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Guest Review: Private Practice by Samanthe Beck - 4 Wine Glasses!

Private PracticePrivate Practice
by Samanthe Beck
ebook, 263 pages
Published February 23rd 2013 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Brazen)
ARC Courtesy of Publisher
He’ll teach her how to bring a man to his knees…
Dr. Ellie Swan has a plan: open her practice in tiny Bluelick, Kentucky, so she can keep an eye on her diabetic father, and make hometown golden-boy Roger Reynolds fall in love with her. But Ellie has a problem. Roger seeks a skilled, sexually adventurous partner, and bookish Ellie doesn’t qualify.
Tyler Longfoot only cares about three things: shaking his bad boy image, qualifying for the loan his company needs to rehab a piece of Bluelick’s history, and convincing Ellie to keep quiet about the “incident” that lands him on her doorstep at two a.m. with a bullet in his behind.
The adorable Dr. Swan drives a mean bargain, though. If sex-on-a-stick Tyler will teach Ellie how to bring a man to his knees, she’ll forget about the bullet. Armed with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Sex and Tyler’s lessons, Ellie is confident she can become what Roger needs…if she doesn’t fall for Tyler first.
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Fiona's Thoughts:

I was completely surprised that this is a debut book. I love supporting Indy Authors and usually have a softer heart with them, versus veteran authors. Totally not needed with this book. 

Ellie returns home to her small hometown to open up her own medical practice. She definitely has the ugly duckling feeling going on, since she was a late bloomer. In the middle of the night the older bad boy from her childhood comes to her house needing some medical attention.

Tyler is the bad boy of most of our dreams. Hot, Harley riding, all about the fun with no commitment. So when Ellie enlists him to help her expand her horizons so to speak; he has no problem accepting her offer. A few weeks of no strings attached fun and it's her idea, that's a no brainer for him.

I will admit there were plenty of times in the book that I wanted to yell at Ellie. She was so set on her dream in her head about Roger, who she was broadening her horizons for, that she couldn't see the what a good guy Tyler really was.

I'm not a fan of spoilers, but will say that there are some hot but not too hot sex scenes. As to whether or not Ellie ends up with Roger her dream man or the bad boy Tyler, you will have to read the book for yourself!

Rating: 4 Wine Glasses
Reviewed by: Fiona

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