Your mother is the 'demon' and your lover is the nurturer," Jorja commented 

Cat's brows shot up as Lucas slid the plate across the counter. "I'm impressed. I wouldn't have assumed you ate real food much less cooked it," she teased.
"I'm curious, what did you think I ate?" he asked as he grabbed a fork and a knife for her.
She smiled. "I don't know, bats... small critters you happen upon in the underworld."
Lucas handed her a napkin. "Nah, bats don't really have that much meat on them," he retorted with a grin of his own.

This installment is an emotional roller coaster ride with a myriad of out- of-the- blue twists and astonishing, unpredictable turns. The Jorja Graham duo logy is a brilliant, ingenious mythological paranormal urban fantasy with southern overtones. Add in sexy demons, witches and celestial creatures and you can count on a unique tale that will leave you  saying 'oh my!' After reading the first book, I wrote that I'd never read anything like this. That statement is amplified after finishing both books.

I discovered this author at the Coastal Magic Convention this year in Daytona Beach and am soooo glad I did! Her books rock! I highly recommend Brynn Myers' Jorja Graham duo logy to anyone who enjoys excellently plotted, perfectly paced dark paranormal romances.

Suggested Reading Order: 
The Life & Death of Jorja Graham (Book #1)
The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham (Book #2)

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  1. I am over the moon again! I really love my characters in this book and I'm thrilled you do too! Thank you so much, Linda for taking the time to read and review these two books. <3


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